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Metal music, guitars, and model electric trains. Rainbow Dash is best pony!

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  • 9 weeks
    Happy Thanksgiving 2022

    Happy thanksgiving everyone. Hope everyone had a good turkey day.

    I should also say I’m probably gonna keep my mouth shut from now on. Every time I say I’m back, I leave within a few months. But every time I say I leave, I come back in a certain amount of time. It’s as if I can’t make up my mind. At all.

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  • 14 weeks
    Happy Eighth Anniversary Old Friend.

    Don’t know where I’d be without this page in a way. I wish time would just slow down for once. Eight years is too much, and I’m not looking forward to when it hits nine and ten years. 😪

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  • 18 weeks
    Long Journey

    I have to get this off my chest. I’m way too early, but this October 24th would mean that it has been officially eight years since I have been on this site. Say what?!? Eight years? Bruh, it does not feel like that long AT ALL! Wha…where have the years gone? 😰

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  • 19 weeks
    Well Then…

    Ever had that feeling you messed up on something and didn’t know it till you looked back at it? Well, in a recent story I updated I had to take down a chapter rather than thinking of what I could possibly do to restart everything. So now the story has five chapters, but I think I have a slight plan on how I can make it up. So far I have a few ideas cooking in my head on what I can possibly do,

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  • 20 weeks
    So This Happened…

    I have absolutely no idea how this happened. And I do not have the passion for writing stories anymore. I seriously don’t. However, there was just…this one idea that I had in my head for days, and I seriously had to let it out. I just had to. It’s for a story I wrote years ago, and I canceled it due to the fact I suffered terrible writersblocks. It’s a story that features Thomas & Friends. My

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Thanks! · 11:42pm Feb 3rd, 2022

For those who stood by me, thanks. I’m glad my latest story turned out…a bit better than what I expected. I will admit, it’s defiantly not one of my best, at all. I was really scared on how this will turn out, and I’m glad the majority of you enjoyed it. Even if it might be…not too good. :rainbowlaugh:

But I do hope that’s a sign that means I either have to do much better or something. Since I haven’t written a story like that in years, ya know. I had my doubts as I went along, I felt lazy at times, and I was like “Ugh! I don’t wanna write.” Or “Ugh! I don’t wanna look over it.” So there’s defiantly that.

There have also been times where I doubt the story would even work, but it wouldn’t hurt just to give it a try. But it didn’t come in until towards the end of it, and when I was reading over it. I kept thinking “Would this even be good? I doubt anyone will love it.” But I still manage to push through it, and I hope it tells you I tried. 😅

So yeah. Thank you all. So much. Even if writing stuff like this may not be for me very much, but I am glad to have you guys behind my back. :)

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It's good to know you pushed pass your self doubt and carried on. Also don't worry your new story is pretty good so far.

keep up the awesome work!

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