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Heh. Yeah. Cozy must have some pretty odd parents if that'd be their reaction to meeting Tirek. :rainbowlaugh:

"I'm an alien too, and I was here first!"
Tags: Comedy, Sci-fi, Equestria Girls

Sunset Shimmer and her friends are completely blindsided when aliens make open contact with humanity.

Sunset feels kinda miffed the aliens didn't even come to her first.

After all, she's an alien too, and she's been here first.

...This insult to Equestria's honor can not stand! (Even if Equestria never openly announced themselves to humanity and in fact actively tried to keep their existence a secret.... Oops. :twilightblush:)

Tags: Crossover, TS, Scootaloo (Or CMC)
A strange white creature ends up in Equestria. Twilight wants to study it, the crusaders are curious and all the poor thing wants is to go home.
(Yeah, I have a feeling she and Scootaloo would be great friends.)

This probably has already been done, but... I haven't seen it, so let's get to describing the scenario.

The rest of the Mane Six expresses interest in seeing the human world, and the Humane Six expresses interest in seeing the pony world. But who knows what will happen if more than maybe two from one world are in the other, so they decide to give each visitor a day before they go back and someone else goes through. On the human side, Sunset will be there to help acclimate the ponyborn to being a human before they meet the counterparts to their friends... and themselves, and Princess Twilight will serve the same function ponyside.

I don't want any shipping (outside of canon).

One aspect that I thought would be interesting would be seeing what the mirror has the Mane Six wear, since Princess Twilight's outfit is different from anything we see Human Twilight wear.

Could be a fun little Slice of Life, or something else.

Title: RariJack'd and AppleDashed
Tags: EQG, Comedy, Romance, Applejack, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity

Sunset has taken her friends to Equestria over the weekend, to experience life as ponies.

Rarity sees the perfect opportunity for a romantic date with her Applejack.

Incidentally, Rainbow Dash also has a date with an Applejack at the same restaurant.

Obligatory mixups and "Applejack-switcheroo" ensues. :raritywink:

Things get really mixed up when pony Rarity and human-turned-pony Rainbow Dash show up too, then get heated when one of them brings up the question why the "other you" isn't dating the "other me"! :derpytongue2:

...I imagine if she swallowed the Crystal Heart whole, this could be even more funny:

She'd be radiating all that love and happiness from the Crystal Ponies -- she'd open her mouth to complain, only for a bright pink ball of magic to come flying out. She'd cover her mouth, and an aurora borealis would come out of her nostrils. They'd have to be extra careful to get the heart out.

And of course, can't forget the shield: A snow storm / a herd of wendigoes is approaching, and the Crystal Heart needs to be on its spire - no time for stomach surgery! So poor Ember has to, ahem, sit down on the spire just right, so that the Crystal Heart is properly aligned. :twilightoops:

And of course, when the Crystal Ponies celebrate the wendigoes' defeat, their happy emotions cause the heart to surge. :derpytongue2:

I'd like to write this if it's still on the table and nobody took it.
I really like Gilda and Scoots so.

Edit: Nevermind
Sorry, got too ambitious

Kindred Spirits

Characters: Starlight, Fluttershy, Angel Bunny
Tags: Romance, Drama

Angel Bunny, while in Fluttershy's body, runs across Starlight. He starts flirting with her. Starlight is very confused. :rainbowhuh:

When it later comes out it was Angel flirting with her, that... doesn't make her feel any less confused. :rainbowderp:

Actually, "She Talks to Angel" revealed something shocking about Angel Bunny: He's never really had anyone else to talk to other than Fluttershy his whole life. :derpyderp1:

Not other animals, not other ponies. I guess there is an intelligence / interests / communications gap.

Fluttershy is his only friend. No wonder he gets upset when she suddenly has less time for him.

Let me repeat that. In a world running on friendship, Angel Bunny. Only. Has. ONE. Friend.

And leading up to that episode, with Fluttershy having less and less time for him, he felt like his only friend was abandoning him.

...Yeah, I can see Angel seeing Starlight as a kindred spirit. :rainbowderp:

If he'd been born a unicorn, he'd have gone and pulled a Starlight by now. :twilightoops:

Stand-in Title: The Friendship Chronicles (I don't really have a decent name for this idea :twilightblush:)
Main Characters: The Mane 6 and Spike
Supporting Characters: Starlight Glimmer, The Young 6, the Former Royal Pony Sisters, Sunset Shimmer, and Everyone's Extended Families
Tags: Drama, Action, Drama, Comedy, Drama, Romance, did I mention Drama? :pinkiehappy:

Twilight Sparkle has just been crowned the Sole Ruling Princess of Equestria and has founded the Council of Friendship alongside her friends to assist in her rule. But this doesn't necessarily mean that a happy ending has been achieved: there's likely a lot of things that need to be cleared/set up before the idyllic future seen in The Last Problem can come into play.

In terms of time, twilight is the period where morning meets night and night meets morning, a time of change and renewal for each and every day. The same goes for Twilight's time as Princess. The School of Friendship was a good trial run; can she extend her learned wisdom and friendship lessons to the whole world? Well, yeah, obviously, we've all seen it.

But what we didn't see is how they all got there.
:raritywink: Have fun!

The Evolution of Harmony

characters: the Pillars of Harmony, Everyone Else

This is my first idea here, so I hope it's okay

Upon their return to the modern day the Pillars are examining pony and other culture and while they do like it, there are some noticeable changes. Dragons were always gruff and agressive, but now they are even more so. Griffins have taken a real downturn. The pony tribes are now truly one nation. At their time, they were already one of course, but it was new enough it could still end. Not in this era. But the heart songs are new.

So the jist is that due to the number of emotion eating super-predators in Equestria/Equus/whatever the full planet is called species adapted and even physically evolved their behaviors, with some going for less expressive emotion, like with the number of Griffins who's standard attitude is mild annoyance with everything it's hard to bump them all the way up to full hatred to empower Windigos or Sirens or to offer enough love to feed changelings, meanwhile ponies got so hyper in touch with their emotions it's hard to manipulate effectively because they can basically tell. A side effect of that is they're so in tune with their emotions sometimes they are expressed extremely strongly

Prompted by this April Fools thread on /r/MyLittlePony: Derpy and Dinky go through the Mirror Portal. Dinky turns human. But something goes wrong with Derpy... and she stays a horse.

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