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Procrastination... · 3:20am September 8th

So, I recently wrote a story entry for the QnS Random Act of Kindness challenge, 5 people entered, and I didn’t place. I honestly would not have been shocked if I came in last, because even though the other one that didn’t place was by a person with English as a nonprimary language, their story was tons better than my hot mess of a story.

I want to edit it to actually make it decent, but I don’t want to go onto the story and see (again) all the comments saying that the story has room for improvement even though I already know it has room for improvement, because the brain is a fun organ.

So, I’m procrastinating.

And because Twitch was being stupid, thus causing me to not be able to watch tonight’s Disc Only Podcast, I’m writing a blog post.

This blog post is... unusual.

It’s not what I usually write, because it’s a little more opinionated. If you don’t want to hear my ramblings feel free to leave or leave a scathing comment without reading the blog post. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time someone left a scathing comment on one of my works without reading it. Yes, I used to have a separate blog for this, but consider it inactive because I don’t want to keep tabs on two possible comment sections that can give me more anxiety than I have most mornings.

Now presuming that all the people who don’t want to hear my opinion have left, it’s time for the statement.

I firmly believe that basically nothing should be gendered.

Basically nothing has a few things that should be gendered included, and if you really want to know what those are, feel free to ask. That’s not why I wrote this blog post, though.

I mainly wrote this blog post to just voice my opinion on more trivial things that aren’t hot-button political topics. Stuff like boys wearing makeup, names, and clothes.

The idea of gendered clothing is absolutely ridiculous to me. When exactly was it decided that the girls got dresses and the boys got suits? If the stereotypical boys’ and girls’ clothing was swapped a long time ago, we wouldn’t question it now. So why is it so rigidly in place right now? If a boy wears a dress, it should be, “Oh, that boy likes to wear a dress,” instead of, “Why is that boy wearing girls’ clothes?”

Makeup’s similar, a boy should get the right to look pretty if he wants to.

Names are something I think shouldn’t be gendered either. Names are a way of expressing yourself, and sometimes that expression is what you’ve been given, other times it isn’t. That’s fine.

I have named myself after an RPG character, because I feel a connection to her, if I were to find out I wasn’t a girl later on in my life (a possibility, I’m sorry if that happens by the way, because me being trans is pretty engrained in my profile), I’d probably still keep the name. Why? Because I like the name, and it being feminine doesn’t mean shit. I didn’t like my old name, so I didn’t keep it, that’s the only reason.

Though the main reason I made this blog post was to talk about a friend I have on the Author’s Academy Wiki. Probably one of the big reasons I think this way.

So, xe had a lot of trouble with xyr sexual orientation label for a while. After a long deliberation, xe settled on using the label ‘lesbian’ because xe felt a personal connection to it.

Which should be perfectly fine in theory. Except for the fact that xe considers xemself more masculine-leaning.

Which again, should be perfectly fine in theory, but if xe is to be believed, has been attacked on the LGBTA wiki for daring to defy the absolute fact that masculine-leaning people can’t use the label ‘lesbian’.

Which, to me, is complete nonsense. Sexual orientation is literally nothing but a label that you’re comfortable using, and it should remain that way. Hell, some people choose not to use one (like yours truly).

If you’re masculine-leaning and use the label lesbian, you aren’t harming anybody. It’s literally just a word, you don’t own it. It’s a public word, and if you read the news, you’ll find that recent words can be distorted into all sorts of meanings.

Each person has their own definition for a word. That definition might differ, but in the long run, a difference in definition isn’t going to harm anybody unless you choose to use it that way.

I feel so bad for my friend, because I know xe shouldn’t be treated like that over something so trivial. I just wanted to bring light to this issue I perceive of things being pointlessly gendered, including words.

That’s really all I wanted to say, that basically nothing should be gendered, including identifying yourself with a label.

And until next time; be awesome!

(P.S. those who have read the blog post through. The comments section is not trench warfare, nobody’s going to die, so we can afford to let our guard down for each other.)

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The level of gatekeeping LGBTQIA folks do to each other drives me up the goddamn wall. We're all fighting together, dragging each other down is not gonna help. :/

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Xe doesn't deserve that.

And here's hoping your brain stops being a jerk too. I know it's a small plea (do I ever) but putting positive vibes out into the world nevertheless. :)

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