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Equestrian City - Season Finale (Part 1) Is Live! · 2:43am Sep 21st, 2021

Hello there, Metaverse fans.

Contrary to popular belief the Project is still alive :D After a long battle with the real world, covid concerns and all sorts of labor shortages, here's part 1 of 3 to chew on! :D We hope to hear from some new and old fans and don't forget...

Stay Tuned for more!

-DarkMalcontent and The MetaVerse Team

Comments ( 2 )

Congrats on the achievement. :yay:

I know I've seriously slipped on keeping up with the story, but with luck, this will be a good kick in the pants for me to get back to reading this story, because I have quite enjoyed it! :twilightsheepish: :pinkiesmile:

Woohoo can't wait! :D

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