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Hurtful · 4:00pm October 23rd

Bezier scurried behind a corner as the red eyed changeling trotted past her, through the hallways and stopping at one of the many doors lined along walls. She quietly watched knocked a few times. Within a few moments, it opened to reveal no one other than Snapdragon herself.

Oh, brother… Bezier thought as she began sweating heavily. If anything, these two were both capable of beating her into a pulp. She couldn’t bear having Snapdragon possibly tell Hivehunter about her.

“Good day, Snapdragon,” Hivehunter greeted the changeling at the door. “Nice afternoon we’re having, eh?”

“…Do I know you? And how do you know my name?” she deadpanned.

“You don’t remember? We’ve been in the academy for years,” Hivehunter specified. “The name’s Hivehunter. Does that ring any bells now?”

Her eyes lit up and she smirked. “Oh, now I remember! That changeling fighting Blue Tooth who got smacked into the wall! That was you?”

Hivehunter looked embarrassed. “Er… yes.” He then held up a bouquet of flowers. “A-Anyway, I um… got these for you… thought you’d might like them…”

Bezier waited for a response. That was when Snapdragon started laughing her carapace off.

“Are you kidding? I’ve heard of grubs better than you!” Snapdragon said as she snatched the flowers with her aura.

“W-What?! Hey, what are you doing?!” Hivehunter stammered as she tore up the flowers and threw them on the floor, crushing them up with a foreleg.

Bezier winced as the sight played out in front of her. Nonetheless, she kept watching.

“Heh. Y’know, I always thought about getting a doormat…” She walked up to him with a sneer, before spitting right in his face. “Oh, and a spitvase,” she added. “Now buzz off, punk.”

Snapdragon shoved him to the ground as hard as she could and slammed the door.

Bezier was shocked and silent at what had just happened. That stupid punk…

Then she looked at Hivehunter, who only sat there trying to comprehend the event. He gritted his teeth and wiped his face, either to clean up the spit or to stop the tears from forming, or even both. Without saying anything, he got up and ran out of the hallway as fast as he possibly could.

Bezier stared sympathetically. Poor Hivehunter…

She wanted to go up and say something to him. She really, truly did. She knew what it was like to be hurt and pushed around by Snapdragon of all changelings. She’s dealt with that punk for at least a few years, probably even more. 

Bezier shook her head and ran out as well.

It was settled. When the time was right, she was going to talk to Hivehunter.

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Yep. This is when Bezier starts to kind of connect with Hive.

Hive likes Snapdragon, Bez likes Hive and Pharynx, and Pharynx likes Hive

Well, Pharynx has Tempest, right? Besides, polyamory is a thing.

I’m curious about the Pharynx and Hive thing though

Hmm… what does Pharynx see in Hive?

Well, I can’t blame him, he certainly is

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