• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 38

Break used her PipBuck’s Eyes Forward Sparkle to check if the coast was clear as she snuck through the Stable’s corridors. It was late at night and everypony was fast asleep. She looked around hoping an enemy stand wasn’t watching her. A guard stood at the entrance bored but alert. This pony had a military bearing and wore his mane in a short-cropped cut. From his wings, Break gathered he was one of Wind Whisper’s deserters. He sat there leading on an energy rifle and his stand was nowhere in sight.

Break bit her lip and considered her options. She needed to get outside and check up on Scavenger and Ray. She didn’t even know if they’d arrived safely. It was safe to assume the Knights hadn’t discovered them yet because it would have caused a ruckus. They’d question why her friend Scavenger was following her for sure. Still, it would look bad if somepony caught her sneaking out. Crawling along the ceiling with Good Times Bad Times was a possibility, but this pegasus was a trained soldier probably used to identifying threats from the air. Unfortunately, she saw no other way past him. Break steeled her resolve and used her power to stick to the ceiling. She crawled along it making as little noise as possible. She approached the vault door and crawled along the gear-like shape. The stallion watched the entryway bored not noticing the pony right above him. A sudden voice broke her concentration and she clung to the gear part of the door almost falling to the floor.

“Hello, Skyway.” Wind Whistler said. “Long night?”

Skyway nodded. “Captain. I don’t mind. Vigilance is necessary. I fear the Enclave will attack at any second.”

“Calm yourself, my friend.” Wind Whistler replied. “They don’t know where we are.”

“Small comfort.” Skyway snorted. “They’re still hunting us. The Enclave doesn’t tolerate deserters. And you stole a little treasure they want back.”


“That’s why I have you here to protect us.” Wind Whistler laughed. “It doesn’t matter. We’re close, I can feel it. Soon, not even the Enclave will have the power to threaten us.”

“Glory to Celestia.” Skyway gave a rare smile.

“Glory to Celestia.” Wind Whistler repeated.

“I have a mission for you.” Wind Whistler said. “I want you to take our new recruit, Break Point.”

Break almost lost her perch again at the unexpected mention of her name.

“The Black Cat?” Skyway raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t she a little, green?”

“She can take care of herself.” Wind Whistler replied. “I want to see what she’s truly capable of. I have a good feeling about her.”

“Okay. Where to then?”

“New Cloudsdale.” Wind Whistler gave a sharkish grin. “The Order of the Founders and Patriots of Equestria.”

This news made her lose her gripping and fell several hooves before catching herself with her powers returning to the ceiling. Break sighed in relief. She’d almost landed on top of them.

“A little birdy of mine told me they have procured an ancient artifact that might interest us.”

“Very well. Why bring the Black Cat?”

Wind Whistler’s smile became cruel. “Because of her reputation for destruction. That gift of hers will bring a little retribution.”

“Okay, but she’s an earthbound pony, have you whipped up a spell or potion for the job?

“No need, her stand power makes it perfect for the job.” Wind Whistler replied. “She will have no problem aiding you up there.”

What, I don’t recall giving him my stand’s power. Did the cult leader’s stand give him the power to learn other pony’s powers?

“Leave as soon as possible?”

Wind Whistler nodded. “Yes, I don’t want the Enclave to know how truly valuable the artifact is.”

Skyway saluted. “Yes, sir.”

“Some things never change.” Wind Whistler rolled his eyes but smiled.

Scavenger and Ray need to know about this. Break used their conversation to slip past them and slipped outside. This news changed everything and she couldn’t disappear without telling her allies. Her head spun at the prospect of invading New Cloudsdale. It seemed like an insane prospect. The Enclave had the most powerful military remaining in the world. Still, if they had a dangerous artifact, an aggressive and dangerous group like them couldn’t have it for everypony’s sake.


Scavenger tensed as he saw somepony exiting the cave. He feared exposure at any moment not knowing what deadly powers the enemy had. They stood well out of sight so pegasi couldn’t spot them from the sky. He relaxed as Break emerged and saw her expression was urgent. Ray watched with interest with his characteristic silence. They had a tense alliance, but Scavenger like Ray well enough. The Cosas was competent and level-headed.

