• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 36

“How is she, doctor?” Robin asked Lily’s local doctor. Break slept soundly after taking several more healing potions.

“She has several broken ribs, but otherwise she’ll be fine.” The doctor replied. “All she needs is rest.”

“That’s a relief.” Robin gathered his thoughts. “Did you find anything else strange about her?”

The doctor raised an eyebrow. “No, I don’t think so. Is there something I should worry about?”

“Maybe,” Robin said, “could you do further tests? I want to know if she’s okay.”

“I see.” The doctor gave him a knowing look. “I’ll do a deep scan. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your marefriend.”

“Thank you.” Robin winced at the implication but didn’t argue it not wanting to seem suspicious. Something gave Break her powers, and he wanted to know why. He knew she’d never use them irresponsibly, but evil ponies also had these powers. He needed information if he wanted to fight them.

Robin left the hospital letting Break rest. Ponies held their weapon in hoof grim-faced as he walked through town. They feared stray raider attacks after the raider army’s defeat. When he got home, he’d order several Cosas to help them. This whole mess would take an eternity to mop up. Still, the raiders didn’t have an organized army anymore which Robin considered a major victory.

He considered what he’d tell the boss about this incident. Cosa Nostra wouldn’t be pleased about his son’s killer still being alive, but Robin felt confident he’d sway the boss to his side. The filly had a knack for solving problems and everything she did somehow benefited them. Break had a bizarre talent for getting into scrapes. They needed her if they wanted to learn more about these Knights of Heaven.

“Lion Heart cried like a foal as we killed him.” Train Spotter said. “He is a weak loser and no match for great beings like me and Break.”

Train Spotter was again telling everypony how they defeated the bandit army singlehoovededly. Worse, he appeared to believe his own words too. Robin wanted to drag the idiot into an alley and force him to spill everything. The pony had strange powers however and it would be better for Break to infiltrate their ranks. Despite his desire to accompany her, he needed to update the boss about the situation and return Starlight home to his traitorous mother. Robin wanted to return to Primrose so he could monitor her and discover what her game was. He’d keep her betrayal a secret from even the Boss for now.

Somepony should go with Break. She might need backup. Robin knew exactly the right pony to send.

“Ray, I have a mission for you,” Robin said catching the giant stallion’s attention. His friend was reading a book as Robin entered the small camp they made outside of town. Lily didn’t have much room and didn’t trust the Cosas. Robin didn’t begrudge their distrust.

“Yes.” Ray looked up from his book. Nightingale watched the exchange with interest.

“I want you to accompany Break and help her infiltrate the Knights of Heaven,” Robin said, “she’ll need your backup. Learn what you can and report back to me.”

“You’re helping her again?” Nightingale said dumbfounded still angry about the death of Rock Guard. Robin wasn’t too happy about the stallion’s death either, but he couldn’t begrudge Break for defending herself.

“We need to learn about Train Spotter’s group,” Robin said, “we know nothing about them or their capabilities.”

Nightingale wanted to argue but reluctantly agreed. “You’re right. Their freaky powers scare me.”

“Understood.” Ray gave a brief nod. “I will follow close behind when they leave.” Despite his size, the stallion was stealthy when he wanted to be. Train Spotter was a blithering foal and won’t notice if Celestia herself dropped from the heavens right before him.

There, I’ve done my part. He knew Break would appreciate the help. He’d catch her before she left to tell her his plan.


“I can’t leave you!” Starlight hugged her again. Train Spotter rolled his eyes and tapped his hoof impatiently. He only allowed stand users to come with them. Scavenger volunteered to reveal his power so he could come along, but Break refused. She wanted to keep his abilities a secret and ordered him to follow behind with Ray instead. Robin was kind enough to offer his assistance and Break knew she could count on Ray. Scavenger reluctantly agreed. Break had no intention of traveling with that creep alone.

“It’s for the best.” Break sympathized, but his mother would cause a ruckus if he didn’t come home. Spring Rain was notorious for her whims and making ponies suffer for her amusement.

“Sides, somepony needs to keep a close eye on your mother.” Break whispered conspiratorially.

