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Something Special · 1:33am Feb 15th, 2022

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day and happy birthday to the collab story Something Sparkling! Yes, Captain_Cosmos and I did publish that story on February 14, 2021!

In celebration, I decided to have Autumn (my OC who appears in the story) write a valentine to her special friend and roommate, Sparkler. An OC created by Captain, Sparkler has to be Autumn's "super special somepony" even if they're only together platonically. Because Autumn really wanted a roommate for the longest time. She was perpetually lonely and hated living alone, but she couldn't get that situation to change... that is, until Sparkler came along.

Anyway, let's let Autumn speak now:

Dear Sparkler, my best friend and roommate (Can’t stop using that label, hehe):

I love you!* Let me just go ahead and start with that sentence! From your sweet, charming personality that I could notice on day 1, to your cooking that I come home to, to you being my roommate to begin with! Not to mention you’re a musician just like me, we cuddle in bed, etc.; you’re like, everything I could have asked for in a roommate.

Remember when you approached and talked to me at the tavern? Remember when you agreed to hang out with me the next day? Remember when on that next day, we worked on one of my songs in the studio and hugged for the first time? Remember when you agreed to be my roommate? My heart still warms thinking about it.

So, thank you, Sparkler. Thank you so, so much. From here, I can only see bright days ahead for me. I’m totally ready for what lies ahead. And it’s because of you.

I guess I should say it: I’m really sorry to hear about your childhood, Sparkler. It truly does boggle one’s mind how so many ponies could have such a vitriolic hatred for you, of all ponies. It especially hurts because my childhood was so peaceful in comparison to yours. It’s so unfair.

With that in mind, I hope I can get rid of the wounds by sticking by you as I try my darndest to give you a better life! Like, if there’s anything you always wanted to do in school but couldn’t because of the jerkhead students, don’t be afraid to tell me about it. If you ever need comfort, I’m here for you. Whatever your goals and dreams are in life, I want to help you achieve them!

*Ahem, yes, it is platonic love. Who knows what could happen later, but at the moment, yeah, I must say that I really just don’t feel romantically attracted to you; I can’t feel a desire to kiss you or anything. For that matter, I actually haven’t felt any romantic attraction to anypony in quite some time. Just clearing that up for everyone.

Anyway, here’s to you, Sparkler! :heart: Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

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Sparkler: Aww! That’s so sweet! Thanks for the start of the best year of my life! :pinkiehappy:

👍 You know what I think would come after that comment from Sparkler? A big hug! 👍

Looks good, very nice!

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