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Hey If You Like Reading My Dumb Stories, I Finished Another Dumb Story and You Should Read It. · 3:40am March 8th

TLast Minute Season 10 Bingo Writing Contest Entry EDIT: This is Very Clearly Being Published a Week After the Contest Deadline. As Often is the Case, I Failed to Finish This in a Timely Manner.
Haha, classic ST, walking a mile down the hill to eat a giant Chipotle burrito, going to Albertson's for alcohol, walking a mile back up the hill, and dashing off this story about Big Mac, Owlowiscious, Sci Twi, Kludgetown, and Maretonia in an hour!
Super Trampoline · 2.2k words  ·  10  8 · 109 views

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Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 results
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