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I've been away for nearly two months and having left a few comments recently, I still think a lot of other users never got over me. And most of the hatred towards me was because I gave personal opinions and my two cents on... things. So what is it with personal opinions that people hate so much? They think I'm starting a war, but they're the ones starting the war by hating on me! Bunch of hypocrites. It's really scary, as a matter of fact. Nobody can say anything without a threat of death being hurled at them. I'm waiting for the day when I actually do get a death threat from any other user on this site. Hasn't happened yet, but I think it will one of these days. And it will be either for giving my opinions or because none of my haters ever got over me.

5878313 So, what are these opinions of yours? Can you list them?

- I like "Magical Mystery Cure".
- I think Twilight Sparkle worked hard for what she had, especially becoming a princess.
- I did not hate Pinkie Pie for "Filli Vanilli" and on top of that thought Fluttershy was the one being a wuss for having stage fright when she seemed fine with taking part in the Equestria Games.
- I hate "Twilight's Kingdom" with a passion.
- The Season 5 finale was the stupidest season finale ever.
- Bronies are problematic wanting more pony stuff despite that they complain and threaten to leave the fandom.
- The brony fandom is degrading.
- The brony fandom has sycophants.
- Pinkie Pie is adorable, lovable, and one of my favorite characters from the show.
- I think Celestia is the worst character in the series owing to her faulty decisions in the finales of Seasons 2 and 4.
- My opinions of "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" were so full of hate that I took out my anger by writing "Sister Dash".
- Starlight Glimmer should be in jail.
- I'm allowed to hate.
- No one can tell me what I can like and/or dislike.
- I'm entitled to my own opinions.

On top of that, even if some users share some of my opinions, people still get mad at me for saying them yet it's okay when someone else says the same opinions. A two-month absence and no one has gotten over me.

Group Admin

5878463 As long as you present your opinions in a calm and sensitive way, you're more than welcome to post them here. That being said, there's a certain edge in your second post that could be filed down just a bit, to avoid looking overly snappish. :twilightsheepish:

5878595 It's too late for me. See? They still haven't gotten over me. And they never will.

Group Admin

5878605 It would help to stay calm about your past experiences. Also, try to move on from them, as they don't matter anymore.

But regardless, I would very much prefer it if no one in this group, member or not, tries to start a confrontation. This is a safe group to air out frustrations without grief or persecution, and it will stay that way.

5878614 I have moved on. They haven't.

Because opinions are like assholes; everybody has one. Generally speaking, the ones who can support their opinions with facts, reasoning, and statistics, etc are welcomed more. As is being someone who is considered reputable or just famous can help as well. 80% of the time it isn't what you say, it's how you say it. When dealing with opinions about sensitive things, you are more likely to arouse a decisive counter attack by those who believe that a lack of a counter consensus would result in an inappropriate belief being spread. Basically they will feel like they must be authoritative and hostile in order to put you back in place or convince you to change your mind. In the end, everyone wants to be right and to have the majority of people believe as they do.

The irony of all of this is that it's all just my opinion.

Group Admin

5878615 Sorry to say this, but you give the impression, based on this thread alone, that you are still dwelling on such things. It's okay to vent, but bringing up specifics might make things worse if you're not careful.

I do, however, think there should probably be a pinned thread specifically for unpopular opinions, but I fear that might not have the effect I think it will. :unsuresweetie:

5878621 Well, I don't mean to and it's not my intention. I still think people are just trying to drive me away from this site.

Group Admin

5878633 I doubt that's the case. You just need to handle these misgivings and misunderstandings more maturely and calmly. And I must insist you do so here, not just for your own sake, but for the other group members.

5878652 If I'm not being mature and calm enough, I'm sorry. I thought I was.

5878616 You and me both, I guess.

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