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Soarin' and Octavia.

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Chapter 5 - Anniversary Pt. 2

Sorry for the late chapter. If you red my comment below you’ll see what was going on. D: Well anyways enjoy this!

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Soarin’ woke up the next day, arm still around Octavia and smiled. He kissed her gently on the forehead, and just laid there. Many thoughts were racing through his head about their anniversary. It would be 3 months on Tuesday, and he was excited to see her expression when he gave her the gift he was getting specially made for her. That gift being a necklace with her cutie mark as the main design, with S & O on the sides.

He looked down at Octavia as she started to wake up. She noticed that she was in the arms of her love.

She smiled up at Soarin’ and softly said, “Good morning Soar.”

He gave a smile back and said, “Mornin’ Via.” The two shared a kiss.

Octavia got closer in Soarin’s arms and they laid in bed for a couple of minutes, just enjoying the time alone. It was quiet in her house, and they liked it. Octavia was the first to get out of bed and she walked out of her room and into the kitchen.

She yelled back at Soarin’ who was still laying in bed, “Do you want breakfast?”

“No thanks, just a cup of tea will do nice.”

“Alright.” And Octavia got started on the tea and breakfast.

Soarin’ slowly got out of bed and stretched. He looked at the time and saw that it was 10 past 9. He had practice in 50 minutes, and had to hurry to get back home and get ready. As he walked out of Octavia’s room, she stopped him and handed him his cup of tea. She was smiling at him, and he couldn’t say no to it. He walked over to the kitchen where Octavia was finishing making her breakfast, also sipping on a warm cup of tea. I can be a little late to practice. He thought. Right now he was with Octavia, and nothing could go wrong.

The only sound in the house was Octavia’s breakfast snapping and sizzling on the stove, and she was the one to break the silence between them.

“So, Soarin’ our 3 months is coming up. I’m excited for it, I know it’ll be just grand.”

Soarin’ couldn’t help but grin. “Yes it will. I’ll make sure nothing goes wrong on that night.”

The two ponies looked at each other smiling until Soarin’ said, “I love you Via.

She blushed, “I love you too Soar.”

He finished his tea, and only had 20 minutes to get ready for practice. He told Octavia and she understood, so she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and he was out the door headed home.


Practice took longer than expected because the group of ponies were trying to perfect a single move. Spitfire got fed up with it and told everypony that they would try it again the next day. Soarin’ quickly got home and got a shower. The day had been cold, and a nice warm shower had been good on his coat. He just let the water run across him, thinking about Tuesday. He would pick up his gift either later that day or the next day, and everything would go as hoped. He was planning on having a romantic picnic in a field that he and Rainbow Dash had found just outside of Ponyville, he was planning on giving her the necklace after eating, then going back to her place just to talk. He was starting to get really excited. Tuesday was only a couple of days away, but to him, it would feel like a lifetime.

Soarin’ got out of the shower, noticing an extreme temperature change. He shivered a few times, but quickly adjusted to it. He dried off, and walked downstairs. Spitfire had already helped herself to food, and was eating it on his couch.

“Hey, don’t you have your own food?” He jested. She looked up at him with a full mouth, and gave a big grin.

“I do, but I already ate all of mine.” Soarin’ shook his head.

“Silly little Spitfire, go to the market and pick some stuff up. I have things to do today.”


“Just, things.” Spitfire still wasn’t leaving.




“Ok, I’ll tell you. Just come here.” She walked over to him and he whispered into her ear, “Things.”

Spitfire just pouted. She gave up, she wouldn’t win this argument, “Fine, I’ll be going. And when I get back, something will happen!”

Soarin’ just chuckled at her empty threat, “Ha, okay Spit! I’ll be on guard.” He said sarcastically.

Spitfire pouted again, “You’ll see!”

