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Soarin' the Wonderbolt was forced to go into Ponyville and pick up more apples, after eating them the night before. While trotting down Ponyville's main square, he hears music being played in one of the houses nearby. He walks over to where he heard the music, peeks inside the window to find the most beautiful music and mare he has ever seen.

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right now im waiting for eainbow to go 'omygoshomygoshomygoshomygoshomygoshomygosh'

You got your wish in chapter 2 :pinkiehappy:

This story moved really really fast, and with such short chapters! :fluttershysad: I was looking forward to this pairing, too, I've only seen it once before in kind of a crack-shipping one shot. You need some work on building up romances. :scootangel:

Alright. I'll keep that in mind. This is my first romance fic. I'll still be working on this, and I'm sorry for the short chapters :pinkiesad2:

"...like tonight. It feels right."
'Dawwww!! :rainbowkiss:


MAOR!!! :flutterrage:

Hahaha. Expect a new chapter at least every day or other day. Since I'm doing what the above guy said, the chapters will be longer, so EXPECT MOAR LOVE!!!!!

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Awwww! That's a sweet start to a story!

You've got a nice pair of characters; I enjoy this start to a nice romance.

Very nice, a few grammatical errors ( says me... ), but other than that, nice story!

Thank you! And I realize about the errors. When I write, I get so into the story that I forget a couple of words here and there.

And by the way, sorry about the extremely late chapters. I've been extremely busy lately and couldn't get to a computer to write it. Plus, might be getting a job for the weekends and days off, so that'll cut down on writing time. So, once again, terribly sorry. :raritydespair:

I hate to say it but there are some obvious errors... :derpytongue2: Other than that awesome so far

This... is... amazing...

I realize the errors lol. I'll be going back here soon and fixing them. School's starting to get a bit busy so it'll be tough.:raritycry:

Take your time. Writing should be a pleasure to the writer before the readers even see it, so we're not rushing you. Well....I'm not anyway. Hope things are going well for you, with the story and in life.

is this story dead?

I like the story and all, but I feel like it's a BIT rushed.

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