• Published 8th May 2013
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Gala snaps goes to Ponyville. - CeresBane

In the distant future, there is only war. And Gala snaps must find his way back there or his people will be consumed by the violence.

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Dreams of a better time.

The night was bright and loud as the Everfree forest found itself acquainted with the forces of war. Magical flame reared up like a beast and stalked through the forest. It did nothing but destroy, the screams of the mightiest beasts to the smallest critters falling to the onslaught of the fire of the Solar empire. Their forces were endless, ranks upon ranks of battle unicorns lined up behind Royal guard acting as a phalanx wall for those that tried to reach their charges.

By flame or spear the beasts continued their charge, dying by the droves.

Like the mighty war machine it was, the imperial forces had the forest find itself, from every tree and shrub and native pony and beast... gone to ashes. Their screams and death throes echoing endlessly to the cacophony of crackling wood and hissing flames.

"No!" A voices shouted over the din of bloody combat. It was young and boyish, all innocence gone, a shout fraught with anguish and endless hate.

The imperial invasion forces held their ground anticipating an attack, barrier shields went up, horns began to charge with power and eyes scanned for danger. Nothing came, but that didn't mean anything, the Lunar forces were sneaky and underhooved. To play it safe, the captain ordered for a crossbow volley to be fired towards the sound of the young boy's voice. The sound of hundreds of snapping bow strings sounded and the distinct hum of magic could be hard as the volley phased through the barriers. The whistling of bolts filled the air thereafter like the screech of mad birds of death.

Most of them clattered uselessly against densely populated foliage and trees. But a few brought moans of pain out of mouths in the darkness. In response war cries echoed in the night and the stampeding of hooves filled the air. Roars accompanied them as the stars were eclipsed by huge flying beasts watching above and beyond the higher canopy.

Ponies rained with spears in their hooves as they picked their targets. From the front Night guards met with the imperial Royal guards. Unicorns fought against raining Earth ponies. Their magic was being pounded. Beastly flame scoured the ranks of the day forces as dragons flew across the field, deathly boom sticks exploded from Luna's rifle ponies and raining spear-wielding ponies fell as the dragoons of the Everfree fell upon their foe from on high.

Observing from a fair distance of the fighting, Gala snaps stood, resisting the urge to charge into the fray to save as many of his own as possible. But he had to think logically. He could do little in that fight. He only ever won choosing his battles. The heart is something that shouldn't guide you in the battlefield. Life had taught him that, war had taught him well.

"Thank you for the assist Trixie. I couldn't imagine the Everfree would have prevailed against this." He was thankful, he truly was... but so many had died already, massive losses were already apparent. If only the Lunar had come faster... if only he wasn't so hesitant to ask the help of a good friend. Gala snaps cursed himself for a fool, pulling Auntie Jack's hat over his eyes to hide his tears.

"It's fine. I'm just sorry that me and Charity failed you. I could have come sooner and Charity could have asked the church to..." Gala could sense Trixie's presence, she wanted to console him, to hug him and tell him that things would be alright. She couldn't though, his body was dangerous right down to the touch.

So badly he wanted to return the wish to feel a real hug. But there was no such love for him to have in this world. Despite his desires for it he always believed he didn't need it. Friendship was the best he'd ever have in life, it was a wonderful thing and he should appreciate it like he should.

Gala straightened his hat and looked straight ahead. If he looked at Trixie at that point he'd only depress himself. He hated that he had these moments of weakness, he hated that with every second he needed to find himself again, a pony dies for him wallowing in his misery. He swallowed his heart and distinguished the urge to break down from this mixture of anger, sadness and desperation he was feeling.

"It's fine Trixie. I hear the changelings had been active in the Lunar capital again. And it seems the demon mare had graced Charity with a little visit. Prophets and Court magicians have their priorities. Children in this day and age don't have time to spare for friends and their troubles." Trixie the 69th, court magician of Queen Luna and general and head teacher of the Lunar unicorn corp and school of magic, felt so powerless to those words.

"Someday we will. I'm sure..." Powerless in feeling but tenacious nonetheless. To Gala her determination and reassuring optimism was like a cool calming breeze through these fires of war. She'd always be the one to give him what he needed and with Charity to complete his triangle of friends, impossible things were possible. How he lived without them for so long had become a mystery that often plagued his mind.

It would be nice to see them more often. And maybe not always under such dire circumstances.

"Someday... Someday should have been yesterday." But despite how calming it was to have his friends around, he had no time to feel good about himself. He had a battle to fight in and he now had a plan in his head to bring into action.

"Follow me!" Gala was galloping at top speed. His small hooves leaving behind sparks in the darkness as his touch with the earth discharged the energy within his body. Occasionally he'd touch a tree and veins of energy would surge through it.

As if by his command the trees made way for him, giving him a clear path to the battle. Following behind him, the order of Mare-do-wells shadowed close behind.


