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November is here! · 5:20pm Nov 2nd, 2021

Hey everybody, November is finally here!

As you all probably can guess, I've been slacking off hard, unfortunately. I've felt like real life has been kicking the absolute crap out of me, hence why I am moving slower and slower in terms of making content. I have not stopped making content nor will I ever stop making work on this site because I love you all, and I still got stories to tell.

Now regarding this month, usually I would make it a retro month, exploring nostalgia of the past and such. And yeah, while I explored my own history and nostalgia which was not relegated to the 80s, I'm still unsure as to whether or not to explore the same here or just talk about whatever. I've been bouncing around a lot lately, expanding interests, trying to look and seek for new or old things that I never saw before, I keep bouncing around.

So until then, I'll just make whatever review or post that comes to my head to share with you guys, and try to continuously update you guys if I've got more progress or dents into a project or not. So until then, hope you all have a nice day, and stay warm everyone!

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Take care, alright Four? :pinkiesmile:


Woohoo november!

No worries! No rush and do what is best for you! :pinkiesmile:

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