He waved a hoof in her direction, and she stormed off. He really didn’t have anything planned, he just wanted to be alone for a bit. He grabbed an apple from the counter and plopped on his couch. It was quiet throughout the house, and was only broken every once in a while by a large crunch from his apple. He enjoyed the silence there. It gave him time to just relax and not have to worry about the Wonderbolts or anything else. Of course Octavia was on his mind, she had been ever since the day they went on their first date. The more he thought about her, the more he wanted to see her, so he finished his apple, picked a flower from a nearby vase, and headed towards her house.

He glided towards Octavia’s house when he saw a bunch of ponies circled around something loud in the middle of the square. Curious he changed course and went to the noise. He arrived at what looked like a stage, and saw a blue mare on the stage.

He overheard one of Rainbow’s friends talking about the pony on stage, “Ugh, it’s that Trixie girl again! Gosh, didn’t she learn her lesson the last time?”

“Yeah, everypony knows Twilight is the better unicorn around here.”

Soarin’ walked closer to the stage and saw the pony gloating about how she was the better unicorn, and that Twilight Sparkle should try to beat her in a magic competition. He watched as a purple pony trotted on stage and valiantly accepted her offer.

“Well well well Ms. Sparkle. When and where should this competition happen?”

“How about right now?” He could see her getting angry.

“Pfft. Please, I need my rest. It’s been a LONG day providing entertainment for these ponies. How’s Tuesday sound to you? I’ve got performances everyday but Tuesday.”

Twilight gave a grin towards Trixie, “Sounds like a plan.”

The two mares gave a ‘hmph’ and Twilight walked back to her Library, while Trixie went back to her performance. He just shrugged and walked away from the stage.

Soarin’ knocked on Octavia’s door, and she opened it up and smiled, “Hello Soarin’. How was practice?”

“Took longer than expected, but it happens.”

She chuckled and asked, “Won’t you come inside? It’s a bit chilly outside.”

He nodded and walked inside the house.

She directed him towards her couch, “Here, take a seat, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Hearing this made Soarin’ get this large smile on his face. He sat down on the couch and waited for Octavia to come back. She got back to the living room, holding her cello. She started playing this beautiful song that Soarin’ loved at the first note. He closed his eyes and took in the music, smiling as he did this.

She finished the song, and Soarin’ opened his eyes looking straight at her, “That was THE most amazing song ever. What’s it called?”

She looked away shyly, “It’s called The One I Love. I wrote it myself.” She was blushing as she was saying this.

“Oh really? I bet I know what it’s about.” He gave an affectionate smile at Octavia.

She was blushing so much that her face felt like it was lava. She giggled and said, “I love you Soar.”

“I love you too Via”

He got back up, walked over to her and gave her a passionate kiss. Soarin’ started caressing Octavia in his hooves, as they moved to the couch. They sat down and Octavia broke the kiss. The two ponies looked at each other, smiling, and kissed again. This time Soarin’ broke the kiss and they sat together in silence, with Soarin’s arm around Octavia. They found themselves yawning and drifting off to sleep. Soarin’ gave a small kiss on her forehead and they slowly went to sleep.


The two ponies, woke up around 9 at night. They had realized they slept through the whole day, and decided to take another walk through Ponyville.

They walked for about 30 minutes before Soarin’ heard something he thought he would never hear, “Hey, could we maybe take a fly above Ponyville? I bet it looks amazing from up there.”

Soarin’ stood just looking at Octavia until he finally said, “Uh, sure. Just climb on my back and we can do this. Just remember, it gets colder as you fly higher.”

Octavia climbed on his back and he stretched his wings. She grabbed hold of his neck and he started to lift off the ground. Octavia, still not used to flying, was terrified. Soarin’ looked back and saw the terror in her face, and landed back on the ground.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

She gave a small nod, and almost had a death-grip around Soarin’s neck. He gave a couple of gagging noises and she loosened her grip.

“So-sorry. I was just a little scared there.”

He chuckled, “It’s ok. Get ready!”

