• Published 6th Apr 2016
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Fallout Equestria: Black Cat - Rixizu

Break Point is a simple pony that just wants a simple and easy life. That is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of a powerful crime lord. Now she must fight for survival.

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Chapter 9

Robin raised an eyebrow as Spring Rain entered the Boss’s office. She had a note that was hovering next to her in a dark blue aura. She did not look pleased. The boss stood up and was about to say something when Spring Rain shoved the note right into his face. “Read.” She commanded.

The boss took a moment to compose himself at such impudence before grabbing the letter in his own purple aura and reading it. ”Mom. I have left to go adventuring. I will follow Break Point’s example and become a great hero just like her. Don’t follow me. Starburst.”

“Can you believe it? He somehow got it in his head he needs to become a ‘hero’.” Spring Rain said peeved.

“Yes, but…” The boss tried to say but was interrupted.

“It’s such a good thing I have such capable ponies to help get him back.” Spring Rain gave a nasty smile.

“What? What makes you think I would do that?” The boss said annoyed. “We have better things to do than look for some foalish boy.”

“I don’t think you really understand.” Spring Rain smile widened. “I know for a fact that the water talismans are wearing down faster than you're anticipating. It would be a disaster if they were to fail while a certain pony with a talent for cleaning water were to suddenly leave town to look for her son.” The Boss grimaced. Water talismans created pure water through magic, but they were temperamental and needed constant maintenance. If one broke you were out of luck. The knowledge to create new ones have been lost to time.

She gestured. “Who knows what could happen to such a delicate pony like her out in the bleak desolate wasteland? Think of what would happen to Primrose if it can’t have clean water anymore. Everything the Cosas have been working for would be completely ruined.”

“Er, well.” The Boss tried to say but stopped when Spring Rain suddenly got into his face. He backed up instinctively.

“You know as well as I do that I’m really the only thing that is keeping the town a float. I would strongly suggest not pissing me off.” Spring Rain glared at him. All jollity was gone. “Or things will get bad really quickly.”

The boss coughed. “Well, it just so happens that I’m sending several ponies to Foulsom Prison to check out the situation and do some missions. I doubt they would mind looking for him while on the way.”

Spring Rain relaxed and backed away from the boss. “Good. I’m glad you understand how important my son is.” She suddenly become dramatic. “I would be devastated if something were to happen to him. I would kill myself for sure!”

“That won’t happen.” The boss promised.

“Good.” Spring Rain started to leave. She suddenly stopped. “You know, I’ve been working here for some time now.” She put a hoof to her chin. ”At least ten years now, and I have been working so hard. I think I’m due for a raise. At least 20 caps more a week should do it.”

The boss started grinding his teeth. Spring Rain waved goodbye and left. Robin couldn’t help but growl as well. He detested that mare. She often acted like she owned the whole town and did as she pleased as if she were royalty. Usually her demands weren’t too bad, but sometimes she would throw them a curveball. Robin suspected that she did that just to mess with them and see what she could get away with. Earning the ire of pretty much everypony in the Cosas. Not that she actually cared. Unfortunately, her skills made her invaluable, so they were stuck with her.

The boss fell back into his chair and sighed heavily. He rubbed his head with a hoof. “Robin. Keep to the plan we made before, just make sure that damned foal gets back safely.”

Robin nodded. “Yes sir. I know just the pony to find him and a certain other pony if you so wish.” Oddly enough, the boss had been quiet about that filly. He expected the boss to order to hunt her down as soon as possible before she got too far.

The boss stayed quiet for a moment before speaking. “Yes, I want you to find her as well.” He straightened himself up and put his hooves together. “But, I want you to just shoot her and make sure she gets a proper burial.”


“She’s done a great service for us and I don’t want to be ungrateful.” The boss’s face hardened. “But I will never forgive her for what she did to my boy. However, in light of everything, I think just a bullet will be punishment enough.”

Robin nodded. “Yes, sir.”

The boss waved a hoof. “Dismissed.”

Robin left the office to the cafeteria. Before he left he needed to gather the necessary supplies and pony power. When he arrived he found Ray meditating on the floor. He opened his eyes when Robin entered the room. He waited for Robin to say something.

