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I'm an IT Brony who writes stories based on a show for 8-year old girls whose content is meant for anything but 8-year old girls.

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  • Wednesday
    Eros and C&C update + teaser

    The Eros update is simple: Chapter 13 will be released tonight at around 7pm US Eastern Standard Time, and thus far most of my prereaders seem to love it. I might have indulged a little fanservice with them as well, adding a couple things they requested along the way. But I don’t think readers will mind!

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  • Monday
    1/24/2022 Update for Feathered Hearts and Harmonic Resonance

    Well, folks, two new chapters of the Feathered Hearts main and side stories are in progress, with the former just started and the latter in prereads, aiming for a Wednesday evening release. Sorry for the delay, given I really did want to get it done in time for publishing on Sunday morning. But the reason is that quite simply, the new Eros chapter is one of the longest clop chapters

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  • 6 days
    Eros Update

    Hey folks. Though it wasn’t my primary focus while trying to get the last main story chapter finished and published--I’m very pleased with how well it was received by the way; I actually had some trepidation over releasing it with some R-rated action--I’ve been working on Eros over the past several days as well. It’s now up to 5k words and will probably be in the neighborhood of 8k before all is

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  • 1 week
    So I finally watched Starship Troopers...

    And now I see a lot better some of what DEL was getting at with certain references and even parts of the storyline.

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  • 1 week
    Next Feathered Hearts chapter will drop on Wednesday + Teaser

    I have to say, folks... I’ve been very happy with how the last two chapters have been received. There’s been tons of positive feedback, and I’ve picked up a slew of new likes and watches. So why not keep working on it? The next chapter will be draft complete and off to prereaders today. After that, it’s a new chapter of Eros I’ll aim for next weekend, and then I’m back to working on the

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Thursday new Equestria Girls story update... · 7:51pm Dec 2nd, 2021

Readers will be happy to know that one week after Thanksgiving, I have finally finished most of my leftovers, and what remains will make excellent sandwich fodder. I’ve also got all my Xmas decorations up, making my play to win the neighborhood decorating contest.

Oh, you wanted to hear about my writing progress on the new Equestria Girls story? Well, that proceeds, but slower than I’d like due to, well, constantly studying training modules at work, which tend to be rather draining mentally. :ajsleepy: I’m only managing to write it in bits and pieces; a few hundred words at a time. It’s currently at 4500 words when I need 6000, with significant chunks of the erotic ascension scene remaining to be written and tied together.

Nevertheless, I’m aiming for it to be draft complete tomorrow and then doing a Sunday story release of Harmonic Resonance, consisting of the 3000-word prelude chapter you already had a teaser for along with the first full chapter, centered on Fluttershy. Here’s one artist’s depiction of her ascended form:

I’ll be more or less going with that. But I’d also note that although she’s basically the Fluttershy version of Daydream Shimmer, her name will not be Daydream Fluttershy. You’ll find out her new ascended name at the end of the chapter--hopefully everyone will find it appropriate--as well as who is second in line to ascend.

I’ll do one last update on Saturday on the eve of release. Since I don’t have a new story tag available yet, I’m tagging this blog post as Midnight Rising since I imagine I’d get the most crossover interest for an Equestria Girls story there. But so as to not run afoul of site rules, I will announce here that I’m also going to try and get the next chapter of Midnight Rising done by month’s end. How else can a black hole/naked singularity be used erotically? Be assured, Sour Sweet will find out! :coolphoto:

Comments ( 2 )

How else can a black hole/naked singularity be used erotically?

Rare sentence indeed.

Looking forward to Sunday!

Firesight and high-concept sex scenes are a match made in heaven. Glad to once again lend my assistance to your craft, Sensei.

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