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Posting a day early due to should-have-been foreseen circumstances. · 3:10am Dec 7th, 2012

Evening all. I know I normally post on Friday, or at least I did the last two times, but something has come up and so I'm posting a day early.

First off, this week has been mostly good with a couple notable exceptions. I got a bunch of writing done, had an idea for a second fic, and got my boss to stop being a jerkwad to his employees behind their backs. Hooray for me! On the other hand, I've had a stupid amount of silly accidents. Monday my dog bit my hand and bruised it fairly badly. It still twinges slightly if I poke it. Tuesday both my ears started bleeding out of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE while I was writing another chapter. After that stopped, I went into work early Wednesday and shoved a screwdriver into my thumb. It bled on and off for the whole day. Fun. Finally, today I somehow buggered up a knuckle on my left hand and sliced a finger on the right. Worse, I have no clue how or when either happened or if blood poured out anywhere I was working. Huzzah for not being able to go a day without hurting myself! Who knows what kind of fun stuff will happen tomorrow while building a fence!

In other news, SNOW! Not much, but enough to make me unhappy about working outside tomorrow. As a skinny bugger, I am not a fan of cold AT ALL. My boss finally decided that it's too cold to be washing painting supplies outside, so that's a nice bonus.

Now onto the relevant stuff, particularly my literary achievements since my last post. I managed to squeeze out a couple more chapters. Motivation has gone down a LOT since starting. I am thinking of a one time fic featuring the return of Count Richprick. Something showing the douchebaggery of the Equestrian royalty.

However, that will all have to wait. I remembered (decided to stop procrastinating) a speech that I am delivering on the weekend. That's probably going to take all of the free time I have until then. No more writing stuff about colourful magic ponies. Add a severe fear of public speaking (I get nervous in front of to new people, stop entirely speaking if there are more than three) and we have a recipe for epic failingz. I generally don't even post stuff online because people will see it. It took me months to post my first fic here, for instance.

I'm rambling now so I'll try to finish up. Ooh look, my thumb is bleeding now. Typical.

I'll finish with a picture I found online of a bunch of walts. Although I don't see anything wrong with walts, they are still kinda amusing.

I don't think that's what the CO meant when he said 'Stack up'.

Okay, that was bad. I'll try to make up for it next week.

Jaelo, out!

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I just re-read this. No more tired posting for me.

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