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  • 11 weeks
    Tomorrow at 8PM

    Heya, all. Tomorrow (March 1) at 8PM ET, myself and a few others I know will be giving a special chat on the Ukrainian-Russian War. We three have military experience and may be joined by others with experience in regards to Russia. If interested, join us.


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  • 15 weeks
    no chapter this week

    Sorry, but due to unexpected issues, there won't be a chapter this week. Apologies to the readers and things will be back to normal next week

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  • 15 weeks
    The Old Guard

    Just reading about the end of Seattle's Angels and it reminds me of a place that Wanderer D and I had been decades ago (yeah, decades - we're ancient!) Back then, the FFML had been in a flux as it had moved on from anime to general fanfics, and a lot of people were leaving as a result.

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  • 16 weeks
    Socialism Count!

    (or social count, just being silly.)

    I, in my me-ness, am working with Blue Bastard, Flynt Coal, the 1954 Brookly Dodgers, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and Radio City Music Hall's World Famous Rockettes to do...absolutely nothing.

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  • 16 weeks

    Feed your head.

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viatrix · 7:42am January 6th

Post tenebras lux
Sub dio fortitudo et fides
Lux et veritas
Pactum serva

Comments ( 5 )

Um... what?
I can't read Latin, bud.

EDIT: Never mind; I'll figure it out.
EDIT #2 Okay, got it.
Not sure what it mean, or is in reference to, but got it.

some quick translations later this definitely is reading like something regarding redacted. I hope all is well with you in this new year and I am glad you are returning to this story universe.

That's the point.

But for those who can't be bothered...


After darkness, light
Strength and faith in the open air
Light and Truth
Keep a covenant

5624916 Yeah, I ran it through Google Translate earlier.
I have to wonder, though, if it's a hint at something that's gonna happen in the future of the BV.

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