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HiE is a popular genre, but are there any good Non Humans in Equestria? Like a being that looks human and perhaps mistaken for a human, but isn't?

There are plenty of Doctor in Equestria Fics, but I mean like Kal-El of Krypton. Or Martian Manhunter. Or perhaps artificial humans like Wonder Woman. Or maybe even some Sekirei in Equestria.

Why are humans the only ones visiting Equestria? Can you imagine how awesome it would be for Superman to fight Discord? Or Wonder Woman to fight Nightmare Moon? Would any pony be crazy enough to try and initiate the Sekirei plan in Equestria?

What other crossovers would you like to see?

688574 I'm currently writing one, actually. "Morning Star"

I'd like to see a Mars Attacks/MLP crossover.

John Hood
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I'd like to see Sindarin elves in Equestria, or mayhaps Klingons in Equestria.

688586 Klingons in Equestria? All of my yes.

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The one I'm writing has a character that is 1/8th wood elf from Dungeons and Dragons, if that counts.


I totally agree with this guy here. :moustache:

What about Jack Frost? he mutant killer snowman? Oh, and Discord could just teleport Superman into space. Thereby killing him from suffocation.


Oh my god that would be hilarious.

super man can FUCKING BREATH in space

688668 You're thinking of Batman. Pretty sure most continuities have the big blue boyscout not needing to breathe at all.

688668 688708 688626 not only can superman somehow breath in space he CAN HEAR in space too(none future), Future Superman can survive 3 supernovas to the face, blow up a planet with his heat vision, and was it that he can move at mach 12? and also he can read minds if he touch's you, and many more outrageous bullroar, that's also why i dislike him, also hes practically a god in the future did you know that? that only reason he cant do half of that now in the present is because of "mental blocks" he has set up for some stupid reason... how does a mental block keep you from surviving 3 super novas? :trixieshiftleft:
and yes this is all sadly true about his powers

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