• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 41

“Well?” Commander Blackwing asked as he approached. Ponies gave him room despite how crowdedness of the hospital waiting room. “How’s the prisoner’s condition?”

Aurora stood up from her seat and saluted. Moving still hurt and her body felt stiff, but a healing potion had repaired a majority of the damage. They weren’t an instant cure-all and they couldn’t afford to waste any more on her. The doctors removed the bullet with little trouble and promised she’d make a full recovery soon. "Stable. She received a nasty head blow but is fine otherwise. She was lucky the damage wasn't more serious."

Commander Blackwing paced. “And containment? How the bloody heck will we contain her? She’s more powerful than a tank!”

"There's no chance of escape, sir," Aurora replied, "we’re keeping her sedated until we have a prison cell that can hold her.” The mare's punching power was incredible. They needed a thick solid steel cell if they stood a chance of keeping her. Difficult to construct in a cloud city. Best keep her sedated for the time being.

“Good, make sure she says that way.” Blackwing’s face twisted into a grimace. “She and her compatriot have caused enough damage.”

The hospital's overstuffed occupants were proof enough. Break’s insane comrade destroyed a third of New Cloudsdale and both of the city's hospitals were filled to capacity fighting to handle the injured. Fifty ponies were dead and hundreds injured. It was a disaster of epic proportions.

Skyway, you will pay dearly for this.

“Keep me informed of the prisoner’s condition.” Blackwing adjusted his cap after a nurse bumped into him. He gave the commander a chagrined smile, but Blackwing only nodded letting him pass. “We’ll secure her for questioning. We have many questions that need answering.”

Aurora’s report detailed everything Break told her and their mission to destroy the skull, but several other facts didn’t add up. Like why Skyway attacked the city if his only mission was destroying the skull? Why the attempt on his own accomplice’s life? Were they acting alone or were they under orders? These questions demanded answers and she’d get them. Then they’d hunt the bastards that caused so much senseless pegasi deaths.

“And the mare, Break?” Aurora asked. “What will happen to her?”

Blackwing put his hooves behind his back. “She will become a useful test subject. Test Tubes has been on my flank about examining her. She’s an odd specimen.”

“You won’t dissect her?”

Blackwing laughed. “We have the technology that such crude methods are unnecessary especially when a mere blood test will suffice.” The commander left for his other duties. The entire city was still in chaos.

For whatever reason she didn't understand, Aurora didn't want the mare dead. Break had pushed her to safety instead of saving herself which puzzled her. It was a jarring contrast to her insane, bloodthirsty partner. Why were they together anyway? Break appeared to be a gentle filly with no desire to hurt anypony. The Enclave would get its answers. In the meantime, she’d review the security footage seeing if it provided any answers. It would keep her away from Test Tube and his prying questions and examinations about her new powers.

As Aurora walked through town, she grimaced its devastated state. The attack had annihilated many cloud houses. Many pegasi wore haunted looks their homes or livelihoods stolen away from them in a flash. Foals cried over losing their foalhood homes. Yet, ponies worked hard to regain some normalcy and already working on rebuilding the damage. Civilian ponies worked together in groups accessing the damage and ponies littered the streets cleaning up debris. Ponies with brooms cleaned up glass and trash making it easier for builder ponies. Clouds were being brought in to fix cloud structures. Pegasi had already rebuilt several streets. The noncloud structures wouldn’t be as easy taking many bits to fix. She wanted to help, but her injuries made that difficult. Still, she’d find some ways to help despite the doctor’s orders to stay off her hooves.

“I’m home!” Aurora said as she entered her house. Thankfully, it was undamaged by the attack.

“Good!” Weather Report, her wife, pushed some hot pan into Aurora’s hooves. She used her stand to stabilize the weight. “I need some help with getting these hot dishes to the community center. They’re having a potluck to help feed the volunteers. I’m making my famous cauliflower casserole. I’ve been slaving over the oven all day. An army can’t move on an empty stomach!”

