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You are now stuck in my imagination where the unpredictable happens. Once you click the "Join Group" button you enter into a new world, or my world to be exact. Different settings as I make them up. New towns. Once your inside my imagination you enter into a town called Party Central City. There is a party there everyday. Good Luck

Remember! I am your Queen.

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404332 On the matter of stories, I have an almost bottomless pool of them. A large portion of the stories features Pinkie Pie in one position or the other.

In the world of Pink, the sky is but a line of blue on which to paint the rainbows. (or Rainbooms)

Watch under you bed for pink or cerise balloons, while the Yellow and Blue keep to the ceiling.

403999 Then we need to keep this conversation and the Forum going active.
Maybe adding a few nice stories as well.

403998 we need to keep this group alive. We have to find a way. "i like your grit. It's you and me against the world son. Now lets solve this thing!"

403996 At least, I can see and hear you now ..
402699 Never, not if I had anything to say about it.
359660 Oh, and hello!!
403997 What is?
Pink can be both nice and mean in the very same breath. Like no other.

305590 you think its frightening now. Just you wait...

Hello, Hello, Hello, and Hello ..
any :pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy: or :pinkiegasp: here?

We are the same pony. I'm talking to my imagenation

Comment posted by Pinkies Imagination deleted Oct 23rd, 2015

*zap* wait, she looked happy to see us...

Alpha! We left him behind!

Oh well.

Hey balloons!

God dammit Burner! Where has your time orb brought us?

Whoah... Where the hell are we?



305594 I'm normal everywhere. I'm looking at you right now in your imagination

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