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Please feel free to introduce yourselves, if you are having issues finding the right words, feel free to use this form as a guideline.

1. What do you like to be called?
2. What do you like about Asylum?
3. What got you interested in reading Asylum?
4. Are you interested in writing, or have started writing fanfics about Asylum?
5. What is something important to know about you?

So, ah, um...
Hi, you can call me Solo I guess...
What I like about Asylum?
Well, it's well written and immersive. It makes me question which Twilight that's real, and it has made me theorize some, which is always interesting.
I'm not sure on what made me interested, I just saw it in the feature box one day and decided to give it a go.
Well, I'm not planning on writing something related to Asylum, but we'll see.
Something to know about me?
My Steam name is Gabe Newell is a Brony, I like to play TF2, LoL, Contra 007, C&C Shockwave and C&C Rise of the Reds.
I enjoy dark and twisted humor, some people say that I should have more empathy.
I'm cynical and sarcastic, and I don't like making new friends all that much.
I thought My Little Dashie was meh.
I like WWII era history, and I think Nuclear Weapons are cool and horrifying.
I think the best way to solve overpopulation is more effective Weapons of Mass Destruction.

1. What do you like to be called? I prefer to be known as Ismaru, but Izzy and variations of the like are perfectly fine.

2. What do you like about Asylum? The characters, how different yet the same they are to their cannon interpretations, their interactions ,and the air of mystery around what is real and what isn't.

3. What got you interested in reading Asylum? I saw it on EQD and it looked interesting, and after reading the first chapter I was hooked.

4. Are you interested in writing, or have started writing fanfics about Asylum? Possibly. I like to come up with characters and the like, but I've never written a full story, let alone something in someone' universe. But I'm definitely available to help pre-read and edit.

5. What is something important to know about you? I'm a college graduate with a degree in video game design. I'm an avid WoW player, where I am a Night Elf Combat Rogue, things get hit fast when I'm around. I am also an avid Magic the Gathering player, and I'm working on getting better week by week.

So, I'm Skultux, I do some basic editing around the site.
What do I like about Asylum? Him, well I suppose that its a curiosity for me. As a person whose spent a lot of time in mental facilities, I enjoy drawing lines between what's legit in the asylumverse and out world. I am a schizophrenic, so I find the concept of being trapped intriguing.
What introduced me to asylum? Well, i am a very active member of this community, and as I logged in one day, I saw it pop up on my home. I had noticed it on Equestria daily, but never given it a look. As I read the first chapter I fell in love with the ideas portrayed.
Am I writing for asylum verse? No, I'm currently working join my first fic, and I'm the main editor for a current fic, so not really. After my first fix, yeah, I'd love to write for it.
Important to know about me, I think at a very accelerated rate, and generally jump to conclusions about everything. I try not to be cocky, however I may come across as such from time to time. I apologize in advance.
Well, now you know about me! Cya in the forums!

1. You can just call me "Tyler", my username, or Ty. Whichever suits you.

2. I like asylum for the general mystery about it and how little we still know. I also like it because of the type of story ( sad ) it is.

3. I got interested in it because of the "main idea" of the story. The idea that Twilight is insane.

4. I have been writing for a long time, about 3 years. I have started a story called Over the edge of Insanity because of this story. It just got me interested in the whole idea stated above. It is not really based of of Asylum though.

5. I try to approach things with a very careful, logical, and reasoned manner. ( Sound like somepony? :twilightblush: )


1.Can I be called Captain Kirk? Or just Captain? IF not, then my name on here is just fine. Or perhaps "Noct."

2.The general mystery of it all, I suppose.

3.I liked the idea of a fic about Twilight being in a mental hospital. The concept itself was appealing.

4.I have not written anything asylum-related. I've actually been doing fanart for the story.

5.Let's see...I'm pretty open about liking ponies. Most people would probably consider me a "foodie". I'm an architecture major, futurist, transhumanist, illustrator, and I probably love Star Trek way more than would be considered healthy. I can't stand hot weather.

I guess I'm going in order then.