“We’re going on a trip.” Robin said. “I need you to get Nightingale and Rock Guard and some supplies for our journey. It should only be for about a month at most, but pack for two just in case.” Ray nodded. “We leave in the morning. I will explain the mission then.” Ray nodded again and left for the supply room.

“A new mission?” A voice asked. It was Brisk Bolt.

“Yes. I’m sure you’ve heard the reports of what happened to Foulsom Prison and who was behind it.” Robin stated.

Brisk Bolt nodded. “Yeah, crazy stuff.”

Robin agreed with that. He highly doubted that it happened the way the story was told, though he knew the Princess of the Wasteland never gave out false reports so there had to be some truth to that crazy story. Maybe the wasteland toughened her up? They say that it changes ponies.

“So you’re going after her?” Brisk Bolt asked. Robin gave a nod. Brisk Bolt paused for a moment. “Good luck.”

This surprised Robin. He expected the dolt to jump on the chance to avenge his friend. Actually he seemed different after his adventure in the sewers. The experience helped him grow up somewhat. He seemed more serious and less reckless nowadays.

“Just be careful.” Brisk Bolt warned. “That filly is a lot harder to kill than she looks.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Robin said.

It looked like Brisk Bolt wanted to say something else, but stopped himself. He waved and started to leave the room. He suddenly stopped. “What did the Boss order to do when you catch her?”

“Just to give her a quick death and give her a proper burial.” Robin replied.

“That’s good.” Brisk Bolt paused again for a few moments before saying, “I can’t forgive her for causing Steel Dagger’s and Statics's death, but I don’t hate her. She’s not a bad pony.” He left the room.

Again Robin wondered what exactly happened in the sewers to cause such in a change in him. Things looked like they might get interesting.


Break was led into the building that was centered in the middle of Forks. It was a giant casino whose neon sign told that its name was ‘The Royale'. It was a shaped like a medieval castle. Rumor has it that it was designed to look like the Castle of the Two Sisters. It consisted of three large towers. Each one had a neon sign of a different cutie mark supposedly representing Equestria’s three princesses. Break was sure in its heyday it was a magnificent building, but age and megaspells left much of the building dilapidated and giving it a spooky feel.

Break entered the spinning doors and was greeted with lights and sounds. All sorts of games and machines were being played by ponies. Ponies were playing dice or card games at tables. Some were pulling slot machines. The whole building was bustling with activity. The staff was dressed in tuxes though the serving mares were dressed in something a little more provocative. Servers carrying tray with drinks or food were coming and going through the casino. Much like the outside, the interior had a medieval theme to it. Hanging from the high ceiling was a large globe of the world surrounded by Princess Luna and Celestia and they were circling it in an eternal cycle of day and night.

The guards were actually dressed in gold metal armor. Some of it looked worn, but it was still shiny and impressive though instead of spears, the guards were holding machine guns. Break guessed that maybe it might have been the type of armor castle guards used before the war to protect the Princesses. They eyed Break with indifference.

Break was led to the second floor and it was wasn’t much different from the first one though on this floor ponies were playing mainly card games. Break was led to a door that led to a corridor. She was led down several long hallways before finally being guided to an elevator that was guarded by two ponies. The guards recognized the ponies leading Break and let them into the elevator. The dread Break was feeling increased by ten when she entered it. She knew that these ponies has nothing good in store for her. She was a little confused why they would even care about her though. She was somehow very good at making enemies.

Break entered a two mahogany doors and entered a nicely furnished office. Despite the apocalypse, this pony was able to buy the best caps had to offer and then some. Break thought that even the leader of the Cosas didn’t live in such luxury. The nice furnishing was not the thing that caught her eye about the room. It was the gigantic portrait of the pony staring at her behind a desk. Break looked at the other pictures in the room, and they too shared the same face. It was surreal and downright creepy.

This pony was a chamoisee colored earth pony mare with a sandy brown mane with a silver streak through it. She was finely dressed with a suit, but it didn’t hide her cutie mark which was a paint brush. The mare was looking at Break with indifference, but she could detect a hint of anger in her eyes. It took a moment, but Break was able to place to her name. She heard it mentioned several times by members of the Cosas. It was Tack Coat.

