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EponaFest · 2:07pm May 16th, 2022


I figured I would mention that I'll be tagging along with Equimorto to the upcoming EponaFest. If any of you are also coming and would like to meet in person, as long as it's not with the intent to punch me in the face for giving you a bad review, I'd be more than delighted to do so.

See you there, hopefully.

Report Reviewfilly · 222 views · #eponafest #con
Comments ( 3 )

MFW can't go to EponaFest due to a friendly international brawl that's been going on. :pinkiesick:

Still, good luck to you, and hope you have fun there!

Hell yeah, see you there.

Ah shit, dude. I hope we might meet elsewhere once. This too will pass.

Nice, looking forward to it!

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