Weather got a better look at her special somepony and gasped. “What happened?!”

Aurora laughed. “I’m fine. Only a little beat up from work. I’ll be glad to help.”

The words helped, but Weather still gave her a look of concern. “If you’re sure. Terrible business. Clear tells me it was a terrorist attack from some earth pony surfacers! She swears to me she saw an actual earth pony last night! Here on a cloud city!”

“No, she was mistaken.” Aurora didn’t want other ponies knowing about Break. It would take some doing convincing civilians they hadn’t seen the dirt pony. “It was a terrorist attack, but the details are still sketchy. They should release an official statement soon.”

Her words placated her wife. She hated lying to Weather, but that was the nature of working for the Enclave.

“Well, okay.” Weather took the hot dish from Aurora’s hooves. “You’re hurt so I can’t have you carrying around such a heavy thing. I know you will protest, so take this instead.” She gave Aurora a bag of chips and plastic cups. “Much better. Now you can keep busy and not strain yourself.”

A smile broke out on Aurora’s muzzle. “Sure. Let’s get this stuff to the community center. I’m starving. I hope Clear brought her potato salad. I’d kill for a plate of some.”


Bloodgood looked up and squinted, unable to believe his eyes. Above him stood a real cloud city. Several portions of destroyed cloud cover revealed the blue sky above. It wasn't much, only blue splotches, but still noticeable among the gray dullness. He’d heard stories, sure, but it was something else seeing one in real life. Strange, he’d picture it’d be prettier and not some gray blob. He expected rainbows at least. Debris littered the empty sandy plain. Some appeared still useable to his eye. Did it fall from the sky somehow? He saw pegasi flying around fixing the cloud structure bring in new clouds to repair the damage. How the heck did that happen?

“Amazing.” Murder Machine said. “I’m sure I’ve passed this area a million times and never noticed it.”

Bloodgood snorted. “Those stuck up pegasi think they’re better than us and not worth even showing themselves to.” It was their fault that the world was so screwed up. They had almost limitless power and technology and they did swat to help the surface ponies. He swore he’d make them pay, somehow. His new power made him something beyond normal ponies. The problem was getting here.

A black shape formed among the blue sky and his heart raced when he realized what it was. “Hide!” He didn’t have to speak twice and Murder Machine was already running for cover. They hide behind a rock as a skyship flew towards the ground. Three pegasi exited it.

“Think there’s something is salvable here?” One asked surveying the wreckage.

“That’s the commander’s hope.” The second replied. “He wants to save anything we can. Besides, he wanted it all removed so the surfacers notice nothing amiss.”

“Everything?” The first said incredulously. “It will take hours.”

“Which will take longer if you don’t stop whining about it.” The third added. “We can’t leave any hint that our city is here. We can’t give the surfacers any ideas. Keep your weapons ready. We’re in the middle of nowhere, but we can’t take any chances.”

“Yes, I know.” The first moved over a destroyed couch and struggled to lift it onto his back. The three began working putting anything savable in one pile while putting junk into another for destruction and removal.

“Hey, this is our chance!” Murder Machine grinned.

Bloodgood wasn't so sure. If they stole the skyship, they'd be in a city they couldn't walk on. They also faced hundreds of pegasi. Stand or not, their enemy outnumbered and outgunned them. The strange stallion's words echoed through his ears. The strange stallion had told them this would be the best opportunity to kill her. She'd be vulnerable and easy pickings. But, how could they possibly take advantage of it? They’d dare not waste this chance.

He wouldn't have told me if success wasn't possible. He reminded himself of all the friends that died because of that accused mare. That mare risked the entire world. He couldn’t back down. Was it possible they had places a pair of earth ponies could walk on? Whatever chaos happening above would provide a perfect cover.

Here goes nothing. “Cover me.” Bloodgood moved and activated his stand ignoring the total insanity of his next actions.

“Raiders!” The third stallion said pointing when Bloodgood left cover. He pulled his laser rifle free. The others repeated the action with practiced efficiency.