“This is it?” Tack Coat said with annoyance in her voice. “This is the waitress that led a slave revolt and brought them to victory?”

“It is her alright.” A voice from the pony at Tack Coat’s right said. Break took a step back when she recognized him and gaped. It was Yellow Star the missing leader of the Yellow Star slavers. “I recognize that voice from anywhere.” He had a smug grin on his face. “Did you really think you could get away with what you did?”

Break paled and the pony just laughed in response. Break looked around for any opportunity to escape. Nothing presented itself. Break was pretty sure she was doomed now. Her mind brought up horrible images of what they might do to her.

“You cost me of lot of caps. I put years into help making the Yellow Stars into what they were.” The mare said evenly. Break gulped.

“Thanks to you now, there is no way we have any chance to overthrow the Cosas!” Yellow Star yelled gritting his teeth. The mare behind the desk gave him glare, and he visibly shrunk in response.

“But, I am a fair mare.” Tack Coat explained. “You only played a part in that uprising. So I am going to offer you a deal.” She suddenly made a sharkish grin. “If you can beat my champion in the pit, You will be set free and I promise no harm will come to you while in my casino.”

Break eyes widened and she visibly slumped. They were going kill her, but they wanted to make a show of it. She didn’t know how to fight. They were going to pit her against an opponent she couldn’t possibly beat. There was no way she was going to win against a seasoned champion.

Yellow Star smiled at her clearly enjoying her feelings of hopelessness. With a wave of the boss mare’s hoof. She was shown back to the elevator with Yellow Star joining them. One of her guards pressed the button for the ground floor.

Yellow Star gave Break a toothy grin and she squirmed uncomfortably. “I’m going to enjoy seeing you being torn limb from limb. The champion is good at that.” He laughed cruelly. Break somehow turned an even whiter shade of white.

When the elevator opened, there was a corridor made of old grey stone. Break looked around as she traveled through the corridor. It appeared to be an endless maze of stone pathways. She could see doors that curiously had bars in the window. The whole area smelled of mildew. As she walked past a door, she could briefly see the sight of a haggard looking pony. A wretched smell came past the bars. Slaves, that had to be it. Break guessed they were making slaves fight in an arena for betting and amusement. It made her sick and angry, but also felt helpless. There was nothing she could do to help them.

More cells of ponies were seen as she was taken to her destination. Break could barely fight back her nervousness. She finally presented in front of another door. Through the bars she could see light but it was difficult to tell much beyond that. The door was opened and Break was roughly pushed through it. She landed onto the stone floor face first and winced in pain. She rubbed her face with a hoof.

Break looked around the cell. It was a middle sized room with nothing really in it but a pile of hay. There was a wall of bars on her right that led into a round arena with a wall that was at least twice Break’s height. Ponies were seated above it. Break could see that many of the seats were filled.

“Hello mate.” Said a pony with a strange accent Break had never heard of before. “So you’re the newest contestant.”

The pony was a brown stallion with grizzled black beard and mane. His cutie mark was that of a bear. “Not much to look at, but hey I’m sure you’ll keep the crowd entertained.”

Break made a face. She was tired of being told that. The stallion gave a wide grin. “Don’t be like that. Win 10 rounds in a row and you’re free.”

“That won’t be a problem. I only have to win one.” Break said.

“Really? And why’s that I may ask?” The grizzled stallion asked tilting his head.

“They told me if I beat the champion I would be let go.” Break said in a pessimistic voice.

The stallion laughed. “Did they now? Oh well, it was nice knowing you.” He waved a hoof.

Break was getting annoyed at the stallion’s attitude. “What is this champion like?”

“What and spoil the surprise? Never!” The stallion said with a laugh.

Break had the sudden urge to punch him in the face, but was able to restrain herself. She just slumped against a wall and waited.

“It ain’t like knowing what he is will save you.” The stallion explained. The look turned thoughtful. “I give a minute at most.”

