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That feeling when you wanna watch something else other than the Emoji Movie... · 12:08am Jul 5th, 2020

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My thoughts on the movie "The Emoji Movie" · 7:57pm Aug 16th, 2017

Disclaimer: I couldn't afford to see it in theaters so I used my Amazon Fire TV Stick and Kodi app. My nieces were in the room with me and while they were "entertained", My thoughts are as follows:

Okay....WTF WAZ THAT PIECE OF 💩!?!?! I honestly would've watched YT the entire time, but my phone died and my tablet was charging w/my laptop......

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Thank You 🙏 · 4:55am Jul 30th, 2017

Today was a good day. I snagged a screenshot when I had the chance. 😃

Thank you all. Balance has been restored. 👏

I have one qualm though. One. 👆

This happened on July 29th. 😬

July 29th, 2017. 🤢

And not. 😨

July 28th, 2017. The big day. The return to form of modern cinema. 😩

I may be pleased but I'm still disappointed. 😂


My thoughts On The Emoji Movie · 12:35am Jul 29th, 2017

Well...this was a train wreck. Uninspired animation. Boring dialog. Mundane characters. Stupid plot.

Dang it Emoji Movie; you were supposed to be the underdog.

You were supposed to prove us all wrong, despite having crappy trailers and cruddy animation.

You were supposed to be like a phoenix and rise out of the flames of your bad press.

But you decided to stay hidden in the ashes...perhaps as one of the Phoenix's turds.

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