The first pointed towards his head and fired, and his eyes widened in surprise when his gun jammed. No matter what he tried, it refused to fire. The other two aimed towards Murder Machine who dove for cover. The first threw his useless weapon away and pulled out a combat knife wielding it with obvious skill. Bloodgood kept moving summoning his stand behind him. His stand, Goodbye Stranger, was a green pony-like figure with thick black veins over its body. Its body had sharp angles and a blank face with no eyes or mouth.

The pegasus aimed at his heart with frightening accuracy, only to take a wrong step on a rock twisting his leg collapsing inches from his opponent. Bloodgood smirked and pounded the stallion to death with his stand. His fellows watched with equal parts horror and confusion. They turned their weapons on him, only for Murder Machine to attack them from behind with a pistol. They scrambled to correct their mistake, but somehow they got into each other’s way and Murder Machine ended them each with a shot to the temple.

"Gotta say, Bloodgood, your stand is mighty impressive." Murder Machine put his weapon away. "My stand is downright stupid in comparison."

"Don't say that I'm sure it'll have its uses," Bloodgood replied. His friend's power was an odd one, but he was positive it would be powerful and useful if used creatively. He hoped.

“Whatever you say.” Murder Machine a little glum. He walked towards the skyship. “Any idea how to fly this thing? I can’t make heads or tails of it.”

Bloodgood entered the machine and examined the multitude of controls and buttons. The sheer amount boggled the mind making his head spin. Still, if he got it airborne, he was reasonably sure they'd be set. He searched for a manual but came up empty. Even digging into the seats produced no results. He sighed knowing it forced them to do this insanity the hard way.

“Let’s just try buttons until we get it right.” He sat in the pilot’s seat.


“No.” Bloodgood gapped not believing his eyes. The true sky was beyond his wildest dreams. Even Bloodgood, who barely cared about anything, was awestruck by the sight. He’d ever seen anything so blue and clear in his life. And the sun was amazing. Its light was warm and bright burning brighter than any lightbulb.

“The pegs hog this all to themselves?” Murder Machine said amongst the silence.

“So it would seem.” Bloodgood gritted his teeth. The pegasi stole all this beauty and purity for themselves and expect everypony wallow around in the mud? A thousand curses to the self-righteous bastards and their cloud cover. Do they expect everypony else to live in grayness forever? It wasn’t right.

Yet, what can I do? I’m only one pony. Powers or not. He’d change this somehow.

"Oh, ponyfeathers!" Murder Machine said interrupting his dark thoughts. "They're calling us. What do we do?"

They could blast us out of the sky with no issue. He scanned the skycity and remarkably finding sections not make of cloud. Black Cat was there somewhere. But how do we get there?

From the sight of the city’s defensive guns, he doubted he’d get very far. They only option was to bluff and hope they bought it.

“Answer it.”

“What?” Murder Machine gave him an incredulous look.

"Do it," Bloodgood replied, "it's our only chance."

“All right.” Murder Machine scrabbled with the controls before finding the button that activated the comms.

“About time, is everything all right?” The voice over the comm said. “You’re back several hours early.”

"Yeah, uh, several raiders attacked us." Bloodgood did his best impression of one the pesagi he'd killed. "Got injured. We need to land."

“Land at platform 4. We’ll get a response team ready. Injuries?”

"Nothing too serious. One received a shot in the left leg, and the other has some serious bruises from a baseball bat, but nothing some potions can't handle."

He cursed his lack of medical knowledge and prayed to any celestial being out in the heavens the pony on the other end would buy this.

“Copy. A medical team will be ready.” They sighed in relief.

“Any idea where Platform 4 is?” Murder Machine asked.

Bloodgood laughed in merriment. “Does it matter? We’re in!”

The city bustled with activity when they entered the parameter wall. It appeared some considerable damage happened to the city. It was obvious the Black Cat was responsible somehow. Was it because of her stand power? A frightening prospect if true.