Break decided to just ignore the stallion, but he kept on talking. “Don’t feel bad. Last five minutes and you’ll make quite a few ponies out there rich.” He laughed. “When you’re out there, try to make a show! Might as well entertain ponies before you die right?”

“I don’t want to die at all.” Break growled. She couldn’t believe this stallion’s attitude.

“We all gotta die sometime right?” He explain. “Hey, I think it might be your turn!”

Break turned towards the arena and saw a light brown unicorn with a black greasy slicked back mane and a pencil thin mustache enter a small metal booth in an area above the ring. He grabbed a microphone with his magic.

“Hello everypony.” The announcer greeted. “Sorry to keep you waiting, but I have great news! We are going to have a special fight today! I know you are going to love it!”

The audience cheered. “The famed hero of Foulsom Prison will be pitted again our undefeated champion in a battle to the death! If she wins, she will be let go and let on her merry way!”

The audience roared. Break gulped. The bars in front of her opened.

“Better get going, can’t stop the party without your right?” The unnamed stallion said waving a hoof towards the ring.

Break glared at him before giving an uncertain look at the arena. The door behind her open to reveal unfriendly looking guards with guns. One pointed at the ring fiercely and Break got the picture. She entered into the arena.

“And here she is! The hero of Foulsom Prison!” The announcer declared. The crowd erupted in laughter. Break twitched in annoyance.

“That’s it?” One pony yelled. “My grandmother is tougher!”

“That’s a hero?” Laughed another.

Some ponies started throwing garbage at her. Break growled.

“What a fearsome face! No wonder the Yellow Stars stood no chance!” A heckler yelled.

“And in this corner, our undefeated champion! Otis!” The announcer boomed to an uproarious applause.

Bars to a cell on the other side opened to reveal something that made Break go completely white. She had heard of these things. One of the most fearsome killers in the wasteland. A hellhound.

It stood on two legs and was covered in thick grey fur. Its strong burly muscles were notable amongst the fur. Its face was fierce and cruel. It’s claws were so long that they were longer than its fingers. It smiled at Break and she recoiled in fear.

It started towards Break slow and deliberate savoring her terror. Break found herself backed up against the now closed bars of the cell.

“You can tell this is going to be one bloody match! Now place your bets.” The announcer said. Ponies started place bets, only they were bets on how long she would last in the fight. Most were only 2 minutes or so. The longest was 10 minutes.

“And now…” The announcer began before Break interrupted him.

“Hold on a moment! Don’t I get a weapon or something?!” Break yelled.

“No, we believe in the purity of unhooved combat here at the Pit.” The announcer explained.

“What?!” Break cried. “That’s not…”

“Begin!” The announcer said ignoring Break’s protests completely.

Otio slowly walked towards Break drinking in her fear. Break looked back and forth trying to think if there was anything she could do. She ran to the right trying to avoid being cornered. The hellhound just watched her with his eyes. Suddenly it was on her and crashed into her like a moving locomotive. Break cried out in pain as she crashed hard into the floor. She winced and looked up. Otis was almost right on top of her grinning ear to ear. He extended a claw to her neck and carefully scratched the top of it drawing blood.

Otis was toying with her. Hellhound claws were said to cut through almost anything. It could easy slice her head off if it wanted to. He was chuckling to himself. His voice was deep and malicious. Break, in desperation, pushed with both hooves at his right claw as hard as she could towards his head. This action caught Otis completely off guard and his own claw went right into his neck. Its head severed easily and it rolled across the ring. The body collapsed moments later.

The whole arena went silent. Break blinked. “So...I guess I win?” She hazarded to say completely bewildered at what just happened. The whole audience roared in anger and flung insults at Break.

“That’s it?!”

“She just pushed him!”

“I lost 100 caps because of you!”

“I wanted blood!”


Ponies started hurling trashed at Break and she recoiled trying to avoid a Sparkle Cola bottle being thrown at her head.

“It...looks like the hero of Foulsom Prison is the winner!” The announcer reluctantly said. “Give her a round of applause!” The audience just booed and hurled more insults. The cell Break came from opened and she quickly ran into it avoiding a can to the head.

