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I was curious if anyone has though of any other means a pony may achieve immortality in Equestria aside from being changed into an Alicorn or converted into a vampony.

Feel free to share your thoughts.


Well, according to Best Night Ever and a throw-away gag in that episode, Celestia has a whole orchard tree of these beauties:

IE, golden apples. The fruit of immortality in Greek and Norse myth.

And I'm genuinely chocked so few seem to have noticed that and the implications, given how this fandom otherwise have spun entire library shelves both in exploring just how 'Twilight Will Not Outlive Her Friends,' and how the tiniest fraction of episodes have spawned entire fics.

Guess people aren't so hot on their classical mythology nowadays, or something...?

Edit* My mistake, a tree, not orchard, Can't find it online, but Spike mentions it right after the 3:15 mark. No onscreen appearance so far, though.

woah. Never noticed that.
Mind blown.

5570420 I actually remember the myth with the golden apple, however it has been so long as it was difficult for me to remember.

One of the reasons I asked is because I am working on a fic with vamponies, however I was thinking of also trying to explore other means of immortality within that fictional universe.

Really, if you give a plausible enough explanation, anything can be a means to immortality.

Some possibilities; homunculi, if you've seen FMA; wishing to be a genie; being iced/ frozen in time*; body surfing*; defying reality, cursed promises.


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Alicorn-transformation certainly seems the most popular, but many stories decided to ask "what is it about alicorns that make them immortal?" instead. Some suggest element bearers are immortal by default, others that you could obtain it by some form of mastery or magic. Certain stories, Hive Alive coming to mind here, portray it as something regulated by a greater being of a certain sort.

Having said that, Mr. Panda said it well;

Outside of the Elements or Alicornifying, you can always look to new and different forms of magic or technology. To add a few more to the list: regeneration or reincarnation of certain forms count, mind-uploading or digitization, soul-in-a-gem (potentially with golem-body) as a magical equivalent, lichdom, and magically sapping the years of others.

And of course the reason we have a "is horrific" folder is because such things don't have to be fun; aware petrification is fairly nasty.

I believe petrification falls under a variant of "frozen." Depending on who's writing, the victim/subject may or may not be conscious.

You could have a lich, undead sorcerer of sorts.
Theres the golden apple, becoming an alicorn, really depends on who you talk to.
Some could be born that way like a god like, angel like, or demon like entity

Or a being of energy as energy can never be destroyed

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