Pegasi cried out in surprise as their vehicle barreled through town for Bloodgood’s control wasn’t very good. He had no clue how he’d land the thing.

“Brace yourself, this might get bumpy.” Bloodgood steered towards the nearest empty landing spot. Ponies fled realizing their ship was out of control. The comm flashed demanding attention, but he ignored it. His teeth rattled as they impacted the pavement. His seatbelt prevented him from slamming his head.

“Are you okay?” Bloodgood released his harness and checked on his friend.

Murder Machine winced but nodded. “I’m fine, I guess.”

"We better become scarce before somepony investigates." Bloodgood's heart raced as the door had trouble opening damaged from the crash. He used his stand to pry it open without issue.

“Hide!” They jumped behind some crates as some pegasi flew down to investigate.

“What the hay happened?” The first pegasi peered into the skycar. “It’s empty?”

Another pegasi touched his helmet. “No, I don’t see them. No sign of the injured ponies.”

“What’s going on?” The first said. “The skycar can’t fly itself.”

“I have a bad feeling about this.” The soldier said. “Spread out. Search for anything out of the ordinary. Keep in constant contact. I fear some raiders snuck into the city.” The other soldier saluted and spread out guns ready.

"Oh, ponyfeathers." Bloodgood didn't want to fight an entire army. Murder Machine nodded and they crouched down trying to keep out of sight. Hiding was their best chance to survive.

Why did I come here again? What was I thinking?! Still, they’d made it this far and he refused to give up. The Black Cat was here somewhere and he’d find her.

They jumped into a trash bin as a soldier flew by and his heart raced as she searched the parameter. He cursed as she investigated every nook and cranny and she came their way. It wouldn’t take long for her to find them. He considered killing her. It would be simplicity itself, but they would tip them off there were dangerous intruders. Best remain unseen. The beating of his heart became harder when she walked closer towards them. They needed a distraction, but what? He mentally slapped his head. He’d forgotten about Goodbye Stranger.

Bloodgood summoned his stand stretching it out the farthest it could manage. It got weaker the further it got away from him until it disappeared. Murder Machine tapped him pointing at the mare worried about discovery at any moment. The soldier was only hooves away. Bloodgood used Goodbye Stranger and grabbed a nearby rock. The rock knocked over a trash can in another alley. The mare perked up turning to investigate. They fled the bin looking for a better hiding spot.

“Down this way!” Bloodgood led his friend into another alley and they went flat first against a wall as another pegasi passed overhead.

The noncloud part of the city wasn’t very large. It would be only a matter of time until somepony discovered them. Ponies were dead. He doubted they would relent until they solved the mystery. They needed to find the Black Cat and fast, but how? There were fifteen buildings to search. Should they try a random building and hope they guessed correctly?

No, think. What looks like the best building to find her? The strange stallion had said she was being held captive by the Enclave. For reasons he didn’t understand, they hadn’t killed her despite the insane amount of destruction she caused. A test subject maybe? She cursed the strange stallion for not being more specific on where to find her.

"Hide!" Murder Machine pushed him into an open door just avoiding the gaze of another enclave guard. They were in a bland office in one of the airship hangers. He guessed his friend must have picked the lock.

“We can’t keep doing this.” Murder Machine said trying to calm his beating heart.

“I know.” This whole mission seemed hopeless. He’d screwed the pooch this time. Fear and panic filled him. He didn’t want to die. Murder Machine put a comforting hoof on his arm.

“We can do this, dude.” He gave Bloodgood a small smile. “I have an idea.” He approached a nearby terminal and tapped at the keys. Moments later, he beamed with excitement. “Perfect, the system has a basic map of the compound. Look.”

Bloodgood scanned the screen. The noncloud part of the city contained mostly warehouses for storage for items that couldn’t stand on clouds. How this made sense, he didn’t know, but pegasi are weird. One building caught this eye, one dedicated to mainland research called the Wasteland Research Department.

“What do you think?” Bloodgood showed the building in question.

Murder Machine beamed with excitement. “I think we got a hit.”