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Honorable YouTube Mentions time again! This time; Jim Sterling · 7:51pm Oct 5th, 2015

Jim Sterling is a man. And he is quite a man when it comes to video games. Jim Sterling is a YouTuber who does video games on his channel. Oh, you say that isn't interesting? That everyone does that pretty much on YouTube now? Well, you're right, but Jim Sterling has one thing that a lot of those other folks don't have.

He has a stern and nigh unchangeable belief that video games are works of art. And...he's right.

Jim Sterling is a man who looks at video games in an interesting perspective and viewing angle. He does not play and review them just for how good they are but also for what they represent as a whole. He speaks straight from the heart about his views on the video gaming industry, and he takes his beliefs that video games are and should be works of art very sternly.

Yes, he can sound like he's being a dick towards makers of particularly bad video games, but he does so because he believes that if you set out to make a video game - in his mindset a work of art - then you should be trying your best to produce the best you can do at best. Jim Sterling may seem like any other video gaming YouTuber you've seen on the internet, and at first glance that may be so, but it is his opinions and ideas and theories regarding the video game industry that make him stand out from other gamers.

To help you understand how Jim Sterling works, take a look at a few of his review videos. Oh, did I mention also that the guy has a pretty good sense of humor? If not, then Jim Sterling has a pretty good sense of humor. Checkthese videos out and see if Jim leaves you nodding your head in agreement with any of his points.

And one more thing I should mention as well. In regards to his actual gaming videos, Jim Sterling often plays games from Steam and other sites that other players often would have to pay for, so most of his arguments and rants about the games he plays are kind of justified since these particular games are bad games that other people like him have had to pay for. Remembering that Jim views video games as equal to works of art, you must ask yourself this; if you paid to go to an art gallery, and all they had on display were portraits of smeared feces everywhere, would your money have been worth it? Likewise, if you spend money on a game that promised to be good, only to feel like you were beta-testing the damn thing, would it be worth your hard-earned cash?

Check out Jim Sterling on YouTube and follow his channel if you find him an interesting sort of person, or if you share his views on the world and universe of video gaming.


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he takes his beliefs that video games are and should be works of art very sternly.

Then he's an idiot.

Writing is an art.
Music is an art.
Art is an art.

Video games are meant to be fun to play.

If a video game is absolutely beautiful and has a deep and thought-provoking message to give but it's overly difficult and boring, then it's a bad video game. That's the end of it.

Sorry, Jim, but you're nuts.

I like his Jimquisition show. I also like his Greenlight trailers thing he does. Sometimes, I even watch the game plays he does. I find him entertaining... though not so much on board with some of the skits he has been doing recently in the Jimquisition show.

Yes, he can sound like he's being a dick towards makers of particularly bad video games

AKA: Those two fucktard brother's known as Digital Homicide. And all the shady shit they do on Steam. Which, Valve should be going after them for the shit they do now, using dummy/surrogate/fake names to try and release those BS Asset flips.

3445267 Well, I understand Jim Sterling's point actually. When he says that games should be works of art, he does not mean it literally, but that they should be treated like works of art. Think about iconic video game characters like Link from the Legend of Zelda, dude; Ocarina Of Time is one of the greatest video games ever made, and that game practically is a piece of video game history.

Ocarina Of Time is a piece of video gaming art, in that regard. It's a historical piece of work that even today is still amazing and incredible. The moment you sit down and begin playing the game, once the end credits come on the screen you know you just played a piece of historical art.

Think of the last video game you yourself had ever played that stayed on your mind for ages and ages. A game that you remembered for its mechanics or environments or characters or whatever. What was the last game you ever played that you remember playing that had a moment where you took the first step into a level that had a stunningly beautifully designed environment?

Alternatively, when you take a screenshot of a moment in a video game, is that not a piece of art itself?

3445347 OOT isn't art. It's just a game that just so happened to be liked by a lot of people.

Even a game that millions of people call "art" aren't art, because video games are not art in a literal, or metaphorical, sense. Not even a game like Pokémon.

3445321 Digital Homicide?

He does not mention them a lot in the Jimquisition show. But they are often in the Greenlight trailers show he does. Boils down to, the two brothers that are Digital Homicide are both fuckwits, the release buggy ass crap that is almost always 100% asset flips. And now, since they have been found out, are trying to do it under other names. They even tried to do some other shady, and against the TOS and spirit of Steam, shit with free games/keys for votes through another developer trying to get a game up on Steam... that I am nit sure they were tied to or not, but I think they were in some way.

