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If Nightmare moon had her own body would she be sister to Luna or would she be her mother

1332527 Nightmare is just an alien symbiote.

1332527 Most likely an evil clone or something along those lines. Nightmare Moon was never her own person, she was just the worst aspects of Luna manifested.

Depends on what she is in the canon, dark clone, evil twin, wraith of some other evil(I've even seen Nightmare Moon being Luna and Celestia's mother)

There's a NMM episode coming in season 4, maybe it'll help shed light on this

Honestly, I like the Idea that Nightmare would fit very good as a Sister for Luna. Maybe a younger, a little evil Sister.

Nightmare is Luna's dark side, so pretty much an identical twin.

The answer varies depending on your interpretation of Nightmare herself.

Some think she is some outside entity, either alien or demon or something of the sort, that overtook Luna during a moment of weakness. If that is the case should she be shunted into her own body she would likely be anything from whatever creature she was to the various kinds of pony and would be regarded as whatever Luna and Celestia chose to designate her assuming they don't destroy her. Admittedly, she wouldn't really be Nightmare Moon in this state because at least some of Luna's personality influenced their actions as a joined being.

I, myself, and others tend to believe Nightmare Moon to be more or less the darker aspects of Luna. Perhaps her more primal almost titanic nature versus Luna's normal, modern self.(godly and reserved self (Luna) versus passionate titan (Nightmare Moon)). If they were to be collected and formed into their own pony it would probably be best to regard them as twin sisters. Admittedly, in this case, if that were to happen some aspects of Luna would change because parts of Nightmare are present in even normal Luna's behavior and we have the potential problems of any entity that is entirely positive or negative and its effects on the world to ponder in this case.

In a way, I think of Nightmare Moon as a darker sister. Not necessarily evil, but more misunderstood. And REALLY jealous.

Just read Equestria's Crazies the author did a great job making NNM and Molestia into actuall beings. I would link the story but I'm doing this on my IPod and I have no idea how to do that with it. Sorry Charlie.

I'd imagine she's similar to the Hulk. The worst aspects of Luna's psyche unleashed.

She is the manifestation of Luna's darker aspects like Mr Hyde to Dr Jekyll. Lauren Faust believes she actually somesort of demonic parasite and not actually Luna herself.

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an alter ego like the girl in deadman wonderland.



Make sense,sir.

I dont really see Nightmare as evil. more misunderstood, maybe. but that's just me. I mean, Luna just wanted the love of her subjects, made the wrong choice, and tried to attack Celestia. For some reason, I just dont see her as evil. if she was real, I think she would be a good sister to Luna, I think. her more passionate, outspoken side

In my eyes Nightmare Moon would be with a body of her own either an evil twin to Luna or some sort of sibling. I think, if Luna would be able to work with Nightmare Moon, she would have a passionate, loved relationship.

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