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We are the Bat Ponies of the Kingdom of Night Fall. We serve under Princess Crescent (made by LyraAlluse) and Prince Jirard of Darkness (made by Root Beer Astromancer), but our true leader is Luna, goddess of the moon. Captain Jet Black of the Night Fall Royal Guard (made by TheWalkingSkyMon) is the head of all of the brave mares and stallions who are enrolled in and serve our kingdom's army.

Royal Court Members:

Original Link:

Crown Princess Crescent:

Move-In Story: As princess of the kingdom, she has always lived in Night Fall and worked hard to be a fair and just ruler of her people.

Name: Princess Crescent

Race: Alicorn, Bat Pony

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Talent: Ruling over other ponies/ leadership skills.

Personality: Princess Crescent is very energetic. She doesn't act like your typical princess as she doesn't like ceremonies and treats everyone as her kingdom as equals. She does not like to be bowed to. She has a habit of sneaking out of the palace and moving among the commoners to see what she needs to do to help out different regions of her land.

Color: Cream body. Aqua colored mane and tail with light blue streaks running throughout both. Purple eyes, cream unicorn horn, cream bat wigs.

Appearance: She typically wears a silver crown, solver hoof covering, and silver leg bracers to signify her status as a princess.

Cutie Mark: A gold laurel which shows her position as princess of the bat ponies.

Bio: Princess Crescent rules over the bat ponies in the kingdom of Shadow Fall. They have deep respect for the moon, stars, and other aspects of the night which is why her people swear their sole allegiance to Princess Luna and treat her as a living goddess.


Original Link:

Prince Jirard of Darkness:

Move-In Story: An outcast royal who found refuge in Night Fall, and fell in love with their kind and just ruler Princess Crescent. They got married, and he is now a noble of Night Fall.

Name: Prince Jirard of Darkness

Race: Alicorn

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Talent: Light altering magic/ Lumomancy

Personality: Kind, polite.

Color: Charcoal skin tone.

Appearance: Charcoal skin, black mane, gold colored eyes.

Cutie Mark: An eye symbol with three triangles above it.

Bio: Jirard is the Prince of Darkness who courted Princess Crescent and now is the reigning prince of the land.

Heir Presumptive Princess Stormbreaker:

Move-In Story: After hearing that Crescent had finally become the ruler of the land and hearing about the Batman she moved back in to beat-up and possibly kill Batman and become the ruler's personal Anti-Super-Villain while at the same time secretly serving as the Warden of the Kingdom's strongest prison.

But the true reason she came back and assumes the identity of the Red Hood is to test the strength and resolve of her younger sister for she knows if Crescent is not strong enough she will die. And contrary to what anyone might think she does not actually hate her sister (there is some resentment, yes) but in truth actually loves her and cares for her and secretly hopes that one day they may reconcile as sisters. But for now, she continues to pretend to be her old friend while doubling as her enemy.

Note: Second-in-line to the throne, should something happen to Princess Crescent, Prince Jirard, or any of their children. Chief Warden of the Night Fall Kingdom's strongest prison.

Name: The Red Hood (Stormbreaker)

Race: ??? (Zebra)

Gender: Male (Female)

Age: ???

Talent: Fighting, Stealth, Killing, Tracking, Magic, etc.

Personality: Seems to thoroughly enjoy violence. Despite her wild and battle-hungry attitude, she does have a sense of honor and respects strength and determination. Is usually very serious. Very vengeful

Color: ??? (Black with White Stripes)


Cutie Mark: ??? (The World)

Bio: Many years ago Princess Crescent's parents wanted an heir to the throne but unfortunately for them for some reason the Queen wasn't able to bear a kid. So after many a discussion the Queen decided that the King would have better luck if he banged the Queen's top servant and when she gave birth the Queen would adopt the child and said kid would become the future ruler. And so their plan worked and the King and Queen now had a complete family and future heir and so, for a time there was happiness and peace. Fast-forward a few years and great news is on everyone's lips: The Queen has given birth to a baby bat-pony girl and not only that but the child is an Alicorn to boot. The child's name is Crescent. But trouble is afoot: Even though Crescent was born to the Queen naturally there is still the matter of their other daughter who by all rights is the heir apparent. Well as far as the king and queen are concerned it won't be a problem and will raise the two equally. Or so everyone thought.

Truthfully what was really happening was that the parents after a time stopped treating their first born like a daughter instead more like a close family friend to their daughter and hid the knowledge of her true relationship with Crescent, even going so far as to force her to change her name. So Crescent never never knew that her best friend in the whole world was actually her elder sister. As far as Crescent knew her friend was the daughter of an important noble. Some years later Crescent's parents grew to mistrust their first born and after a certain incident began to believe that their "daughter" was actually trying to assassinate Crescent in order to take her birthright and plotted to get rid of her. But they underestimated their first-born who noticed the signs very early and had already devised a plan. She disappeared off the face of the Earth on Crescent's 10th birthday. Naturally Crescent was heartbroken and in order to help their daughter heal faster and keep up appearances the King and Queen enlisted the aid of other kingdoms to search for their other daughter but in their hearts they were glad that she saved them the trouble. She would not appear again until after Crescent became the ruler.

Original Link:

Lady Passions Star of the Magical Affairs Ministry:

Move-In Story: She came to Night Fall in search of fresh anonymity as my story evolves, perhaps this will become clearer, but do to the attention an Alicorn would receive, especially an Alicorn with a sun cutie mark would receive, she was forced to finally leave her home in Ponyville.

Note: She is the head of the Ministry of Magical Affairs and lives in the palace. She is also enrolled in the Night Fall Royal Guard as a special acting sergeant. In the royal guard she is known as Sergeant Star and is a troop leader of troop 3.

Name: Passions Star

Race: Alicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 3402

Talent: Magic, Philosophy, Spiritualism, Teacher, Guide and her elements are light, life and love.

Personality: Friendly, caring, willing to help and make friends.

Color: Gold

Appearance: Her hide is golden in color, her mane, tail and the tufts of fur about her hooves appear as blue flame and grow brighter in the day.

Cutie Mark: Sun

Bio: She tends to downplay the fact she is an Alicorn and is a bit insecure. As to her nature, she is sort of the reluctant Alicorn type, and rarely uses magic above the level of an Unicorn, except in the defense of her friends and herself. She is a fierce warrior and sometimes carries a nasty looking scimitar, which she wields expertly with her magic. Within her being she carries a secret few know, she has no clue at to what her true destiny is, and just want to be treated like any one else.

4874446 Happy to serve the prince, princess, and the captain

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4874633 It is good to be part of the Night Fall Kingdom. Long live the royal house and all of the ponies of this land. :scootangel:


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4874446 *tries to make a "Long Live the King" reference then remembers that would be bad, because Scar killed the king in the lion king*

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4875219 How about this reference? :twilightsmile:

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4875360 Or like this. :rainbowkiss:

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