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My thoughts on the movie "The Emoji Movie" · 7:57pm Aug 16th, 2017

Disclaimer: I couldn't afford to see it in theaters so I used my Amazon Fire TV Stick and Kodi app. My nieces were in the room with me and while they were "entertained", My thoughts are as follows:

Okay....WTF WAZ THAT PIECE OF 💩!?!?! I honestly would've watched YT the entire time, but my phone died and my tablet was charging w/my laptop......

Seriously?! This movie had the creativity and individuality of a pea inside a can of peas! It was so unorignal and rightfully ripped on how millenials are constantly on their phones/tablets/laptops/etc. With little to no physical social interaction and that their main form of communication is through messenger apps and emojis! That and they actually tried using lingo that any kid from the 00's and 2010's would understand (including openly saying things like "#Truth"! For F**K's SAKE!!!!). Aside from what might be (in my opinion) an amazing assortment of voice actors in aweful roles this movie isn't worth the time or money. -20/10 :pinkiesick:s

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Not surprising in the slightest. God, just when animated movies seemed to be doing amazing IMO, we have this piece of shit(no pun intended) come out. The only good thing is that we know the MLP movie will be way better then this. :)

4637208 This actually made me wish for October to come even faster! (also disregard that video, I put the wrong one there.)

I was about to say something about the video lol.

Yes, October is going to be a great month for me for alot of reasons. Lots of good stuff coming out that month aside from the MLP movie.

4637210 Yeah...technical difficulties ensued.

But yeah. This movie was that bad.

There's weird, then there's the Emoji Movie wt:yay:didijustwatch?

4637216 Yep! The face JonTron made was me the entire "movie"

I can only imagine how terrible it was.

I am so sorry that your eyes had to be subjected to that. T^T

I can only hope that you did not go blind. T^T

My condolences to you *tips hat*

4637223 Yeah I nearly did...but I survived!!

4637234 You are a brave, brave soul. :fluttershysad:

4637254 Many hugs and snuggles to you. T^T

4637270 You are very welcome. XD

4637272 Yep....I can never unsee that shit! The last time any form of media got me this excited (either in a bad or GREAT way) was when I managed an original copy of Batman: The Killing Joke (mind you that was about 8 or so years ago.)!

4637286 What were your thoughts on that movie, out of curiosity? It always gets very mixed reviews.

4637290 My above statement solidifies how I feel about this movie. My actual words were these:
Me: Girls cover your ears, Auntie bout ta say a few bad words.
Nieces: *cover their ears on bed*
Me: WHAT THE LEGIT FUCK?! Why da fuck does this movie exist?! This complete shitstorm was a waste of my search time! I could've watched Suicide Squad instead of this bullshit!!

4637311 No I meant, how did you feel about Batman: The Killing Joke ?

4637327 Oh! Absolutely loved it! Definitely more on the...graphic side but that made me love it more!

4637340 Cool! I really liked the movie as well. :) It always gets mixed reviews though. Some people really liked it. And others didn't.

4637341 I liked the movie as well...just wasn't as good as the graphic novel in my opnion (and tha's comin' from a lady who's a HUGE DC comics fan!).

4637343 I agree with you there. I liked the graphic novel a lot more. I think that is why some fans don't really like the movie as much. But I personally enjoyed both. :)

4637344 as did I. Though, I still say there's somethings in the movie that they honestly could've left out and simply stayed with the original plot of the one-shot graphic novel.

4637375 Which scene are you referring to?

4637386 Mmmmm...I won't say! You'd have to either re-read the graphic novel or re-watch the movie to see what I mean by "these scenes just don't fit!"

4637394 I'm too lazy for that. You underestimate my laziness. :P

Also, there were a lot of things left out of the movie. So that would take a while to list. Something else I am also too lazy to do. :')


4637411 Naw, I'm cool with not knowing. :coolphoto:

I'll just keep being lazy. :P

4637419 Y bee lazy? Anywho...that movie is still heaps better than "the emoji movie"!

4637492 And the graphic novel is heaps better too. :raritywink:

James Corden was in this, britains Justin Bieber if JB was cool, so was TJ miller

4639101 Precisely! They gave bad roles to GREAT actors who still managed to pull it off flawlessly!

4637495 Oh hell yeah, definitely.

What would you think about this idea for the movie?

From my perspective, the worst double bill Sony did was that of sequels to ANACONDA and BABY GENIUSES (through their little-known Triumph Films subsidiary). But if they could survive THAT double bill, I have no doubt they could also survive the double bill of GHOSTBUSTERS (2016 remake) and THE EMOJI MOVIE. I do not expect anything good out of either of them (and I had, so far incorrectly, predicted the latter would be considered an underrated film) but that's my prediction. Sony Pictures seems pretty good at surviving double bills that are considered to be horrible.

Last night, I contemplated over this and I feel that in case it does not survive the double bill, which I hope it does, it is best, not if Sony sells off its film division, but if it hires for its film division a Robert Evans type who would have it make classics that people will cherish for generations to come.

This is because Paramount was in a similar boat decades ago. Robert Evans became its production chief after that, and made classics (ROSEMARY'S BABY, THE ODD COUPLE, CATCH-22, TRUE GRIT, THE GODFATHER) that people admire to this day.

I suggest that Sony get someone like Mr. Evans to run their movie studio.

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