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Mental Assessment And Diagnosis. · 10:06pm Nov 17th, 2021

(Art by Madacon).

Long time no see. I haven't exactly been active on this site as of late. The truth of the matter is that I have been incredibly busy, from starting a new job, to going through the process of seeking therapy for my personal demons.

And it's through the latter that, after having my mental assessment to find the right therapist for the job, the therapist who took my assessment said that I was a classic case of someone suffering from PTSD. Which honestly just makes sense, from what was discussed and the symptoms I exhibit. But it's a slight relief to know of at least the name of one of the things that has been making life so hard to live for the past several years now.

I can finally move forward to the next step of relieving the constant worry and guilt that plagues me.

But aside from the news, I am still an incredibly busy guy right now, though I have found a new interest in playing Persona 5. I was streaming the game with a bud, and it was honestly one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time. My one regret is not getting around to playing this game sooner. All one hundred hours of that initial journey was a sight to behold, and I fell in love with all the characters.

Not to mention the soundtrack is just utter god tier.

On the Fimfiction side of things, expect my absence once again as I return to focusing on my irl life. It's the most important thing for me to take care of, and I need to take it more seriously than I have been. Until next time. Peace.

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I already spoke to you on Discord, but wanted to reiterate that taking time for mental health is important. Horse words can wait, and everyone will be here when you do feel like writing again.

Nice to see you’re still doing well

Here’s an Izzy for your troubles ^^



Another convert to P5. Enjoy the game, it's an experience. Hope you're doing a runthrough of Royal, and get that proper ending. It's worth it, man.

Tbh, I think stepping away from the internet in general is good for mental health nowadays. You never realise how much stress it causes until you step away, much less the damage too.

Hope you do well bro, and keep your chin up.

Best wishes on your journey to a better you.

I am on my second run of the game, going for maxing as much confidants as possible. I was able to max Futaba, Sojiro, Aketchi, Makoto, Ann and Takemi. Of course this isn't counting the one's you max out from story progression. Since I now have max social stats on new game plus, it should be a breeze to max most if now all of them.

Plus, since I was doing this blind, I missed out on third semester and I look forward to that this time around as well.

Thanks for the word of advice.

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