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Myriad Morals in Marketing · 12:56am Sep 13th, 2015

Warning: Spoilers from the latest episode, Canterlot Boutique, abound. Proceed with caution.

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Steam ought to curate its platform. · 11:05am Jun 16th, 2018

It's been like 2 years, huh? Well I had a thought that I need to spell out, again more for myself than for anyone else, but which is nuanced and complicated enough that I need to write it down, and that other people might just want to see. And I just so happen to have a blog with my random ramblings in it. So here we go again.

Man I should really catch up on ponies.


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Honorable YouTube Mentions time again! This time; Jim Sterling · 7:51pm Oct 5th, 2015

Jim Sterling is a man. And he is quite a man when it comes to video games. Jim Sterling is a YouTuber who does video games on his channel. Oh, you say that isn't interesting? That everyone does that pretty much on YouTube now? Well, you're right, but Jim Sterling has one thing that a lot of those other folks don't have.

He has a stern and nigh unchangeable belief that video games are works of art. And...he's right.

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results