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Why would they be accepted.

4469590 Well they kinda already are. That changeling was just sitting there, undisguised, and none of the adults gave a single fuck.

Spotted Everfree NW's mascot! ^.^

I actually like this a lot

That smilie face cutie mark, though.

4469628 Because in Ponyville is normal? They have the spirit of chaos walking everyday, explosions and a new crystal castle. Monsters from the everfree.

If they see King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis suddenly making XXXX in the middle of the plaza, it's going to be only a normal day.

4469578 Those two changelings with the pseudo-cutie marks are trying too hard to fit into society.

4469578 When you put it like that, a Changeling could be an Excellent Moddle for a Pony like Rarity.
4469590 Exactly, they already accepted one in Ponyville.
4469628 Exactly, she was openly sitting there at the ceremony, and none did anything.
4469722 Kind of hillarious on some notes.
4470512 You mean either would actually dare approach the village, but otherwise, I guess that could be a good point.
Yet, Dizzy has been proving himself on several occasions.
4470614 As if we have never seen that before? Yet, I guess it is just as sad, every time you see it.
On that note, can they acquire a mark? At least, in Ponyville, they should have everything they need to find themselves.

4648773 Pche, in theory they run from wild bunnies, so it's not like that, but well... Yes. They could see the awakening in the middle of the plaza of Empress Solar Flare (Nightmare Celestia) and it could be something normal in there. So, yes... Even if Chrysalis and Sombra appear one day from somewhere and go to ponyville, and even then just even if they don't know each other from nothing end doing a trio with Solar Flare. Yes, it's normal.

4648797 Now some Pony, or Changeling has to write that story. Readers, you know.

Do I have to write all the out there stories, right along with the in there and common stories?

4648809 If you like the idea, you are free to do it... You can even add characters if you like, for example Twilight as the faithfull student of the Empress or the changeling of cranky wedding "helping" the queen.

Not even that could be interesting for Ponyville.

4648822 On that note, I am currently booked up for years to come.
On the other, I do have a few Changelings in Ponyville already. Even a pink Queen.

Seems as if Ponyville is geared up for Business as Usual.
Besides, it was basically founded by the Apples on the border of the forest.
If you are not prepared to deal with these facts, you don't live in Ponyville, right?

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