There were two guards in front of the door. They had a befuddled look on their face. The pony with the weird accent just stared at Break in amazement.

“I won.” Break said with evenly. “That means I’m free and you’ll get me go right? That was the deal.” Break pretty sure they wouldn’t, but it was worth a try.

“I-I’ll talk to the boss.” The guard on the right side and exited the cell in haste.


Tack Coat laid back in her chair hooves steepled. Thanks to the disaster at Foalsom Prison, the Stones have lost major ground and funding. Her plans of dethroning the Cosas as the big dog in the Beltneighmi area was completely derailed. The news that the old prison becoming a town under the Cosas’s hoof made it even worse greatly increasing their power and influence in the region.

Perhaps the prudent move would be to ally with the bands of raider that were joining together. Tack Coat knew that Cosas are going to take advantage and put pressure on them and eventually try and take over.”Never!” She thought.”I’ve worked too hard to be defeated now.”

She spent a few moments contemplating her problems when there was a knock on her door. “Enter.”

A sheepish mare entered the room. Tack Coat raised an eyebrow. “Well?”

“Uh, you see...the thing is…” The mare stuttered. She looked ready to bolt at any moment.

“I’m waiting.” Tack Coat tapped a hoof impatiently.

“Otis is dead.” The mare blurted out.


“Otis is dead.” The mare squeaked.

“What. I can’t be hearing you clearly.”

“I’m not sure what happened mam! He let his guard down and she killed him with his own claws.” The mare said rapidly. “The whole crowd was in an uproar!”

Tack Coat just stared in disbelief before putting her face in her hooves. “This can’t be happening.”

“We have a hundred ponies demanding their money back!” The henchpony explained

The mare jumped as the door suddenly slammed open. Tack Coat just looked up from her hooves. Yellow Star stomped in the room fuming.

“Is true? Is Otis dead at the hooves at that filly?” Tack Coat asked.

He nodded. He started stomping around the room before stopping and turning towards Tack Coat. “What are you going to do?”

Tack Coat closed her eyes and thought for a moment. “Bring her to me.”

Yellow Star grinned and nodded. He left the room in haste. The henchmare excused herself and left the room.


After waiting about ten minutes, Break was brought back to the boss’s office. Break fidgeted nervously not expecting anything good. The boss didn’t look happy, but at least she was foaming at the mouth like Yellow Star was. Break couldn’t tell if this was actually a good thing though and braced herself for whatever horrors that were undoubtedly waiting for her.

“Hello again. It seems I must congratulate you on your victory.” The boss said with a smile.

“Uh, thanks. I was worried you might be mad.” Break said not sure what say.

“Mad? No. It’s not everyday you see a mare kill a hellhound single hooved.” Tack Coat complimented. “I am a mare of my word. So you are free to go.”

Break blinked. “Really?”

“What?!” Yellow Star screamed in outrage. “You can’t do that after she…” He stopped when Tack Coat glared at him. He quickly shut up and let her continue talking.

“Oh course.” Tack Coat smiled again and it did not put Break at ease. “I would never break any promise or deal. That would be bad business.”

Break looked befuddled.”Nice meeting you?” Break ventured.

“Nice meeting you miss hero of Foulsom Prison. This ponies will escort you the way out. I will also make sure all your things are returned to you.” Tack Coat gestured to the two thugs that brought her here. “And please enjoy the casino. Have 30 chips on the house.”

“Thanks.” Break said not believing her luck.


“You’re really doing this?!” Yellow Star screamed when the little miss hero left and door closed behind her.

“Yes.” Tack Coat said evenly. “You know I don’t break my word.”

“But!” Yellow Star began before being interrupted.

“But I said that she would be safe as long as she was in my casino.” Tack Coat smiled.

“Oh, right!” Yellow Star gave a devilish grin.

“Please be quick about it.” Tack Coat said. “We have a lot to talk about.” She gave him a fierce look. “And I want that mare out of my way as soon as possible.” She never wanted to see that mare ever again. She somehow invited disaster.

Yellow Star nodded emphatically and left the room with the enthusiasm of a colt on Hearth’s Warming morning.