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Ten years today. · 11:34pm January 10th

According to the info blurb beside my name, this is the ten-year anniversary of this account. And to think, this all started with me doing self-insert riffs on bad MLP fiction. And now I've got two finished stories under my belt, a crossover atrophying in a forgotten corner, and two other projects completely pony-unrelated I've finally put some words down for*. And also the last vestiges of my involvement in riffing have more or less dried up, leaving me with not much to post about aside from a commemoration of ten years on this site.

I don't know how much I'll still be active around here. Maybe I'll get the itch to keep going with Digital Harmony. Maybe some inspiration will finally hit for a continuation to a Chrysalis duology that now falls squarely outside the realm of canon and that I'm not sure has aged well. Don't hold your breath for those; I haven't engaged with the show since season 5.

I DID want to find an outlet for a thing I had IRL plans to do: try to slip away to the theater at least once a week the whole year and watch as many of 2022's releases as I can stomach. Not sure when I'd even start, though, with COVID peaking yet again in most of the country and January being a dump month for box office poison anyway. Maybe I can suck it up and throw unsolicited movie opinions into the ether for whoever's still around to care.

Maybe this is some variation of a new beginning. Maybe this is the end of an era. But it's a ten-year anniversary whichever way you look at it. And I may as well thank the lot of you who've stuck around for any leg of that journey.

*One's purely Digimon, and the other is Batman. I can share more about either, if anyone cares.

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I can relate to quite a bit of what's been said, albeit with a lot less good writing on my part. A little bit sad thinking on how many of us in the community have drifted from writing fics on this show, but it's what it is. Neat to see that you've managed to keep up with riffing, that said. It's a lot more than could be said for many of us.

I didn't read much of your work while you were writing it, but you were always one of the more prominent users on the site that I could think of, look back upon, and always remember as having been a figure to look up to for me. It's hard to find motivation to churn out more of the fics we've left to gather dust, and I can't judge in the slightest. Not sure if I've got a message or even want to give one here, just wanted to sound off and chime in to leave a comment.

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