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Sorry for being a worthless failure...

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    If you know what this shape is a reference to, reply with the word Yes, don't spoil it thought.

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    Remember to be the version of you that Mr. Rogers would want you to be.

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    Thomas sadly puffed along the tracks around Great Waterton, full of regret over what he had done to Stanley, and the trouble he had caused the other engines. He had made mistakes before, but they all seemed to plae in comparison to what he had done earlier that afternoon. The anger Sir Topham and the other engines had hurt him on a level it never had before. It felt as if they never wanted to

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    Yes, that is all you need.

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    Now... a quick recap for those who see this blog post, and not the other:

    I REALLY like to finish things, no matter how long it takes, and how hard it seems. Usually, things I don't finish are things that are truely impossible.

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Hello Everyone! · 7:50am Apr 1st, 2022

Hello Everyone, my name is Thomas. My driver is typing this for me, but the words are my own!

I am not sure how I ended up here, but can someone please tell me what an Equestria is?

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Comments ( 5 )

I only know what I know of when Eggman hurled me into it, but it's a place full of talking horse things.

Talking horses? I know I am a talking train, but that is just we- wait... ARE YOU A TALKING HEDGEHOG?

You bet! I'd question a talking train, but then again that's no weirder than being sucked into a world of talking books or a realm of white space where no time exists.

Yeah, I'm a living weirdness magnet.

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