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Bronycon, Thoughts and Writing (More of the middle than either of the other two) · 11:42pm Aug 6th, 2019

(This is majorly mopey for a bit, but I promise it's not anything negative about my experiences. It's just more about my feelings, and I end on the positives)

Bronycon has always been a bit odd for me.

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If people just randomly burst out into song like ponies do in Equestria... · 9:05pm Sep 14th, 2016

... it should totally be like this:

Warning: Cursing and shi... uh, 'stuff,' :twilightoops:

Get off my mullet! :coolphoto:


Looks like I'll be sober tonight · 10:46pm Jul 29th, 2016

I'd rather drink the hooch with my friend. If she comes, she'll have to drive home and there's no way I'm letting her have a drop of alcohol. She just took a nap so she may or may not come. I'm fine with that, though. Nothing's as bad as that time I threw a birthday party and nobody came.:moustache: Yes, it actually happened. It also happened another time, but it wasn't a birthday party. I'm kind of used to this shit now so it's ok.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results
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