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and if you don't and add to him who or what do you think of?

When I first ran into Blueblood I have to admit I didn't expect him to be, well, so real. Honestly, Canterlot hasn't been gone into with too much detail but by the end of S3 I was sure it's basically upper crust medieval France or England. Not bad, just not what I expected in such an egalitarian society (or is it? wordbuilding still goes forward).

Anyway, for my story I decided I needed to mix Blueblood's elements, add a bit of character to him, and in the end noticed a quirk that I had to triple take and confirm. In the end I ended up mixing three elements:

For starters Blueblood (obviously). Incomplete but he's got great character building blocks: he's a stallion, he's wealthy, titled, and a bit of a mystery implied by his title, heritage and especially that compass shaped cutie-mark. There are great headcanons based on the show strings, it's all a question of which threads you choose to pull on. And lastly, because it's so much fun, he completely breaks the gentleman /white knight archetype expected of him. You really do have a question with multidimensional male villains: is he a man first, a noble first, a pretty-boy first or a spoiled brat first?

A great beginning but we need... potential. Unless we want him to be prince(ss) Valiant we need a little backbone and depth. This is who my imagination turned to:

Yes, that's the narcissist known as Vega (or in Japan Balrog) Fabio La Cerda. Everypony has a limit, I thought it'd be interesting if when push came to shove Blueblood had an archetype he could transform into. A Mr Hyde appropriate to a pony who valued beauty, privilege and refinement.

Of course Blueblood isn't a strong character. He's actually quite pitiable and weak. Such weakness needs an explanation and like I hinted, a trend I noticed about him led me to pick a third icon:

Still with me? Ok. Go ahead and watch Best Night Ever again: Blueblood never uses his magic. No levitation, no telekinesis, zip. He cuts a flower by hoof, insists somepony else opens a door for him and set his pillows, he grabs Rarity by hoof instead of levitating her in the way or stopping the cake.
I present the reason he does this isn't because he's so spoiled and lazy he has somepony, anypony else do all but chew his food for him - it's because arcing your brow and waiting for somepony else to do things for you is the closest thing to magic he has. His insisting on never raising a hoof, or horn, to do things for himself not only reinforces the idea that he's royalty it also conveniently hides the fact that he can't.

Anyway I've gone on long enough. What do you guys think?

I think the "conveniently isn't expected to do magic because he's royalty hiding that he can't do magic at all" is an interesting twist on him.

Mostly, I enjoy reading about Blueblood for the same reason I love the Changelings: There is so little canon, but what there is provides fun fanon possibilities. I generally don't ascribe to or favor any particular line of fanon, because the exploration of those possibilities is what I enjoy most.

Blueblood unable to do magic? I never thought of that. That would be, in my opinion, a very original take on him and would make an interesting story element.

True true you provide a point i am intrigued.
(took enough happy pills for today..... :)

Well, he does have a very brawny build for a unicorn. And a particularly long horn.

Maybe it's a prosthetic and he's actually an earth pony! Oh, the shame, the shame! :pinkiegasp:

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