“H-how was it?” Scavenger asked. He worried all day after Break had disappeared for hours. He shouldn’t have worried. Break was no different from how he left her.

“Well…” Break explained everything she’d seen. It shocked Scavenger to learn about the Stable and how his Green Mile willingly joined this evil group.

“Green.” The news filled Scavenger’s heart with torment. He’d suspected she might do something drastic, but becoming like that was unimaginable. Why had he come all this way? Would Green Mile even want to see him again? Or would he become an obstacle to her insane goal? He leaned against a rock all the strength drained out of him.

“I’ll get her back.” Break said with passion and he hoped it was true. But he feared the Green Mile he knew was lost for good. Ray stern face showed a hint of sympathy in it. Despite not being very expressive, he had more depth than a pony might expect.

“S-s-s-so h-how many a-are we talking a-about here?” Scavenger asked finally. They needed to stop this group. Their powers were a threat to everypony in the world.

“I would say about forty.” Break replied. “But that isn’t including pony on assignment.”

“Hmm.” Ray said taking this alarming news in. It was worse than Scavenger had expected.

“Well, I s-suppose that we c-could turn the S-Stable against them,” Scavanger said deep in thought, “y-you said the place once flooded with water?”

“Yeah, unstable water talisman.” Break replied. “I am not sure how we could destroy it easily. They repaired it well and ponies created Stables to withstand Megaspells.”

“We’ll work on the problem later,” Ray said, “will you go on the assignment their leader wants you on?”

Scavenger started. The situation with Green Mile had distracted him and he eyed his friend with worry. “Y-you can’t go. It’s i-insane!”

“I’ll be fine.” Break replied with more confidence than he’d expected. He supposed it wasn’t her first rodeo.

Scavenger rubbed at his face. “W-what do you want us to do in the m-meantime?”

An idea struck Scavenger. “H-how about if I join the K-knights of the H-heaven?”

Break tensed. “I don’t know.”

“If y-you’re gone, s-somepony needs to h-hold the fort.” Scavenger replied. “I-I can talk with Green.”

“And, we work on a plan to steal the bone,” Ray said.

“Not without me, right?” Break replied. Ray nodded and Break let go of her tension.

“Won’t that leave Ray out here all by himself?” Break rubbed at her chin. “And you can’t sneak out as easily as I can. I doubt you could easily convince them he should join on your word alone.” Her voice trailed off.

“We’ll work it out,” Ray replied, “don’t worry, we won’t act without you.”

“Well, I-I can’t just walk up t-to the front d-door.” Scavenger worked out his plan as he talked. “H-how about I move to the nearby town a-and casually u-use my p-powers.”

“Makes sense.” Break said. “I’m sure they have some ponies over there to get supplies.”

“You best get back.” Ray gestured to the secret entrance. “You will need your rest. You have a tough battle ahead.”

“W-well work out the details.” Scavenger promised. Break didn’t like it, but nodded and after a wave, crept back to the stable.

I hope she’ll be okay. Who knew what obstacles she’d fight against in New Cloudsdale. Going again a powerful military force even with stands seemed insane.

Much to Scavenger’s surprise, Ray put a comforting hoof on his shoulder. “She’ll make it. She’s a strong one.”

Scavenger didn’t reply only nodding. He made a prayer to both princesses.


“You want me to what?” Break asked feigning surprise. She did a decent job if she said so herself and enjoyed pulling a fast one on the cult leader.

Wind Whistler nodded. “I need you to infiltrate New Cloudsdale with Brother Skyway. This is a mission of vital import. We can’t allow the Enclave to study the artifact. They would do terrible things with it.”

Break gave a weary sigh. “How? Aren’t their building made of clouds? I’m an earth pony.”

Wind Whistler’s eyes twinkled. “How indeed, Sister Break Point? I’ll let Brother Skyway explain.”

“Thank you, sir,” Skyway said. “It’s true that the buildings are on clouds, but not everything. The facility we’re infiltrating is made completely of metal for extra security. Regular cloud building won’t have sufficed.”

He explained that in the latter stages of the war, pegasi installed buildings made of a special metal that could sit on clouds. Created to counter zebra flying machines and provided extra fortification. The stuff was strong too tougher than even reinforced steel.

