• Published 4th Oct 2011
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All The Right Notes - 404error

Soarin' and Octavia.

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Howdy folks. Just thought I'd let you know why the chapters haven't been coming in lately, and it's because, school. New marking period, blah blah blah stuff like that, SOOOOO, I'm hoping that I can get a chapter in each weekend. So, thought I'd just let you know why it's taking like 2 weeks for a new story :P. Sorry!

Next Chapter will most likely do with Nightmare Night and stuff like that, and I could REALLY use a pre reader, because as some of the comments say, I'm missing words here and there. So if you would like to pre read, go ahead and send me a PM, and I'll give you the password.

I WILL be going back through the old chapters and fixing everything, but like I said, with school, it might be a little slow, so yeah.

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and be sure to rate it and comment. I love criticism and could use some tips to make this better!

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Take your time. Writing should be a pleasure to the writer before the readers even see it, so we're not rushing you. Well....I'm not anyway. Hope things are going well for you, with the story and in life.

is this story dead?

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