Trixie removed her old tattered pass-me-down hat and let the hot breeze of magic lift her mane and cloak.

"Yesterday..." Trixie's horn began to glow and at it's crescendo she winked out of existence with a tiny flash of blue light.


"Mother... I need you to take care of the Solar medium." It only took a moment to communicate. Only the smallest of touches, but when Gala speaks to the forest, the forest listens and understands him. Its less the conversation of telepathy and more the resonances of two kindred souls. In instances they understood each other and shared their feelings and intentions, and as one they acted out their part in their tasks.

The great mother would do everything in her power to help her people. And in turn, for the sake of the loving mother that cared for everyone with her boundless kindness, all of the Everfree would die for her forest. Even her very son.

Gala snaps leapt for a low branch and jumped for a higher one. Jumping higher and higher, rising above the battle. Gala grit his teeth as the battle below ensued. Even with the Lunar ponies the Solar were still winning. Their magic was immensely too powerful for even science and nature to fight. Reaching the higher canopy, Gala stopped. The Mare-do-wells followed close behind with branches below.

Taking a comfortable stance on a thick branch Gala looked and searched desperately as the sounds of battle rose up to his ears. But it was useless he was an earth pony, and earth ponies couldn't see magic. A unicorn once described to him, ironically princess Twilight Sparkle herself, the general of the royal imperial army, that a solar medium was a unicorn that was blessed by the empress with her power. The unicorn is used as a living sun, to power the magic of fellow solar unicorns in the night that would disarm them. As such when seen with magic sight, the pony shines brightly like the sun itself.

If Gala could take care of the medium, the Solar army would have no magic to power their spells. The tide would turn and the invasion force would have to flee.

"Anything?" Gala looked to a unicorn beside him. His horn was hidden by Mare-do-well's hat but he could tell by the magical glow of his eyes.

The unicorn shook his head at the question. Gala looked around and the others found themselves lacking as well.

"Look!" Gala was about to merely kill until he found the medium but at that sound he actually felt optimistic.

"It's as bad as I thought." Trixie blinked into existence besides Gala. Gala gave her a puzzled look.

"Just point me to the one I need to deal with." Gala said frankly, looking towards the general direction of where everyone was looking. There were so many bodies to look at, the medium could be any of those dozens.

"The demon mare got her, Gala."

Suddenly a bright flash of flame exploded in the direction everyone was looking at. The sound of laughter screamed over the din of dying ponies, both friend and foe. In the center of the carnage, laughing hysterically, a small white unicorn stood.

"Charity..." Gala clenched the muscles in his forehooves. "Dammit!" Gala smashed his hooves into the trunk beside him, a jolt of energy resonating with the forest. Friend or foe he asked for his mother's power. He didn't want to hurt her but it seemed to be the only way. As a false incarnation of the sun itself she was going to burn out anyway. Twilight Sparkle had described the experience of being a medium as slowly burning and dying inside until the magic merely destroyed you.

No room for doubt, for the sake of those he loved and charged to protect, he would kill Charity before anyone could suffer anymore.

"Gala wait!" Trixie shouted towards him but he was not going to stop for anypony. Charity was a danger to herself and everyone around her. She had to be stopped. He had no room for weakness. Not in this world, not with the life he needs to lives.

Gala jumped towards the general direction of the carnage, following the laughter and flames as his guide. The trees turned and bent their branches to create a path for him. He was moving with such speed now that he was practically galloping across the treetops.

As soon as he found his perch for the perfect pounce. The prey found itself trapped with the embrace of hard and binding tree roots that spontaneously and rapidly sprouted from the ground. Gala leapt without so much a need for a moment to ascertain his accuracy or precision. After all, he was a master warrior. A guardian of the Everfree. A true Apple.


"That idiot!" Gala snaps had leapt off his perch and aimed his hooves to meet with Charity's head. If the impact from several hooves high didn't kill either of them, the charge in his body would.

He wouldn't have the chance though, Trixie knew, because the invisible ethereal body possessing Charity was aiming a claw that would rip the colt to shreds before he even met the earth.

Trixie had already fired off wild shots of kinetic waves to slice off the offending appendages. They moved at phenomenal speed but it was anyone's guess if her spell was going to make it in time. It would be a miracle if they didn't miss.

The grasping vines of kindness, the claws of the demon of laughter, the aura of the saint of generosity, the charged hoof of honesty and the magic spell of loyalty all met in the same instance.

A spark came into being. A light engulfed all to be perceived. And then nothing. Only the darkness, as Gala found his mind in the throes of dreamless sleep.

Author's Note:

This is a story set after the events of Charity which can be seen incomplete here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/31071/charity

There's no need to read the previous story to understand this one because this is another "Pony visits ponyville" story and the events of Charity are fairly irrelevant.