Starlight blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Your mother is up to something.” Break replied. “Robin will explain later.”

“You aren’t making this up, right?” Scavenger saw she was serious. “I see.” He stepped away from her stunned and gave a faint nod.

“Come on.” Robin pushed him away. He’s agreed to include the young stallion in their plans. What better spy than Spring Rain’s son?

Scavenger gave her a brief nod pretending sadness at her departure. He did a good job and Train Spotter bought it. The whole town of Lily came to see her departure and Break waved at them as they left. They gave her well wishes and promised to let her return any time she wished.

“I’d thought we’d never leave that dump!” Train Spotter complained again for the eighth time. “Four days stuck in that horrible town. Still, we’re on the road and it’s time for a new adventure!”

I hope they’ll be okay. A few raiders attacked the town after Lion Heart’s fall in the following days, but it seemed the wastelands would return to normal. Break turned on her radio to hear any reports about raider activity. Train Spotter had been tight-lipped about their destination leaving Break with nothing to do.

A classic Sweetie Belle tune played as she turned on her PipBuck’s radio and Break hummed along. ‘I Said I Loved You… But I Lied’ was one of her favorites.

“That was old Sweetie Belle singing the underrated classic, ‘I Said I Loved You… But I Lied’. Jolly Gee, doesn’t it just tug at your heartstrings. Isn’t love wonderful? Remember, there’s always one out there for you, don’t ya know. Everypony can find love.”

“And now, time for the news.” The Princess of the Wasteland continued. “Reports are the gosh darn raiders have been vanquished from Zinnia and their leader Lion Heart is dead. And who done it? None other than the wasteland’s greatest hero, the Black Cat!”

Break cringed. She hated being called a hero and how did anypony even learn about her involvement, anyway?

“Yah, she bust right in there and gave their leader Lion Heart a butt-kicking, don’t ya know? Yah, she’s certainly avenged Zinnia ain’t she?” The Wasteland Princess said with clear admiration. “His whole army has scattered to the winds whereabouts unknown. I’ve gotten letters worried about what the raiders might do next! Remember, this army was a thousand strong! Scary stuff! Well, I’ve gotten secret inside reports telling me the Steel Ranger have finally gotten their sorry lazy hindquarters and plan to do something about this influx of raider activities. Can’t say I’m too happy about it myself. Expect ponies in metal armor to poke their nose about and make a mess of things. Ya’ll know what they’re like. Still, if it gets rid of the raider mess, I’ll tolerate a few muddy carpets.”

The Steel Rangers? Break scowled. They were a military group obsessed with getting lost technology and weren’t too friendly to ponies outside their group. They thought of themselves superior everypony else and were a general nuance. Crazy fanatics all of them. Still, they were a powerful group. Maybe they could deal with the raider issue without causing problems for everypony else?

“In the meantime, stay vigilant with your patrols and keep your door locked at night. Don’t want any unwelcome visitors you hear? And that was the news. Next will be Sweetie Belle again singing ‘I Just Called to Say I Love You’. This is the Princess of the Wasteland signing off. Stay safe and stay smart.”

At least somepony helping with the raider problem, I guess. Break hoped Steel Rangers capable of doing good for once. How is it in a fight between Steel Rangers and raiders, I’m cheering for neither side?

She looked at Train Spotter to see his insight into this ongoing situation. He didn’t seem to care and yawned bored.

Just what I expected. She tried engaging him in conversation, but it always ended with Train Spotter talking about himself. Break gave up and walked in silence and pray to Celestia Almighty they would get to their destination soon.


“We’re here.”

Break groaned as Train Spotter pushed her awake. They’d taken a ride with a caravan and she was getting some much-needed sleep. They’d been traveling the road for days at a relentless pace and been lucky to come across somepony willing to give them a ride.

“Where are we?” Break poked her head out of the caravan wagon and frowned. She saw nothing but rock and dirt, not a town as she expected.

“Well, come on.” Train Spotter pulled her leg and she reluctantly got out.

“Is anything here?” Break whispered to the Brahmin who’d been pulling the cart.

“Sorry dear, but I’m just in the dark as you are.” The Brahmin’s right head Martha replied. “You?”

