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  • 2 weeks
    An "I don't have livejournal anymore" sort of update.

    It snowed yesterday.

    Which just reminded me how much I don't like winter. It wasn't even a bad snow, just enough of a dusting to linger for a little bit. First one of the season. And I even had the day off from work, due to my schedule, so it's not like I had to do anything ...

    So I didn't.

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  • 4 weeks
    Happy Halloween!

    So yeah. Despite various distractions (Steam had Darkest Dungeon for UNDER FOUR BUCKS), I've managed to hammer out a ridiculously shippy conclusion to the self indulgent Rarijack story I started.

    So that's fun? I gave myself a deadline to finish things on Oct 31, so that's what I did, dangit. Hopefully you guys will enjoy.

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  • 5 weeks
    Oh hey, new story.

    So yeah, I went ahead and posted the first chapter of that terribly self indulgent fanfic I told you about. Because, well, I'm terribly self indulgent.

    I thought about finishing the whole thing and posting it on Halloween itself, buuuuut, eh. Again, self indulgent. And spacing the chapters out gets more comments and views and such. Game the system, man.

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  • 6 weeks
    Getting back into the swing of things. Maybe.

    Oh hey, I still exist. Isn't that nice?

    Things have been pleasant enough on my end-- well, except for the cold I've been battling for the last couple of days. That part's no fun. But I'm almost over it! Maybe! I think!

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  • 13 weeks
    I did not go to EFNW.

    And now that I'm seeing little snippets people are posting about it, I kind of wish I did? Which is funny, as I'd completely forgotten EFNW was even going on until folks started mentioning it. Nice to see it's still a thing, at least? And is it still the most "writerly" of the brony conventions? As to be honest, I'm slightly less inclined to look into pony-centric conventions nowadays, given

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Oh hey, I haven't blogged since April? · 1:13am August 4th

I, uh, still exist. So that's nice.

Wednesday is usually my Discord-based RPG night, see. Except the GM had a family emergency come up, and so he rightfully has gone to focus on that. Meaning I am ... well, I dunno if 'adrift' is the proper term, but hey. You get used to A Thing, and then that thing isn't there, so ... whatever.

Hence, goofing off on here? Even though I haven't written anything pony related in awhile. Or heck, I haven't had the ambition to write much of anything in awhile. Funny, that. I should probably get around to finishing From Yakyakistan, with Love at least? And heck, it looks like my schedule at work may be changing slightly so I may have slightly more time to do things? Or ... I dunno.

What creative brainpower I have is getting diverted more towards some other, non-pony stuff, for better or worse. And even then I'm in the nitty-gritty "editing" stage instead of just dreaming up dumb jokes. Which ... hm. I should write more dumb jokes. Though on the flipside, it's been ... a year or two since G4 ended, hasn't it? Which isn't to say a fandom can't continue on long after the source material ends, but I wonder if there'll be anyone left to read whatever silly shipping nonsense I come up with? Or maybe I've been playing too much Bloodborne (which I am quite bad at, I might add) so the dark and oppressive cosmic horror is getting to me, and will likely continue to do so until something bright and shiny like River City Girls 2 comes out.

... and yes, I've coined the term "River City Equestria Girls" in my head before, but I'm not quite sure what I'd do with it past "Rainbow Dash gets in a lot of fights."

On the other hand, I'm going on a long vacation at the end of the month, which includes a fair amount of travel time. And that travel time can be surprisingly useful for getting my brain working-- some of my most popular fanfics were cooked up while I was behind the wheel. It's just that, well, things being what they are, I haven't done much traveling since early 2021, so maybe the change of scenery will do me some good?

But yeah. Still hanging around here, for what it's worth. If ya feel like doing something nice, go re-read and comment on some of my stories or something, and remind me why I used to be Best at Pony(tm). Or something.

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Hm.... No

Which isn't to say a fandom can't continue on long after the source material ends, but I wonder if there'll be anyone left to read whatever silly shipping nonsense I come up with?

Hello, I'm still here. I was actually planning to drop you a line to see how that non-pony project is going; glad to hear it goes.

But yeah, should you find a spare a moment to resume being Best at Pony™, there are still plenty of folks who'd enjoy it.

I'm still here and willing to read your stuff.

Happy to hear that you continue to exist.

Hey, bro, I am still waiting for Your stories.

Obvs Dash is the black haired one, Pinkie is the red hair one. They're "rescuing" Weird Al pony and uhh whomever else I guess, can't think of any tough dudes from that universe. Vs Lightning Dust and ... I don't know... EGQ Starlight Glimmer? Clearly Abobo is white pony muscles dude. You have a bunch crime organizations you can recycle from the Flash papers, no? One of those can be the mob they deal with. Along with the evil students for whatever nonsensical reason. You got guiding senseis Bimmy and Jilly. Something along those lines.

Oh Tumbleweed! I cry. For this dying fandom. But not really. Still waiting on the end of Yakyakistan, with love. Cheers mr best at ponies.

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