Greetings, everypony!

I am Colonel Nightstorm of the Lunar Brigade. Now, it seems strange that a respectable soldier, such as I, would ever make a group. And this isn't like most groups on this site either. I will essentially be doing reviews of movies, episodes from season five, or anything else.

Now here are the rules:
1. These reviews are of my opinion. If you have a differing opinion on any subject, feel free to share it. But I will NOT tolerate any trolling!
2. NO BULLYING! Similar to what I previously mentioned, it will not be tolerated. If there is anypony who means to troll or just spout hateful comments, they will be banned.
And 3. Be respectful of one another. This community is meant to be a friendly place.

Stay tuned for future reviews in the forums. Take care, and HAIL PRINCESS LUNA!

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