Over half of the so called 'Art' in galleries, schools, and other places... I don't consider art either. Especially a bunch of the new shit coming 'artist' tend do put out recently. Does that mean its not art? Because it is apparently 'art' to someone.

3445382 Dfinition of Art:

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power:

So yes, the bullshit you see is art. It sucks, but it's art. And video games aren't art. If someone wants to express something, that's fine. But video games are meant for people to have fun playing them. That's what makes them a "game". They're not meant for someone to tell the world something they believe in.

3445367 You did not answer my question.

What was the last game you ever played, where you stepped into a new world or level, and for a brief moment you took in the stunning environment, or was taken aback by the presentation and/or introduction to a new area?

For me, it is Bloodborne. The moment you enter Yharnam is the moment you know you're in a world where death is going to be handing you out high-fives every time you both pass each other, yet there's always something deep behind the miserable mists that shroud the gothic world of Yharnam, like the Doll or a single hidden flower, that gives a small but crucially much needed sense of hope in the long run. You will f**king die again and again, but eventually you CAN defeat the multi-eyed eldritch abomination that has been tearing your limbs off for the past ten attempts and playing your rib cage like a xylophone.

The blood and rotting carcasses alone told me that everything I see and experience in the game is going to make me afraid of stepping into the darkness of a tunnel. The foreboding decrepit trees and stones made to look like faces in agony quietly scream at me that only a gruesome fate lies a few feet ahead. Every beautifully decorated ornament and what little scenes of luxury still exist in that damned-to-Hell city of monsters and horrific beasts are just illusions trying to distract you from the creepy woman with the unsettling fascination of pulling her own head off and hurting you with her own disgusting putrid blood.

One step into that terrible but captivating city of Yharnam. That is an artistic moment you cannot put to canvas.

3445394 The answer is never. If I want to be stunned by the way something looks, I'll look at an actual artistic drawing. A select few video games can allow people to make art, such as Minecraft, Terraria, or even Halo (forge world), but the game itself is not art. Video games do not fit the definition of art. They do not fit under the category of art. Anyone who tries to use video games as an art is better off writing a book.

You kinda just shot your own foot off. Typically, does not mean always. You definition also does not mention music. It does mention expression, or APPLICATION of human creative skill and imagination. I've played plenty visually beautiful videogame, I have also played videogames with strong stories that make you care about the characters and the world they are in. Seems to me that video games can indeed fit just about all of your requirements.

But, I get it... you hate videogames. Not going to argue anymore.


Whether video games can be considered art or not is a matter of debate. I believe that they can be works of art when the game can convince me that that was the developer's intent. Sometimes, games are artistic unintentionally. If Blah does not think games can be works of art, it is his opinion and he's entitled to it.

Art itself, I shall admit, is a difficult thing to describe, because there are people in this world who, intentionally and unintentionally, blur the lines between what is a Mona Lisa, and a Moan-a Piss-A-Shit. A good artist can draw a beautiful fantasy world with stunning and borderline incomprehensible detail, but then someone armed with a spray can will make a hairy penis on a brick wall and call it a masterpiece, and there WILL be people somewhere who will agree with him.

Art, in my mind, therefore comes down to a matter of taste and preference and belief. But in all media and representations of art, I personally believe that a good piece of art is something that doesn't have to be spectacular or on par of being worthy of Gods, but something that was drawn or created because the artist wanted to make a contribution to the world, wanted to spend his or her time and efforts to make something with the best of their abilities and capabilities and resources, to produce something that is beautiful to them just as much as it is to those who look at it.

Short story version basically; let us not let the discussion of what is art or what classifies as art be made into an argument. Blah and I and Topaz and anyone else who wishes to comment here all have different opinions of what art is. Neither of us is right, but we're not wrong either. Blah knows or at least has an idea of what art is to him, and if he doesn't think video games can be considered a work of art, that's fine. I'm not going to try and convince him and instead do the right thing and respect his opinion.

Holy Celestia and Lauren Faust, it has been a VERY long time since 'philosophical UniqueSKD' has had a go at taking the wheel. Maybe I should let him take a stab at writing fanfics some time. He might even write a decent meaningful story!

