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[Analysis] Equestria is Magic: The Second Generation 5 Screenshot and the Snow & Ice Apocalypse of Equestria · 5:58pm Sep 8th, 2021

Yesterday, I published my analysis of the first Generation 5 screenshot. Today, it's time to take a close look at the second Generation 5 screenshot, that doesn't contain as many interesting details, but gave birth to another theory of mine about Equestria's distant future, which is a bit more ambitious this time, but makes a great amount of sense with the details that are available.
Let's start!

Let's talk about the guards first, since I just talked so much about Sunny yesterday. We see two guards here, pegasus guards, to be precise. They flank Sunny and Izzy while not looking too happy about their duty. Maybe they are just bored by their job or underpaid, but these guards have definitely seen a better day at some point in their past. Maybe that's where the grey clouds outside come from.
One of the guards, on the right, looks like Lyra. Pegasus descendant? It would be funny. Lyra seems like a mare who would have a ton of fun and do many crazy things as a pegasus. I'm sure knowing that she will have a pegasus descendant would amuse her. And I say "will", even though we don't even know that for sure yet. Or might never find out if this pegasus guard and Lyra are descendant and ancestor. But I am seriously theorizing that they are related. I'm relationshipping them.
The other guard doesn't remind me of anypony, but what's notable about him and his friend/colleague/partner is that their wings have the same color as their coats. This is different from Pipp. Could it be that Pipp is the only pegasus with wings that have a different color than the coat, after all? If she is, then this also brings up the same question about Izzy. If the looks of these pegasi mean that Pipp is the only pegasus with wings that don't match the coat in color, then Izzy could also be the only unicorn with markings on the horn. And maybe also the only unicorn who doesn't have fetlocks that come in a different color than the coat. Because if she is the only unicorn with markings on the horn, she could very well also be the only unicorn with a consistently-colored coat. So maybe Izzy's unique horn, if it is unique, is also the first sign for it that unicorns have differently-colored fetlocks, too, like earth ponies.
The wing color of the pegasus guards now contradicts again what I said yesterday in my analysis of the first Generation 5 screenshot all of a sudden. The answer on that question won't come so quick, after all, it seems. But that keeps it exciting, so I won't complain.
What hasn't changed, though, is what I said about genetic evolution. Look at the fetlocks of the guards. They are white, like the fetlocks of Sunny and Hitch. This gives further evidence for genetic evolution, as we now know that pegasi also have fetlocks in a different color than their coats. Or, can have. We still don't know if all pegasi have fetlocks like that and the same goes for earth ponies. Izzy, at least, gives us a reason to believe there could be genetic variety among the population of a pony race, with the color of her fetlocks that exactly matches the rest of her coat.
Maybe Izzy is the only unicorn with markings on the horn and maybe she is the only unicorn with a fetlock color that matches the color of the rest of the coat. Or maybe it differs and there are some unicorns with horn markings and same-colored fetlocks and some unicorns that don't have markings on their horn and who have a different fetlock color. And if that should be true for unicorns, it could be the same with pegasi.
Maybe Pipp isn't the only pegasus with wings that don't match the color of the coat. Maybe other pegasi also have wings like that, while again others have wings that share the same color as their coats like the two pegasus guards here. And maybe some pegasi have fetlocks in a color that matches the rest of their coats, while others have fetlocks in a different color. Perhaps even earth ponies don't all have fetlocks in different colors and some of them have fetlocks that look just like the rest of their coats. Maybe it all differs.
The only constant we have right now are the hooves. The two pegasus guards here also have hooves that don't match the color of the rest of their bodies. We now know this is the case for earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi, so differently-colored hooves are a consistent fact for all pony races. And we have seen two earth ponies, two pegasi and at least one unicorn with hooves like that. So unless unicorns are more likely to have genetic variety than the other two pony races, which becomes doubtful if we look at the difference between Pipp's wings and the wings of the two pegasus guards, we can be safe about it that all earth ponies, pegasi and unicorns in the population of their respective race have hooves in a color that isn't present anywhere else on their bodies. The colors of the hooves are a constant for ponies of Equestria's distant future.
Speaking of hooves, you should also look at Sunny's hooves here. They don't have the same color as on the first screenshot anymore. A bit of purple seems to be left on them, but overall, they look more brown now. So it was indeed nail polish, it probably got rubbed off during Sunny's and Izzy's journey to the pegasus kingdom, meaning there are likely no ponies with hooves that are naturally-colored like their manes and tails.
Also, before I end this part of the analysis, there is a detail I just noticed now when I compared the hoof colors of Sunny, Izzy, Hitch and the two pegasus guards with their eye colors: Lyra's descendant has eyes with different colors! His left eye, from his POV, is purple and his right eye is blue. Animation error or do his eyes actually look like that? We'll find out. If it is an animation error, chances are good that they fix it before the movie's release, so if he doesn't appear with different eye colors in this moment anymore once the Generation 5 Movie releases, we know it was an error.