“Nope.” The other Brahmin’s head Paula said. “You sure you know where you’re going? The nearest town Aster is miles away.”

“I wish I knew.” Break sighed. She hoped Train Spotter wasn’t putting her on a wild goose chase.

“Well, good luck to you dear.” Paula embraced Break. “I hope you find your cousin.”

“Celestia bless you,” Martha added and the Brahmin and her caravan left on their separate ways. Break smiled she’d always enjoyed hanging out with Brahmins found them friendlier than most ponies. The caravan’s leader had been less friendly and didn’t even acknowledge their departure. Break watched them disappear in the distance.

“This way.” Train Spotter pointed left.

“If you say so.” Break replied and trudged after him.

They approached a collection of rocks and Train Spotter drove his hoof inside. He fiddled around for several seconds before smiling in clear satisfaction. The rocks parted revealing stairs leading deeper into the Earth.

A hidden bunker? Apprehension filled Break worried about entering another Stable. From experience, she knew those places as deathtraps. Train Spotter walked into the darkness and Break sighed and followed.

Break found herself in a dark cave lit by torches and they trotted down a long corridor to a large gear like metal door. Much to Break’s horror, the steel door led to a Stable and it was wide open. A pony greeted them as they approached.

“Hello, sister and welcome to our humble home.” The pony bowed to them.

“Yo!” Train Spotter raised a hoof in the friendliest greeting she’d ever seen from him.

“Thank you for bringing our new friend, brother Train Spotter.”

“Right.” Break gave her best-disarming smile, but it appeared more like a grimace.

“You have nothing to fear, sister.” The pony said. “My name is Wind Whistler. Welcome to our family.”

Wind Whistler was a light purple pegasi with a white mane and his cutie mark was a simple white cloud. There was something magnetic about him and made Break like him, which also put her on guard. She knew all about seemingly friendly likely ponies like him.

“Break Point.” She shook his hoof.

“Welcome. Welcome to the Knights of Heaven. Come inside, we have much to discuss.”

Break followed Wind Whistler and glanced around with some apprehension and stories of Stable horrors played back in her mind. They were death traps designed by madponies. Ponies before the apocalypse boasted them as infallible, a clear and blatant lie. Many had small almost invisible faults in the power system or the water talismans spell matrix had irreversible flaws. Stables were also the perfect gathering place for monsters. She thought it telling nopony even used one to make a town.

“Don’t worry, it’s safe, my sister.” Wind Whistler said interrupting her thoughts. “No monsters or troubles down here. You have our protection.”

Break checked her PipBuck and found no trace of magical radiation. Reactors leaked sometimes flooding the stable with silent death. “I don’t doubt you. I’ve had bad experiences with Stables.”
Wind Whistler extended a hoof and his stand appeared behind him. It was golden with wings twice the size of a normal Pegasus. It had a peaceful face a creature of pure serenity. He smiled when Break reacted to the appearance of his power.

“Ah, so you are one of the chosen.” Wind Whistler said. “Sorry to startle you, I had to make sure.”

“No problem.” Break stayed on her guard. She didn’t know what his power could do.

Wind Whistler gave her a charming smile. “Come, I will introduce you to your new brothers and sisters!”

I don’t remember saying I would join your group. Break followed anyway into a large open room. It was the Stable’s lounge full of ponies relaxing and playing games. The room was colorful and well-appointed with some of the best quality furniture she’d ever seen. Break marveled at the number of ponies finding at least thirty ponies. They smiled at her each giving a warm welcome. She gave them an awkward wave back.

“These are most of our members.” Wind Whistler said. “Though some are on assignment.”

“Uh hi.” Break gave an awkward smile guessing these ponies as stand users too. It made her uncomfortable. She scanned the room and started when she saw Green Mile.

“Break?” Green Mile stared in shock.

“Green Mile.” Break ran and gave her cousin the strongest hug possible. “I thought I’d never see you again.”

Green Mile continued to stare before tears gathered and she cried into Break’s shoulder. “I thought you were dead.”

