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Nothing is impossible, not if you can imagine it.

There is some stories where both universes of Futurama And My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic have truly joined together. These stories I find quite fueling for the imagination, thus may inspire you to write your own crazy Futurama crossovers.

Recently a fan fiction Pony Express by ocalhoun where MLP FIM is in the same universe as Futurama. So with that very concept, a lot of crazy adventures such as multiverse travel and other stuff could happen.

My Little Professor: Farnsworth's an Idiot another good universe collision by Freeze.

I have myself did a few (A LOT) Futurama fan fiction. Three of which I will mention here in this thread.

Warning: all are Mature Rated below.

Gentlerama while I'll admit the story isn't great, but I still think it's good fuel for the imagination. It's a parody of Gentleman For Mares by Demon Eyes Laharl.

Pony Parabox where Pinkie Pie jumps out from one of Farnsworth's paraboxes to annoy him.

And finally.

Ambassador Zapp Brannigan where Zapp has the job to introduce Equis into the intergalactic community.

1158578 I've been meaning to read Gentlerama and Ambassador Zapp Brannigan

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Thanks. I hope you like them and they give you good fuel for your imagination.

I'm a little slow on the news of Futurama. I remember you saying that the show was ending or being cancelled, but I forget exactly WHY.

Is it because FOX or Comedy Central or whoever owns the damn show now is cancelling it again to somehow make it even more popular? Is it low on funding for some stupid reason? Or are they just cancelling it because they are running out of episode ideas and jokes? I doubt the third one, I mean, look at how long the Simpsons has been running.


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I'm a Nerdligner, so I think it's the ratings. Not enough people are watching the new episodes. If Futurama was online that could change.

Futurama is too good for this world.

Perhaps Futurama making a stand in defiance to other adult cartoons show was best? Unfortunately that means we get cancelled. Because most people don't like cartoons and science fiction.

Okay, thanks.

Why can't we all just love Futurama? It's amazing!

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I know, it sucks.

About a million or so only watch the new Futurama every time it airs in the USA. I bet it's ratings would sky rocket if the whole world could watch it and add to the ratings.

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