Hi, I'm ChaoCream, and I absolutely LOVE Asylum.

Well, Asylum really makes you think and goes in directions no one could guess... I had just started thinking she was crazy when this new chapter completely changed my mind. Plus the overall concept is perfect to me.

I saw the description one day and was like "MUST READ! :pinkiegasp:". I love fanfics where nothing is as it seems and everything is one big lie. So far I'm REALLY impressed with were the fanfic is going so far.

I would love to write fanfics about it, but I have a hard enough time writing stories in general. All I get is good ideas that I'm cursed to never share with the world. :fluttershysad:

My favorite characters are Fluttershy and Trixie. Not that that's important. :twilightsheepish:

1 - Coyote or CBR is fine
2 - The fact we don't know what the hay is going on. And the way it's written. DoD is really talented.
3 - Same thing that makes me interested in reading anything: first the premisse, then the first paragraph, the second, and so on...
4 - Nope, I will write nothing based on Asylum. Can read, however
5 - Sorry about my sometimes fractured English, it's not my native language. And I'm pleased to meet you, folks.

Hello everypony! I'm breaking ground here and taking some time away from digging into the amazing stories here to actually have a physical presence.

1. What do you like to be called?
Here, I'm Gear Mane, but everywhere else I'm Dombrus and either works for me.

2. What do you like about Asylum?
This is a two pronged answer, as follows:
The first is a voracious interest in asylums as a whole. They are a dark and twisted place where the sunshine smiles of the staff erect a facade to the outside world, though everyone knows that inside, the silence and shadows are king. The brightly painted walls are mired in desperation that sticks in one's entire being far after leaving, each patient's eyes reflecting endless questions, self doubt and the inaudible mental pangs of desperation this atmosphere breeds. And those that leave at the end of the day shed the fetters of mind and body, anguish and despair that others still bear. This is why I love "Asylum".

Second part is how engulfing the story is. The small level of description with the appearance of the world leaves most things up to the reader to construct, but the characters and emotions are deeply striking, as if you were there in Twilight's mind for a ride. The desperation is palpable, the stark realization you experience along with Twilight as things unfold raise hairs and force you to ask if what you are presented with is true story of danger to the world she lives in, or just another mental construct she has made to destroy the painful memories that were eating at her core.

3. What got you interested in reading Asylum?
It was a piece of fan art I saw not 24 hours ago. With the above paragraphs describing my love of asylums plus the MLP universe, the two are a match made in heaven. Shortly after finding that two of my interests intersected, I spent eight hours devouring every word of what had been posted.

4. Are you interested in writing, or have started writing fanfics about Asylum?
I am greatly interested in writing a fan piece of this story, though I do not think that anything I can muster would be worthy of standing in the original piece's shadow. Should I do anything, it would be an injection of my own character in the lovely grim world to muddle about in self denial with my own delusions.

5. What is something important to know about you?
I love spreading my hooves and finding new things to do. Currently I have a large skill roster, but some are in their infancy. I draw, write (Haven't been able to strap down and work on a large piece of work, as I do shorter descriptions to flesh out what I draw), fix all forms of machinery, sew and many more things that I won't add here, as I fear everypony has fallen asleep.....
I hope to see the place liven up, but in the very least I'll be waiting for the next chapter.

Hello, Been reading this for a while, and it looks interesting.
1. What do you like to be called?
You can call me Gamer.....or KM...or my full user name >.>
2. What do you like about Asylum?
The story it could tell, and I love AU fics were everything is not what it seems
3. What got you interested in reading Asylum?
Funny enough I heard about it at Everfree in a panel about writing mental illness...yay shout outs.
4. Are you interested in writing, or have started writing fanfics about Asylum?
Yes,I have retooled 3 OCs of mine to fit with in this universe,and will get to writing soon even though I suck
5. What is something important to know about you?
I take joy in writing OCs then TAKING ALL THEY LOVE AND BURNING TO THE GROUND *Cough* I mean I do things around the fandom like art(sometimes) and write.

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