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Emperor of mankind: Yes. This is funny to me.

More to come.

Edit: Credit goes to Alfabusa for giving us such a awesome series

My alfa leigion bruvahs may hate bronies as a rule but i do not. Alfabusa is a great guy though. They got what the emprah would feel in this series right though

You should look up 40k Rejects, funny series

And then the machine gets stuck repeating "pizza pizza" for the next ten thousand years.

Haven't watched the third one yet. How new is it?

2389566 just uploaded a week ago.

2387866 What episode are they up to now?

2391109 Doesn't appear that they've gotten past season 3 episode 2 posted 10 months ago

I can't stop laughing!
You my friend are some sort of genius.

2392449 Don't thank me. Thank Alfabusa. He created the videos he should be getting credit for this awesome series

"So tell me, what are these 'tau' I've heard about?"
"oh boy..."

Episode 4
The Emperor really burned the inquisition hard

Man that is AWESOME!
My sides hurts like hell!:rainbowlaugh:

Episode 5
It's all Magnus' fault
(Turn the captions on for what the inquisitors are saying)

Episode 6

Episode 7
Reaction to the modern custodes: :pinkiegasp:

3139076 *brain cannot process* ahhh ahhh :fluttershbad:

Also the funniest one yet :rainbowlaugh:

3139089 Then Molestia replaced the royal guard with the custodes. Later she...

3139152 No my brother. Not heresy, but worse

Hearing the voice of the Emperor is like music to my ears! I shall fight with much more fervor an the battlefield knowing that Our undying Lord can direct the Imperium once more!

I shall await the day I see an Adeptus Custodes on the field of battle, if only to see if the tales tell true of their prowess.

Comment posted by Brother Malachai deleted Mar 28th, 2014
Comment posted by Brother Malachai deleted Mar 28th, 2014

3183327 Hello father, how's life as a skeleton treating you?

3183707 How is having every disease in existence treating you son? Like having space AIDS or future HIV?

Comment posted by roman117 deleted Apr 8th, 2014

3184139 It's actually great! Having every disease means I don't have to wear protection anymore when I get some:pinkiehappy: So what happens when YOU get hard, can you still...........get it up?

3184304 why would I have to when I can make a women orgasim with just my mind. :pinkiehappy:

M-My Lord!
*forms the aquila*
How may I serve you?

You, shut up.
Remain vigilant against the enemies of man.

Sorry for the delay, my Lord. The heretics attacked again.
I shall, for the Imperium, continue my service to You in all my capacity.
Come back to me when you don't break a bond for more power, traitor.

3186023 You're not the boss of me!!!!

3186181 Why don't you go declare exterminatus on another one of your worlds Imperial lapdog.

>Implying I Exterminatus planets that can be purged
You're cute.
Until a world is sucked into the Warp by your dark rituals, I will fight for it with all my might.

3186513 Chaos will never triumph. Man will be victorious.

3183327 Why are you watching yourself my lord?

3187163 3186620 Because he is the god emperor and can do as he pleases. ITs not rocket science friend. Also *goes back to groveling*

Comment posted by Sexy Lucy deleted Apr 9th, 2014

3186513 Spoken like a true drone of the Corpse God.

Better a drone to Man than a plague apoun the galaxy.
Your words inspire me, my Lord.

Another attack? Geez, how many heretics are on this planet...

3186620 If that was the case, you would have all twenty of your sons(myself included) by your side right now, and you wouldn't be a skeleton on life support.


Hey, Motarion, go put on some deodorant or something, you smell worse than Matt Ward's "writing!" :ajbemused:

3189534 My fragrance is one of Papa Nurgle's many gift's!


Gift? Uh-huh....yyyyyeeeeaaahhhhh. We'll go with that. :ajbemused:

3189915 Would you like a complimentary bottle of my new cologne? I call it "The Rose of Barbarus". It also comes with a free Nurgling.:pinkiehappy:


No, I prefer not to smell like roadkill that's been stuck in the warp for a billion years...or Matt Ward. :twilightoops:

3190040 Oops! Too late, I already sent a Great Unclean One with the package to your current place of residence. Enjoy the gifts of Grandfather Nurgle and the Death Guard! :rainbowkiss:

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