“It’s okay, I’m here now.” Break stroked her cousin’s head.
Wind Whistler clapped his hooves together. “What a happy reunion! Join our sisters in their happiness!” The other ponies clapped along. It gave Break the creeps.

“What are you doing here?” Green Mile grabbed at Break like she’d disappear at any moment.

“Here to find you.” Break replied. “You wouldn’t believe the trouble I went through to find you!”

“You must tell me all about it!” Green Mile dragged her towards a nearby couch.

“Easy, sister.” Wind Whistler laughed. “We haven’t given her the tour yet or begun initiation.”

“Please, let me be the one to show her around!” Green Mile pleaded.

“Sure.” Wind Whistler replied.

“Initiation?” Break asked. “I’m still a little foggy exactly what your group does. Train Spotter was a little vague on that point.”

“All in due time!” Wind Whistler said not filling Break with confidence. “This way.”

Break followed Wind Whistler through the Stable. Ponies waved at her on the way. It surprised Break how many pegasi were here. Pegasi usually stayed in the clouds, though they were sometimes born among unicorn and earth pony parents. She saw at least a dozen pegasi. She followed Wind Whistler into the Overseer’s office and he motioned her to sit down. Wind Whistler sat behind the desk.

“So, I hear you came here to find your cousin?” Wind Whistler asked.

Why did I say that? She’d meant to keep that fact a secret. Break recovered and gave a weak smile. “She disappeared; I was so worried about her!”

“I am glad our sister has such a loving cousin.” Wind Whistler gave her a charming smile. “You braved the wastelands just to find her. A dangerous task even for us with special powers.”

You have no idea.

“I like that determination.” Wind Whistler continued. “It will serve the Knights of Heaven well.”

“Always glad to help.” Break replied not sure how else to respond.

“Tell me, what do you think of the state of our world?” Wind Whistler asked.

“Things are as they are?” Break replied.

“Couldn’t it be much better?”

“Yes, it not being a radiation-filled wasteland would help.”

“Exactly!” Wind Whistler replied pleased with her answer. “The world is full of crime, slavery,
death, pollution, anarchy, and monster and most of those don’t have sharp teeth.”

“Excuse me.” Break interrupted unable to help herself. “If you care about such things, why did you try to recruit Lion Heart? He was a raider!”

Wind Whistler let out a breath. “You wished to rehabilitate him. Our kind is so rare we sometimes have to work with unsavory characters.”

“For what?” Break demanded. “Many people got hurt because of him!”

“To bring salvation back to the world.”

“How? What are you talking about?”

“What if I told you, I could remake the world and make it pure?”

Break wanted to reply that was crazy, but she remembered her stand powers. She supposed anything was possible. Still, remaking the world seemed out there.

“Ah, you see the possibilities.” Wind Whistler beamed. “You too feel discontented with the world. When I was young, I was a commander in the Enclave. I lived in Cloudsdale a world free of the trouble and horrors of the Wastelands.”

The revelation caught her off guard. She’d heard stories of the Enclave’s brutality and their treatment of traitors. It was a miracle he got away with his life.

“What happened?”

“I saw a bunch of raiders kill a small filly on patrol once.” Wind Whistler looked heartbroken. “I wanted to retaliate with my ponies, but the higher-ups refused. Wasteland issues weren’t our concern. That day made me lose faith in the Enclave. I saw our potential for good, but they never listened. They were content to live in their paradise while the rest of ponykind suffered.”

“Ah, I see from your expression, you’ve had similar thoughts?” Wind Whistler gave her a quizzical look. Break hesitated and then nodded.

“Paradise.” Wind Whistler gave a derisive snort. “It’s little more than a dictatorship. Anyway, I took several of my ponies and we left to help the wasteland however I could. The Enclave is still hunting me, unfortunately. It limits our movements, but we make do.”

“I’m confused.” Break said. “How did you get stand powers? Did you always have them?”

Wind Whistler smiled and pulled something out of his desk wrapped in tattered cloth. “On my travels, came across this.”

Break peered at the item as Wind Whistler unwrapped it. It was a leg bone broken in half with a point. “What is it?”

“This, my sister.” Wind Whistler said. “Is the leg of the Goddess Celestia.”