Oh, and one more thing, Blah and Topaz; nice avatars, the both of you. Hope you both spook a lot of old folk this Halloween.

(unimportant fun fact ------> I'm going as a Bloodborne hunter. When the Night of the Children of the Moon comes, Kiefer shall join the hunt and spill the blood of many a beastly scourge...

3445436 Let me start off by saying that video games are the best thing in the world. They make up the vast majority of my spare time. Anyone who gets the idea that I don't like video games is a fucking moron.

You fucking moron.

And you also seem to forget the area where the definition says

producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power:

Which is not what video games are made for. Sure, they can be emotional (*cough cough* Walking Dead *cough cough*) But they are made primarily to be appreciated for how fun and/or immersive they are.

By the way, video games almost always need to be creative to be decent. That doesn't make them art. Writing, drawing, and music are art, as they can be made specifically for the purpose of sending a message or expressing something, which is what art is. Not the mere usage of creativity. (Looking back now, I don't know why I used that source since its definition of art is not entirely correct). By your, and this regretfully shitty definition's, logic, anything that is creative or imaginative in any, way, shape or form is art, such as a really kinky sex act. Something like that is bound to be imaginative, but you wouldn't call that art, would you? Anyone who makes a video game for the purpose of expressing something clearly doesn't know what a video game is.

3445410 Oh, and for the sake of laying any sub-conscious animosity you may be building in for me to rest, I'm not the one who is down-voting your comments.

3445448 Actually, whether or not something is art is not an opinion. If a song was a pure piece of shit to your ears but it was written as a message to give (ie. "Spectrum" by Boyinaband), then it is art. It could be bad art, but it is still art.

3445464 I don't care about whoever downvotes my comments. If someone downvotes every single comment you post on something, then it's nothing more than a sign of an immature brat that I shouldn't waste my time on.

3445465 I'm not going to delve deeper into the matter. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject of what and what isn't art. I made a blog to give a random YouTuber that I recently came across, some free publicity in a blog. This was never intended to go into a full-on discussion about what video games are in the world, though I admit stoking the fire that created the spark leading to that string of conversations. But then again I enjoyed this short period of time typing out comments in response to you and Topaz. Like I have said in a previous blog, I enjoy 'talking' to you guys, so this lengthy talk we've been having has worked a treat for me personally. Fingers are slightly cramping though.

So what's your Halloween costume this year?

3445506 Oh, I'm not going to dress up. If I were, though, I would choose... Hmm...

(Figuring out whether to say "deez nuts", "Shia Labeouf", "your mom", or "a MUHFUCKIN' UHHHHHHH".)


Oh, and one more thing, Blah and Topaz; nice avatars, the both of you.

Thanks, I like my avatar too. A friend randomly drew for me. If I ever get a chance to have her drawn again, I now have the perfect pose to offer as a suggestion.

There is no reason to resort to name calling.

Same with the name calling here. I downvoted you on the stuff I did not agree with. The site allows you to thumbs up comments you like, and thumbs down comments you don't. I see no problem with using it. I even gave replies to the comments.

Undecided on the costume. Probably one of my nobles court outfits from my renaissance faire stuff like usual. If I get dragged of to a place with a contest, I might pull out my queen costume, since I hardly wear that one. Don't want to ruin it.


Anyone who gets the idea that I don't like video games is a fucking moron.

And since you got the idea that I don't like video games, well... Two plus two equals four, right?

Same with the name calling here. I downvoted you on the stuff I did not agree with. The site allows you to thumbs up comments you like, and thumbs down comments you don't. I see no problem with using it.

Again, that makes you what I called you. If you disagree with someone, just reply, don't downvotes and reply. That's just dumb. I can understand downvoting one or two comments because you think they're ridiculous and/or stupid, but downvoting every last one? What's the point? It just makes you look like a little kid. It's not like you're going to assist yourself or anyone else by downvoting every last thing I have to say. It also gives me the impression you're not actually heeding what I'm typing, thus further convincing me that argung with you fits the second part of what the downvotes have made you out to be to me: A waste of my time.



3445579 Mr. Snookums is dead, son.

The Jimquisition

Just sharing the link to his own personal website since you guys/girls mention that guy

Thank God for Him,

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