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I believe so... fimfiction no longer keeps track of word count after all.

And there are all of TWO stories with over a million words, one just barely so.

Daires (of a Madman) might hit 2 mil.
I asked, and apparently he has about 80 more chapters planned.

On top of the fact that this group has always just been about joining for the sake of joining as far as I'm concerned

Group Admin

No no, this group was meant for when YOUR reading word count was kept on your home page. This is not a stories word count but a user word reading count. It lasted for maybe a month or two until they took it down for some reason unknown to me. I keep it alive mostly because i see no harm in it, if anything i just like that fact I have a group with a small follower base.

I could try to salvage this group but i have neither time nor the patience to do so.

Group Admin

Gah i should have responded in one whole post, i don't talk much on these forms.

2548140 In short, Yes.

2548975 Read comment above. This group was meant to show off peoples reading word count, not story word count.

2549187 Yes, yes it was, and at the time of this group it was also somewhat of a badge. To be seen as a reader that has taken the time to read over 1 million words showed you had somewhat of an idea and was not a complete nincompoop. Now this along with the 5 million, 10 million and even 20 million were awesome groups to be a part of because it showed how much you read. Petty i know but at the time it felt great to finally be recognized as someone cool.

Ok. I always thought it was for 1 mil. stories. Sorry.
Though if user word count was still up, I'd be at like... I dunno... 45 mil. :derpyderp2:

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