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In the distant future, there is only war. And Gala snaps must find his way back there.

He must, but what if he stayed? What if he gave in to temptation and found his happiness? He could have everything he ever wanted. Reunion with his family, prosperity and peace, living everyday where a loved one's death isn't anything but a slight misfortune.

Yes, OC pony. Deal with it.

Disclaimer: this is a War for Equestria group story. Link is found below for more information on the universe and fanon.

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Yes, OC pony. Deal with it.

Real nice attitude from the get-go.


no need to be nice about it with a community that auto-hates it generally. I know. I'm part of the community, I hear everyone talk about it when the topic comes up.

Especially if you do two things.

1. relate them to canon characters especially mane 6
2. take a canon character and drastically change them from common fanon

kind of a common trend and of course I hate that attitude, so I'm meeting it kind for kind.


is it really a random comment if it was intentionally written to say random comment?

no, dude's just trying to get Top Commenter position

If you can make it work, which even the show producers couldn't do, fine. This just needs time to see it be played out.


hence why I'm saying deal with it. this fiction exists. you don't like it for unjustifiable reasons? there's a broken rating system for your prejudice opinions.

kinda thing.

The location and time was to be random
Not the comment itself

eh, this site is like that
I appreciate the fact that you understand its idiotic community though

There's a top commenter position on this?
Is it like youtube, where they are put on the top?


not that I've seen. prolly means you get seen on the first page.

kinda flattery he thinks an OC story ever gets alot of attention.

no, top number of comments posted on average

people used to inform iloveportalz0r he was top commenter like 10 times per week


thats really sad... people are taking time looking at statistics as opposed to looking at possibly hidden gems amongst the unloved.

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