“Hold on, and you want the two of us to infiltrate a heavily protected military base?” Break scrunched her nose. “Even with stands, that seems difficult.”

Skyway’s face shining with mischievousness. “True, they will be heavily fortified, but they won’t see us coming and I’ve been to this building before. I can get us in.”

“Okay, but why me?” Break asked. “I’m new here and shouldn’t you be asking another pegasus instead?”

“Not so.” Wind Whistler looked at Break with glowing admiration. “I’ve heard of your many exploits, Black Cat. Facing impossible situations is your specialty.”

“Yeah yeah.” Break made a face.

“And I believe your talent in controlling gravity will prove vital in this operation.”

Break stared in stunned surprise. It wasn’t hard to fake considering she hadn’t expected for him to blurt out the truth like that. She expected him to ask about her stand power first.

“How do you know that?” Break asked wide-eyed.

“The Goddess Celestia tells much to his chosen disciple.” Wind Whistler replied giving a complete non-answer to Break’s annoyance. What else did he know? What if the cult leader knew he couldn’t quite trust her?

“I see.” Break gave an awkward smile. “I must warn you. I can’t use my power forever, if I lose my concentration, I fall.” She winced hating to reveal even that much about her power. Sure, it wasn’t an unexpected reveal, but it still stung.

“Don’t worry!” Wind Whistler clapped his hooves together. “Skyway will watch your back.”

“That’s reassuring.” It wasn’t but Break kept her mouth shut. “What’s Skyway’s power then? The mission might depend on that information.”

Give me something. If this guy turns on me, I want to know what I’m up against. Break wasn’t sure why, but she had a bad feeling about this mission. She needed all the information she could get. Wind Whistler gave his former army buddy a look and Skyway shrugged.

“I call it Candy-O.” He extended a hoof and Break blinked as mushrooms grew from his front leg. They were tiny things with brown flat bulbous heads sprinkled with tiny white spots.

“Your power is to grow mushrooms?” Break asked baffled.

“Yes, they grow fast too,” Skyway replied, “they’re also bioluminescent.”

“Okay.” Break wondered why anyone would have such a power. Great for lighting caves she supposed, but not much else.

“They’re poisonous too.” Skyway expression became scary and deadly. “When they explode, they shoot out spores that infest anything touch. Breathe them in, and you’ll be dead in minutes as they grow in your throat and lungs. Within hours, the mushrooms will have completely devoured a person.”

Break forced a smile taking several steps away from the stallion. “Good to know.”

“You have nothing to fear,” Skyway said trying to placate her, “I’m very careful with my powers. I won’t let them infect you. Follow my lead, and you will be fine.”

“Sure.” Break didn’t feel better, but at least he took his power seriously.

“Good to hear!” Wind Whistler said. “Any more questions?”

“Several actually.” Break replied. “How far is New Cloudsdale, anyway?”

“About twenty miles away.” Wind Whistler pulled out a map and pointed at a point marked with an X. It was in the middle of nowhere. “I’ve already let up a ride for you. A caravan will take you there.”

“And we leave?”

“In an hour. I’m sorry it's short notice, but the caravan owner was insistent to stick to his timetable.” Skyway crossed his legs.

“That will work.” It would give Break time to tell her cousin goodbye. She’d hoped to spend more time with her, but Scavenger would watch over her. She hoped he’d talk some sense into her.


Break looked up, but no matter how hard she squinted she couldn’t see anything. The gray haze of night hid much. The cloud cover was too thick for even shapes to show up. She’d expected to see some light at least, but the cover blocked everything. They stood in an empty sandpit, more or less. The ride here had been easy enough. Sure some raiders attacked their caravan, but Break’s stand made quick work of them. Skyway had been more hesitant to use his power sticking to the laser rifle strapped to his back instead. It was a nasty weapon disintegrating the poor raiders with a single shot and the stallion used it with skill. Break fought back her fear of facing such a weapon. Good Times Bad Times couldn’t block it.

“Will they see our approach?” Break asked tensed. She didn’t know what military might the Enclave might throw at them for intruding. Nothing good she expected.

