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"Spice Up Your Life" introduced a new background pony that I find interesting:

But, what's her name? I'm going with Mona Vinci. A combination of the famous artist/inventor/etc. Leonardo De Vinci and his famous masterpiece, the "Mona Lisa".

5292056 I'll go with White Wash, just because of the white paint bucket on her flank and the while liquids all over her.

5292058 That's even better. I'll go with that now.

5292058 And you know what? I think I'll make a group about her.

5292070 Huh, really? Wow... Well, I do suppose every mare or stallion needs it own group! I'd join, but right now I'm in far too many groups of my own. (Like 90 I think.) Plus, I don't see how I'd be able to contribute in any meaningful way beyond actually giving the mare a name.

5292073 You don't have to. You can if you want to, but you don't have to.


Ooh... she's adorable. :twilightsmile: I really like her mane design.

You know, I think I found my backup waifu.

5292088 Who's your regular? Mine's Sunset or human world Rainbow.

5292092 Applejack is my waifu. I like to refer to her as Waifujack.

5292095 Applejack is pretty cool, isn't she?

I haven't seen the ep yet; is she a ponyville pony?

5292138 Nah, as the episode was set in Canterlot I would think she's from there. Then again, with background ponies you are free to speculate on well.. their background.

Eh, I'll stick to a Ponyville pony or make an OC when I need a painter pony, then. Unless it's in Canterlot, of course.

5292172 Well, I've found a friend for one of my OCs, Rosanna Dodger, who lives in Canterlot because she's a Royal Guard.

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