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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P

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Question of the Week #26 · 5:34am October 8th

Hello, sorry for the late blog post this week, I just had a hard time thinking of a good question to ask.

So this question is something I have considered and I thought I would bring it up and see what you all thought.

If I was to start writing non-mlp related stories, what is the likelihood that you'd be interested in these stories?

Well, that's the question for the week. I hope you all have a good week. :twilightsmile:

Comments ( 6 )

I mean, your stories are already pretty far removed from MLP as it is, so anyone interested in your stories will follow you into genfic without a second thought.

Agree with the others. The exception being if you write into a mythos I know nothing about.

For example, I have no interest in reading Naruto fan fiction.

If you are talking about other fanfiction, I probably wouldn’t read it, as I’m very busy and only just barely have time for ponies. If you’re saying you are thinking about a whole own story, I’d be really interested in what you write.

5593149 Yeah, no, it would by like my actual original stories (though some might be inspired by a few of my DnD characters) that I'd be writing. :rainbowlaugh:

5593052 ...Are they?:rainbowderp:

...Are they?

How many of your major characters are species that exist in canon? If I remember correctly it's about half, and not the half most of us are here for.

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