“From this distance, no,” Skyway replied, “they have guards stationed everywhere to keep the masses in check. I know where we might find some blind spots. They won’t be too attentive. Remember, the surfacers have no way to reach the city, and they crush any rebellion with an iron grip. They won’t be expecting an invasion from below. Don’t assume they’ll be sleeping on the job though and they will strike with ruthless efficiency if they discover us.”

Break nodded. “Do you want me to ride on your back or fly up with you?”

Skyway bent down. “I’ll carry you for now. I don’t want you to waste your strength. Besides, I already have the best penetration point planned.”

Break did as instructed and they flew into the air. The pegasus held her weight without issue his military training giving him more than enough strength to handle the job. Good Times Bad Times stood at the ready prepared for anything. The cloud cover appeared like a grey sea before her terrible and ugly. As they emerged from it, everything changed. She gasped as she saw the black sky for the first time. It took her breath away. It wasn’t like the cloud cover all gray dullness, instead it was pure black and blacker than she’d ever seen. Little pinpricks of light scattered throughout it randomly but beautiful. The stories didn’t give it justice. A surge of anger went through her. It angered her the pegasi hogged this all to themselves. Somepony needed a long chat to them about this.

“Pretty, right?” Skyway beamed at her. He allowed her plenty of time to gaze upon the new alien sight before her. After several minutes, she stopped hovering in the air and flew north.

“Is that New Cloudsdale?” Break asked peering at the black blob before them.

“It is.”

It wasn’t what she expected at all. She dreamed the city to be a fairyland of rainbows and color with white fluffy clouds. Instead, it was a drab place with tall, gray buildings with a giant wall around it. Spotlights stood at the corners of the wall. Some ponies flew about, but they had solemn expressions. Light flying crafts flew above their visages cold and harsh and had nasty weapons attached to them. It appeared to her more like a prison than a city. She told Skyway her observations and he laughed.

“That’s the Enclave for you.” He replied. “Color would be against regulations.”

A stab of pity struck Break. The pegasi didn’t have it all that much better than the surface dwellers forced into what appeared as a military dictatorship. Skyway frowned at the conditions none too happy either. She couldn’t imagine grouping up in such conditions. They landed next to the parameter of an outer wall. Bizarrely made of clouds yet looked as tough as steel.

“Can we break it though?” Break asked. “I take it we aren’t entering from above out of fear of being spotted?”

“Yes, they closely monitor all traffic.” Skyway made a brittle smile. “Can’t have pegasi moving around freely.”

“Are all Pegasus cities like this?”

“More or less,” Skyway replied, “the Enclave likes to keep a close eye on its citizens. Can’t have ponies think for themselves, right?”

This was a lot to take in and broke her heart, but Break shook her head. They needed to focus on the mission. Break didn’t want the Enclave to gain any more power.

“How do we breach these walls?” Break pressed her hoof against the cloud wall and found no give at all. Weren’t clouds usually like smoke? She punched it with her stand, but it had little effect.

“I don’t exactly understand the technology or magic involved, but these are reinforced cloud steel. It would take a mortar shell to even chip it.”

Which would be loud and send everypony coming. “But?”

“This is where you come in,” Skyway said, “I’m curious how your gravity powers would affect them. It’s one reason we wanted you on this mission to begin with.”

Break blinked. “I don’t understand. This wall can survive or mortar shell.”

“But it’s still made of cloud.” Skyway’s expression became mischievous. “Did you know that constant maintenance is done on these walls? The wind wears them down over time. Like anything, the elements eventually damage them.”

“And if the wind can damage them, why not gravity?” Break though about it. Gravity is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It moved the planets and stars.

“Exactly!” Skyway beamed.

“I’ll try.” She hoped nopony was behind it when she made a hole.

They flew closer towards the wall and Break put a hoof on it. She concentrated summoning Good Times Bad Times and reversed the gravity around her hoof. Much to her surprise, it created a ripple in the cloud wall. She returned gravity to normal and reversed it again. Several repetitions of this created a sizeable hole. The wall was thick, but the gravity ripples made quick work of it. It took some time, but she’d made a hole a pony could fit through. So far the coast was clear and behind the wall was a dark alley.

“Let’s go this.” They flew into the hole. Hopefully, nopony would notice the breach for some time. Break took in a breath and readied her stand for anything.