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I am a longtime fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic who loves Pinkie Pie, drawing, typing stories and having a good laugh.

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A New Generation and Current Stuff · 3:12am Sep 27th, 2021

I didn't catch it day 1, but I have now watched My Little Pony: A New Generation. It liked it. I really want to get to know and explore the very different places the separated pony societies live in, and the main characters are all a lot of fun to watch. Izzy Moonbow and Donut Lord Hitch Trailblazer are my definite favourite characters. When it comes to the Friendship is Magic connection, i'm content with the fact that they referenced it, but otherwise allowed this film to stand on it's own without messing with anything we know and love from that past iteration.

Now for the future of the My Little Pony stories from yours truly. Although G5 has officially begun, no way am I going to abandon fanfiction for G4. The End of an Era, my rewrite of the soon-to-be-2-years-old finale, must go on. Sorry I still haven't gotten Part 2 - Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 out. When I got started on the next chapter after a break, I realized I needed a bit more time away from MLP fanfiction writing than I thought. Also, I have a few other projects i've gotten invested in typing out. Rest assured, I am too passionate about the rewrite to give up on it.

Now, a word about my original story that remains incomplete, The Brilliance of a Restful Mind. What is to become of that? Well, with my enthusiasm having switched gears to what i've already mentioned, i've officially put that on hold. Got to neatly organize your do-to list. It's not cancelled, just put into long state of suspension. I would like to finish it one day, whenever the plate is clean. Another question: when will I do stories for G5? Well, it's only just started, and I think what the film gave us is only an appetizer of what we can expect going forward. Should we see a television series in the near future (which would only make sense, and I hope it measures up to the film's quality in writing), i'd like to see a complete season before I start writing my own adventures for Sunny's group (and of course the reasons i've stated above).

After all these years, with G4 over and G5 finally here, My Little Pony continues to grow as strong as the Tree of Harmony, and that pleases me to no end. By next year, I will take pride in saying "holy moly, i've been a fan of My Little Pony for a decade now!". Unity really makes this fandom glow.

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