Soarin’ lifted himself off the ground, and Octavia almost screamed. This would take some getting used to. They flew around Ponyville, admiring what it looked like from the sky. Octavia was most fascinated by the giant cloud city outside of Ponyville. She still couldn’t believe that he lived there.

They visited the giant tree library, Rarity’s boutique, Sugarcube Corner, and other places, and Octavia was just overwhelmed by the sights.

“Thi-this is beautiful Soarin’. I can see why being a pegasus is so cool. The sights at night are just absolutely marvelous.”

“Yeah, I like it. Plus it’s cool to see a storm while being above it.”

“Haha, I can only imagine.”

Octavia started yawning, and they decided to head back to her house. Soarin’ was too tired to head back to Cloudsdale, so Octavia let him sleep in her bed that night again. They got settled in her bed, and they kissed each other before falling asleep.


The days leading up to Tuesday were normal days. Practice, seeing each other, and enjoying the company of one another. But when Tuesday came around, things weren’t as normal.

“Happy 3 months Via!”

“Happy 3 months Soar!”

The two ponies shared a passionate kiss in her kitchen, and they sat down to eat. Octavia had made them breakfast, and Soarin’ took the day off from practice to be with her all day. The night before he went and got the specially made necklace from the jewelers and hid it in his pocket. He started to get so excited, he almost pulled it out.

“So Soarin’ where are we going on our anniversary?”

“I picked out this awesome place just outside of Ponyville.”

“Oh, you always pick the most romantic spots.”

It was true. He always found these nice little spots where they couldn’t be bothered. It was always nice to have those.

“So Via, what are we doing today?”

“Well I was hoping for the morning we could just hang around here, then during the afternoon go have a nice lunch. I’ve got a gift for you, but it’s a surprise!”

“Haha alright. Sounds good. I can’t wait for your surprise.”

They smiled at each other and gave a small kiss. Today was going to be the best for both ponies.

The day seemed like it was as fast as lightning. The lunch was great, they decided to take a romantic walk through Ponyville, and now it was time for the special spot. Octavia climbed on Soarin’s back as he glided towards the spot he and Rainbow had found. She looked at it in complete awe.

“Oh Soarin... It’s magnificent!”

“I knew you’d like it.”

“I do. I love it.” She looked at him with loving eyes, “I love you Soarin’”

He returned the look, “I love you too Octavia.”

They sat down on the grass and Soarin’ looked down at Octavia’s gift to him.

“Via, I really like this necklace you got me. I’ll wear it everyday.” His gift popped into his head, “Oh! Which reminds me.” He pulled the necklace he had specially made for her out of his pocket, “I got you this.”

He walked over and put the necklace over her head. She looked at it’s design and smiled.

“This is my cutie mark. And, what’s this?” She noticed the S & O on the sides of her cutie mark, “Soarin’... This is just.... Amazing.” She felt tears welling up.

Soarin’ walked over to her and put his hoof around her. He pulled her face up to meet his and they kissed. The two of them held the kiss for as long as they could before breaking it. They sat on the hill for hours, looking up at the night sky that Luna made. It was clear, with every star shining at its brightest. The moon was the most impressive part of the night sky, being as bright as all the stars combined.

Soarin’ was the first one to break the silence with a simple question, “Hey, wasn’t there a magic competition going on tonight?”

Octavia just shrugged and they went back to enjoying the night together. Nothing could ruin this moment for the two of them. Everything was just perfect in their lives. Octavia started yawning, with Soarin’ yawning not to long after her. It was almost 1 in the morning, and he needed his sleep for practice tomorrow.

Octavia climbed on his back one more time, and they flew towards Octavia’s house. It was starting to become a habit for Soarin’ to simply walk in and sleep in her bed at night. They liked waking up to each other in the morning. They liked knowing that they were there for each other. That night was the best night of their lives, everything going smoothly, and perfect. Soarin’ and Octavia gave each other one last kiss before falling asleep in each others arms, tired after the greatest day ever.