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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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  • 3 weeks
    Bendy still writing

    I'm still writing I'm just being distracted by other things. I'm not throwing out stories like a blitzkrieg anymore. I still here everyday if you want to PM me or whatever. Open for messages if you want to talk to me.

    Just wanted to keep you posted.

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  • 5 weeks
    Did you ever accidentally say your favorite pony.

    "Oh, Twilight."

    After just kissing your girlfriend... Yeah, that happened to me. I must have pulled a good saving throw because she just laughed.

    Damnit, Twilight.

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  • 9 weeks
    Dwarves having a dinner party with ponies

    Dwalin: Where's the meat?"

    I think it would go like this. It probably be the same case for many humans as well. I think it interesting to make the ponies vegetarian since it adds cultural conflict when interacting with humans.

    I think it be good to see some more human and pony stories exploring this topic.

    Read More

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  • 13 weeks
    Lesson Zero Twilight Story

    I already made one. But I plan on making another one.

    But this time... she is big. Really big.

    And, of course, a poor little human has to deal with the giant crazy horse.

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  • 17 weeks
    What I love to read and write about.

    Butts. That is all.

    Link to gif. https://derpibooru.org/images/2991479

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Sorry for all the blog spam I did recently · 4:03pm Jan 4th, 2022

I just lost followers over it, it seems. I'll make sure to space them out in the future. Just wanted to say that. I was making a blog post nearly every day, along with spamming out stories like a machine gun.

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Comments ( 7 )

I can't say you were spamming lately, at least all of your posts have a meaning or info on your stories.

I remember posting a seemingly non-controversial blog. Where I've notified my followers about finishing a story. Within mere moments, I got unfollowed after the blog. It could be some other reason, but I feel as it was that blog. The blog (link).

Well, I guess there are a lot of ppl subscribed to you who can't be really called followers anymore. When they see you post something in their feed, they just unsub, because they are uninterested.

Yeah, that's understandable.

The story was also pretty old.

I’m just glad that you’re active I don’t mind you posting a lot

Just remember: Correlation is not causation.

"Correlation is not causation" means that just because two things correlate does not necessarily mean that one causes the other.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Yeah it probably could have happened at anytime.

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