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So what got all you group members into this ship here? Personally I like any of the Mane 6 shipped with Twilight. Rarilight has some adorable stories and I am one for adorableness. :twilightsmile::heart::raritystarry:

2029453 For me, it's the concept of the two intellectual power houses, the only ones that can mesh together and become more than just a fashion icon and a book worm. Also, this ship is the only one with a canon speed bump, or should we say Spike strip? Spike is a major component in Twi's life, and he loves Rarity to the core. For these two to end up together, they have to cross that barrier. Very few fictions handle that right, but when they do, they rise to the top and become something much more.

Also, look at how cute these two are together! Look I say!

2029741 The cuteness...is...too...strong!

I think it's just because they're the two best poinies...

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I always felt that even though IMO Flarity :yay::heart::raritystarry:shippings make the most sense in overall personality melding and appropriation, I have come to admire and see this deeper internal conflict of emotions that I could see Twilight often becoming highly attached to Rarity's confident and posh appeal. :twilightblush::heart::raritywink:

Though, I feel that these emotions were best captured correctly only if Twilight:twilightsmile: or Rarity :duck:would, over time, stumble into these feelings for each other with time spent together and thoughts more openly expressed as they become more and more emotionally attached to each others unique aspects in persona.:ajsmug:

Great thread and thanks for being awesome everypony. /) :twilightsmile:


Also, this ship is the only one with a canon speed bump, or should we say Spike strip?

I... never agreed with this, mind. Speed bump, maybe. Spike strip? Though I know you're playing with puns, can't agree.

Maybe for Rarity and Twi to stay together one would have to get past the "Spike factor," but as much as I love the little guy and as easy as it is to get caught up in rooting for him he's not been given very good odds if Rarity genuinely falls for anyone who isn't him, including Twilight.

What he's got going is currently a one-sided love for an "older" woman. He's mature for his age but still "younger." This happens all the time, but invariably ends in heartbreak when dealing with their (mental) age ranges. None of this is Rarity's problem, and this only gets to partially be Twilight's problem because they've lived together. The only thing keeping Spike from having to do some serious canonical growing up is the fact that Rarity to date remains unattached. Not that she hasn't repeatedly flirted in-show with beings other than Spike already while never returning (acknowledged, yes, but not returned) his affections. :twilightsheepish:

Meanwhile for the base attraction to happen in the first place? Every episode they have where Twi and Rarity have bonded together (and there are at least two I can think of off the top of my head) practically write the ship manifesto for us. :rainbowlaugh: There is zero problem with chemistry between those two.

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