And now, back to Sunny! What has happened to her and Izzy here? They are together and they are definitely not in Sunny's hometown Maretime Bay here. The two pegasus guards and the wing symbol behind them, on the floor and on the armor of the guards make clear that they are in the pegasus kingdom there. And the room they're in seems to be the throne room of the kingdom's castle, because where else would the guards bring them after they illegally entered the pegasus kingdom? Probably into the dungeons, but dungeons don't look fancy like that. Sunny and Izzy have been brought in front of the ruler of the pegasus kingdom here, likely to hear their sentence or punishment by the ruler themselves. But they aren't taking the situation very serious, nor are they worried.
Sunny is reading in a book and forgets the world around her despite the dangerous situation Izzy and she have found themselves in, which makes Sunny feel a lot like Twilight here. Unfortunately we can't make out what book it is that she is reading, all that we can see is that the book's pages are tattered and that it seems to be old, as well as a leathery clasp to keep it closed on the left side.
Izzy is looking at a tennis ball that is stuck on her horn, with a confused expression. Her expression indicates that she has no idea how the tennis ball got there. How could she not know that? I would like to answer that question, unfortunately, I have no idea, either. Izzy also seems to make a step forward there or maybe tried to trot into that direction. Did somepony throw a tennis ball at her to stop her in her tracks? Is the ruler of the pegasi such an aggressive pony to do that? Or did Izzy maybe try to cast a spell to get her and Sunny out of this and the tennis ball is supposed to stop her from trying that again? Did the guard at Izzy's side stick that tennis ball onto her horn as a magic neutralizer? I'm not sure if a tennis ball can do that, probably not, but these are my best guesses, at least without asking Google how tennis balls and unicorn horns make sense together. I will research that.
What else is unknown here is the reason why Sunny and Izzy entered the pegasus kingdom. This is obviously after Sunny got exiled from the earth pony kingdom for befriending a unicorn and after her and Izzy set out to reunite the three pony tribes together, but why did they come to the pegasus kingdom for that? My theory is that they will try to convince the ruler of the pegasi of helping them with reuniting the pony tribes. They probably want that the pegasus ruler does the first step. If that will end well or not is something we don't know yet, but I think this is what is happening here.
Also, look at all the gold in the throne room! The pegasus kingdom must be very wealthy if their ruler can decorate the throne room of their castle with that much gold.

It's an impressive throne room the ruler of the pegasi has there, but what impresses me more is something I see when I look at the windows. Or rather, when I look outside of them.
The sky is full of grey clouds, so obviously the weather will be very bad on the day that Sunny and Izzy arrive in the pegasus kingdom. Maybe the pegasi in this distant future Equestria's aren't very good at controlling the weather anymore or they just scheduled a needed rainstorm for crops to grow? Or, maybe, this isn't even weather they are able to control.
I don't know if anyone else noticed, but there is an obvious discrepancy between the cloudy sky in the right window and the cloudy sky in the left window. And the darker shapes we see in the left window look, if you ask me, very much like windigos:

The bottom shape more than the one at the top. One could think of darker clouds there, but it is odd how all clouds are grey and only these two clouds are dark, almost black even. Windigos also aren't black, their bodies are translucent, but this is Equestria in what is likely several thousand years into the future and the windigos' appearance could have changed during all that time for a reason we don't know. And the curvy form on the right side of the bottom shape reminds me a lot on the tail of a windigo. I can even see something that looks a little like an eye on the upper part of the shape.
With the synopsis of the Generation 5 Movie, the question what happened to the windigos came up, in the light of the fact that the three pony tribes have separated and don't live together in peace and friendship anymore, which is the one thing that summons the windigos and makes them bury Equestria under ice and snow. I wondered about this myself. But now, I think the simple answer on that question is:

The windigos were always there.

The ponies of Equestria's distant future never found a way to defeat the windigos or to prevent them from being summoned when the peace between them broke and the war began. Instead, the windigos arrived as expected and started to do what they came for.
The ponies of the three kingdoms, after the war between them ended, needed to find a way to protect themselves from the windigos. And what I think they did was constructing spheres around their respective kingdoms, that now serve as gigantic vaults for the ponies of each kingdom to live and survive under them, with a separate ecosystem, independent weather and an artificial sun, probably even an artificial nightsky filled with artificial stars on the inside of the spheres. And the reason why windigos can be seen when Sunny and Izzy are in the throne room is because the castle is very high up in the sphere of the pegasus kingdom and because it is built into the sphere, with the outer walls being a part of it and the windows in the throne room allowing to take a look outside of the sphere.
This means that, if I'm right, Equestria does not only become a dystopia in the distant future, but that it even has a post-apocalyptic future. All ponies have to stay under those spheres, surviving outside of them is impossible, as the windigos have completely destroyed the parts of Equestria that weren't included in the spheres.
Unlike my other theories, this one is more ambitious, as it is based on not more evidence than a shape in the cloudy, grey sky that looks vaguely like a windigo, so I can easily be wrong with this. But the whereabouts of the windigos with the separation of the three pony tribes are a mystery, perhaps the biggest mystery of Generation 5, and so far we never heard something about a way to stop or destroy the windigos. Only Cozy Glow, Tirek and Chrysalis claimed to be able to destroy the windigos, when they were infused with Grogar's magic, but we never got to see if they were actually powerful enough to do that or if they overestimated their power. And especially since the windigos are winter spirits, or ghosts in other words, it doesn't seem like they can be destroyed or killed in any way. So maybe the simplest answer is the right one here.
The windigos never were mysteriously absent since the three pony tribes separated and instead succeeded with bringing their cold lesson for disharmony, hatred and strife among ponies over Equestria.

And this theory concludes my analysis of the second Generation 5 screenshot. But not my analyses of Generation 5. Everything is exploding with Generation 5 news right now, so there won't be an end to this analysis spectacle anytime soon. More will come, much more.

Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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