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So, we're here to talk about draconequus! Let's get started. What's everyone's take on the draconequus' origin? Did they just appear one day? Was there a dramatic event? Let's discuss! :pinkiehappy:

4960212 I think that they were born from the primal energies of universe

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4960212 I have two main headcanon's involving Discord/draconequus.

The first is that Discord is actually not native to this universe, hence why his magic works so differently and equestrian magic, sans Elements, have no effect on him. In one story, the elements were originally created to stop and alter Discord, who was a sadistic deity hopping from universe to universe sowing mayhem and suffering because it was entertaining. In another he was a 'seed' that didn't take, but stuck around after the growth of the MLP world which sprang up from the seeder that became the Tree of Harmony. A seeder that had a close personal connection to Discord which is at the root of why Discord seems to have a better understanding of the Tree of Harmony than any other individual in the show. In fact, now that I think about it, most episodes that involve the Tree of Harmony also involve Discord.

The second is linked to a five race creation model where each race sprung forth from a different part of the All-Mother. the draconequus came from the All-mother's breath. they have a "nymphal" stage where they look like regular ponies, but undergo a sort of pilgrimage in which they gain understanding of the world around them and from that take their chimeric form. Discord specifically sought to understand their magic and it's meaning/purpose, and he found chaos for sure, but at its heart he also found laughter. His deep connection to magic basically made him an alicorn of draconequus (most only have a few species represented and aren't as chaotic as Discord's composition).


My head canon is that Draconeequii are born if there is enough primal hate or confusion. SO basically, pure emotions that fall into the chaotic emotion category will birth draconeequii. And the emotion they are born from dictates their powers and personality. Discord was born from pure anger(Not hate, then he could never be reformed) and pure power.(So basically, a situation that could be Discords birth would be, say, Trixie defeating someone who dislikes her, thus creating an ego rush of power for Trixie and anger for the other pony.) Don't point out how Twilight and Trixies rematch could've birthed a draconeequii, thus destroying my logic, because Twilight wasn't purely angry at Trixie, she had determination to get back to her friends, and sympathy for Trixie.

4960545 Tirek and uber-Twi on the other hand, probably could have since it was immediately following the destruction of Twilight's home and precious books, but before the reveal that her friends had been captured. (There is at least one fic where it did, and with a whole other season on the way... well, anything could happen.)

Unrelated question, if another canon draconequus showed up as a result of the above fight, what would they be like and who would you get to voice them?:trixieshiftright:


Discord, only non reformable. And I'd probably have a very low voiced actor voice them. I'm in a hurry which is why this is short.

I think draconequus were born through evolution from the harsh environments of the planet during ancient times. They had to be strong beings to withstand the world, and this includes their magical properties. Discord is an anomaly, created because if there is harmony there must also be disharmony to balance the system out, and after a being of discord dies, another being is born in their place. Discord could have well been an equine with mismatched limbs, but he was born a draconequus.


beings of chaos, a draconequus is born in one of three ways. the first is when enough Chaos Energy gathers to form a single draconequus. naturally, this takes quite a lot of chaos energy.

This little thing? the event that wiped out MOST of the dinosaurs? yeah, that only made the first 30 of my kind. the second and third methods are the "Natural" way, either between two draconequi or a draconequus and a pony. shut up with your "biological impossibility" crap and remember that draconequi ARE a biological impossibility. alternatively, it is possible for a pony to actually BECOME a draconequus through chaotic means.

next, understand no two look alike. they have equine heads and draconic tails, but those are the only constants.

third, Discord is actually HIGHLY overpowered. the average draconequus can "discord" others, float, and have TWO other magic abilities.

I'm just gonna post my idea here and hope I remember about it later.
We only know two things about Draconequi. The first, is that Cheerilee apparently knew about them somehow. It's more likely that she just used the scientific term coined by scientists. After all, dinosaurs didn't name themselves, we did.
That being said, it's not ruled out that Discord is part of a species of his own.

The second thing we know is what Discord himself said about him.
"I haven't had this much fun in AGES." Implying either that he really is ages old, or that the writers of the show are merely pulling our leg and he was just using a figure of speech, or Discord said it on purpose to mess with us. Considering who we're dealing with, I'd like to stop thinking right now before my head explodes.
He introduces himself as the spirit of chaos and disharmony. Does that mean that he's an entity with authority and power over those things, or an entity created from them?

Personally, I like the idea that they can be created through any number of means, either through cataclysmic events, or natural birth, or ascension. They can be either one of the planet's natural defense mechanisms, like the platelets that coagulate our blood and keep us from bleeding to death. In this case, they are created when the inhabitants of the world use magic heedlessly, risking to destroy the world irreversibly. Or they could merely be created during periods of great strife, like war, for instance.
Natural birth could happen when there's an overabundance of either order or chaos in the world. At the same time, however, one needs to ask what the relationship between Discord and the Tree of Harmony is. This is the most glaring and likely clue to our favorite trickster's origin.

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